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I have a question.
This is not going to be a profound entry this time around.

I am working on something else but for now I just have been perplexed by a few things that I would like to discuss.
So pardon me as I get up on my soapbox for just a minute…
I promise that this won’t be one of my long winded speeches…

soap box
But I did want to know what you guys thought! So please take the time to read all the way though and reply if you would… pretty please….

please please please
Okay so here it is…
I may just be a novice and there may be a perfectly good explanation that I don’t know about but….
Sometimes I see a person reply on a blog that I follow. Their witty response may intrique me and so I try to find their wordpress address. I click on their Avatar and they have not taken the time to setup their address. So by now, I have figured out how you can take part of their name in the information bar and delet the first half and then add to the end of their name and usually their blog will pop up
but not always. Yellow pages might be easier in some cases and it is very frustrating.

yellow pages
Question #1. Am I missing something or have they just not set up their link?
Question #2. Have you clicked your own Avatar to see if your address comes up? Just a note… if you have not, I suggest you do. It may explain why you are not getting much traffic or as many views. I know that sometimes I won’t ask how much something is if it is not marked. The same goes for bloggers. I won’t take the time to read their blogs if they can’t take the time to post their link.

wordpress wrench

Question #3. Is there any way to get in touch with the powers that be at wordpress? I used to be on the Sugar blog and they had a whole team of people who would troubleshoot or answer your technical questions. Am I just clueless to where to find assistance? Is there a place to do that on wordpress?

like thumb

Question #4. Does anyone else feel that we should have another option button other than just LIKE? I don’t mean something negative but sometimes LIKE is not appropriate if someone is talking about something sad. Perhaps a ((((HUGS))) or Good Writer button?
Okay for now that is all. If you guys have more…. feel free to add and ask or comment or answer here!

By the way… this is more of a technical page but lastly, I had to address my biggest pet peeve of all here… Clicking LIKE in general. I have written about it a few times and it really does annoy me. I really don’t appreciate the LIKEs unless you are reading what I wrote. Truly, I mean it… On the other hand, I really appreciate them like a gift to my heart if you LIKE me and really did take the time to read!  I ASK THAT YOU DON’T CLICK ON LIKE THIS TIME AROUND ESPECIALLY unless you really are reading this. I’d rather have a reply on this particular post. But if you reply, by all means… click on LIKE too if you like! I love it! This will be funny…………… And will be kind of a tell tale way to find out who is just clicking LIKE and  who is really reading!


Thank you for humoring me ~ and most of all…

For  your time!

thank you typed

62 thoughts on “Some random thoughts about WordPress And hopefully your feedback!

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  2. Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has
    some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads
    up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

        1. Not sure what you are talking about? Is it something you supposedly received from me? Someone else sent me a message (below)… not sure what is up?? Maybe I’ve been hacked?

          Hello, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
          When I look at your website in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has
          some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads
          up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

  3. So I clicked like because I read it all but then unliked just to be sure. lol… You have too many comments on here that I couldn’t get the answers to the questions lol.
    Maybe you could give me a brief answer for the one about the troubleshooting team.. My that would be helpful, although I have just begun asking other bloggers who seem to have been around a while 😉
    p.s. I love your idea for another few buttons How wonderful they would be. 🙂

  4. Well, I’m a girl that does like the like button, but I know what you mean about people clicking like, and not reading. I had someone like a long poem and a video within 10 seconds of me posting them both!! The video itself was 6mins long! But I suppose they could have clicked the like and then read it after, I wouldn’t really be able to know, and they do often leave comments, so maybe they were rushed that day and didn’t want to miss me out. It’s only a bit of writing anyway, not worth getting too upset about! 🙂 Today I had just made a comment to someone I hadn’t made a comment to before, but had previously been clicking their like buttons for a while! They immediately came to my blog and liked 10 poems and all the other pages on there in the space of about a minute! 😯 They did leave me a reply to my comment on their blog explaining how much they had enjoyed my blog and letting me know they had tweeted various pages and posts of mine – and they had, very nice of them, but very strange also! 😆

    Yes it is annoying when people don’t sort their Gravatar links out. But when I first created one, for about 2 weeks I couldn’t figure out how to make that link to my blog, I think I had so much to take in I don’t think my technical know how was functioning very accurately! But I did spell out the full address of my blog under the picture, because you can highlight the word and select search google for…
    And people were finding me. I do something similar to what you have said, but I highlight the name and search google for… and add WordPress into the search, nearly always works! But not great if their user name is MP or Pete, because there are so many of them sometimes!

    So you can be assured that if I click the like button on your any of your posts I am reading them (I always read the posts) but I don’t always have the right thing in my mind to say at the time, and if I’ve clicked the like button, I assume a comment of ‘I really like this’ too often, may not go down too well after a while – I might sound a little fake or empty headed when actually it’s because I’m dead tired and have been reading so much I just can’t write any more! I know people on a writers website I’m on where some of the writers feel the like button is only to be pressed when a piece of work is outstanding and others see it as something to press when they like it but don’t love it! We are all so different – and there doesn’t seem to be any rules 🙂

    Sorry this is so long – I have almost written you an article here, but I found this subject very interesting!
    Suzy 😀

    1. Suzy, NO! I love it! YOU GET me and that is huge for me! I read every word! I know it is not worth the time it takes to be annoyed but I hope it makes people realize that the recipient of the LIKES are noticing. Actually, I didn’t until someone ruined it for me and pointed it out. LOL. I may never have noticed. But the thing is… I really don’t want someone to click LIKE just to be nice. I had a blogging buddy point out the same thing as you did. They could have read before and then come back to it. I did that on hers. I got interested in a few of her posts and then realized that I was going to be late for work and jumped in the shower and then came back later that night or the next day and LIKED them and she called me out on this very post. And I know what I know, and that I did read and like her posts so point taken. I will read something and LIKE something and then return later and re-read it. (I do that alot) and then comment a few days or sometimes weeks later if they haven’t written something for a while. I also think that we need to go in people’s archives and support those old posts. It is very validating to know that someone takes the time to like your blog enough to hang out a while. Ya know? Thank you! I loved your long reply! It was like a gift!!!!! 😉

  5. Terrific post. I read it ALL! I really did. 🙂 I actually read most of the comments, took awhile, it was all interesting. I hope I have mine set up properly. I am still learning as I move along and at times life just gets busy and don’t spend enough time reading like I would love to. Have a great afternoon. Renee 🙂

  6. Definitely great post! I have not tried to contact WordPress but have corresponded with others that have had success in getting questions answered (at that time, they were about comments going to spam). You have a terrific idea other than the Like button. Reminds me of Storylane. There are options to choose from, i.e., Like, Laugh, Wow, Inspiring, I Am Moved, Been There, Agree, Disagree, Want. Wouldn’t those be grand for blogs! 🙂

  7. How interesting. I was wonder about the same issue. And couldn’t really figure out the way to set up my gravtar. I have couple of blogs and i felt I got them mixed uo as well. And I am really tied up with lots. I guess that the inspiration for my last post as well.
    I shall find out soon and set it up correct.

    1. It amazes me how many have not taken the time to set up their wordpress address beside their name. I have my blog below so you just have to click on that but I have yet to figure out how to set up just the link as well. You inspired me to go look! Thanks for your time in reading my ramblings! 😉

  8. I just clicked on my gravatar and it does not take you to my blog site. However, if you click on my name that does take you to my WordPress page 🙂
    It is very late and I need to get ready and into bed. Must get some sleep:-)
    Good night all.

  9. Hi Diane,
    I’ve come to have a look at your blog because you ‘liked’ 3 of my posts and also ‘followed’ my blog. This is very pleasing; Thank You. However, you read 3 posts (2 rather short and 1 rather long) within 2 minutes (according to the emails). Now, you were either ‘skimming’ or speed reading the posts (and wouldn’t have had time to read any of the comments (you did not leave a comment, either).
    There may have been good reason for this. You may have been ‘busy’ and yet trying to be a good WP blogger engaging with others. You may be one excellent reader who can absorb quickly and easily. You may have accepted my blog on impressions alone; who can tell, there are a myriad of reasons for behaviour. You see my point!
    Yes, I agree; I have a number of followers who ‘like’ up to 10 posts (at a time) and all within 1 to 2 minutes (according to the emails). These followers generally never comment, and I question their reasons for following.

    1. Actually, I woke up early the other morning and read several of your posts and then had to run off to work. When I got back around to getting back on my computer… I went back and LIKED what I read. So you see… I guess… that could also happen in turn to me. Though if you are trying to call me out on my own pet peeve… lol… I am not biting. I never LIKE anything unless I read it. By the way… ever. I do tend to re-read posts I LIKED and then go post comments though… All not in the same time period… It could be weeks later.
      So thanks for checking.

      1. This is the point I was making: We can’t ‘assume’ anything where bloggers are concerned. I know there are those who ‘like’ in order for me to ‘like’ theirs. Nothing wrong in that. People can be shy, finding it hard to comment. Others haven’t the time, and yet want you to know they have visited. A myriad reasons, such as you having read posts earlier… We can’t judge, we may be setting ourselves up for a fall…
        And yes, I was calling you up on your peeve… How better to find out the real personality…! 😉

  10. By the number of comments I’m pretty sure all the people that liked your post have read it 🙂 I figured, if it’s a personal and not a business promotion blog people do read! The Gravatar part annoys me too so what I do is that I just check the likes from the right top of the page where you can see the comments and it has a direct link to the blogs that liked you. Also, I agree – more buttons please!!!! X

    1. Lexa~
      Thanks for your comment! I called my little LIKE buddy out on it and he admitted to speed reading by his reply! It is hard to take the time to read every new post sometimes when you follow so many. So I totally GET it. I have had to unfollow a few who posted every dang random thought they had through out the day. They were using their blog like tweeing… lol. But I do know that most people LIKE without commenting and at least skimmed it… This guy’s mistake was clicking on one of my chapters from my book…. I am always happy to know that someone took the time to read that because I am currently working on it and love feedback so that is what prompted me to look at the times on the emails (not something I would ever nomally do but he clicked something like nine or ten of my posts so it made me curious and wahlah I caught that little bugger in the act! LOL. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      1. haha that’s good you caught him! And yes, I don’t like those tweet-like bloggers either. There’s enough useless information available around already haha

  11. Of course I read to the end Diane, and nearly all the comments too. The people actually reading blogs are the ones that benefit. That’s the whole point of blogging. If you really love and think about what you are reading, you will get something out of it, otherwise why bother? Same with following, don’t follow unless it’s worth spending your time on. As for all your WordPress questions, I think they have been answered amply above. I have questions of my own. Why don’t I always see the responses to my comments on someone else’s blog unless I click that Notify me box? Sometimes I get the responses without ticking it, which is great!

    1. I KNOW “YOU” DO!!! 😉
      I think a lot of people don’t take the time to go back and approve their replies to their posts… that’s all I can think of… I don’t think it is personal, I think they may not take the time to just go back period, once they have posted. I tend to like the connection so I usually just move on.

  12. Its strange to find out people click the like button without actually having had read the through the whole or at least part of the post. I mean that’s what’s facebook is for right?

  13. So many bloggers do not link their blog to their Gravatar so I move on.

    If you have a technical or advice problem which is out of the ordinary. Go into the Forum and start a new thread with your problem and blog URL. A volunteer will help but it may take a day or so before you are answered.

    if you want the URL of a commenter and have deleted the email with 3 posts on. Go to the comment. Click EDIT and the URL and email address are normally there. No need to UPDATE just back out of the comment.

    Have fun Diane Ralph xox 😀

    1. I forgot to say. If you do start a new thread in the Forum, be very specific with your problem. Don’t just say, for example, “My widget doesn’t work”. Say something like ” I cannot move my RSS widget from the store on the left to my sidebar widgets as it has seized up. I logged out of WP, cleaned my files with Ccleaner and cleared all my cookies, logged back in but the RSS widget is still seized”. If you are not specific the volunteer will ask what you did etc.
      Hope that helps 😀

      1. Thanks for all the great advice Ralph! I’m with you… I have begun to just move on when people don’t take the time to put their link on their profile.
        I mean if they really want people to read their blog… I’m wondering what’s the point? But some of the ones who have great descriptions have made me want to do the work and find them so I can follow and it has been worth the trouble. But come on guys… if you haven’t set up a link on your profile page please do!

        Once again thanks Ralp…
        by the way since I have you here…
        I was wondering if you knew…can someone come and remove a photo from your post?
        I noticed an oval with a dash in it where a photo used to be…
        do you know anything about that kind of stuff?

        1. Is your photo still in your library?
          Is the photo in your post write up?
          Or did you link to an outside source of the photo.
          WordPress staff can remove items but only after a stiff warning

          1. Yes, when I post a photo that I did not take myself I always first download it to my computer, maybe edit it, and then upload it to WordPress and use it. If I simply link to a picture on another site then if that picture goes away there then your link to it becomes dead.

          2. It was a friend’s photo. Too weird. Not one I got from any outside source. Are you familiar with that oval with the dash through it? I was not notified or had no warning…
            I just have a friend who is going through and commenting on all of my posts from the first one forward. If it weren’t for that… I may have never gone back and seen it. Too weird.

            1. Go into your dashboard ALL POSTS for that article. Click EDIT. See if the photo is there. If not. Check your media library for the photo.

  14. Totally agree about the “LIKE” – you can click “LIKE” from Reader .. without visiting the post – happens all the time. I think it’s too much to ask for visitors to make a comment every time the read something, because most of us has many blogs that we follow, but once in while a comment is nice. Because after all response is one of the most important ingredients in our lives.
    I wonder why we just click “LIKE” … without reading, because we want to be polite or because we think we have to??? Have visit some blogs that has 150 likes and not one comment ??? What is the point in that ??? How boring.

    Yes, there is support for WordPress … if you to Help and there is many options and I have always got very quick response with my problems .. both from the “happy engineer” and other bloggers.

    Have to test my … Avatar, how do I do that and where ???

    Thanks for a great post and for rising the issues.

    1. You just click on your avitar and it pulls up what people see. I just did and your link is not there… Bet you’d get more views if you had it linked!
      I must have though you were worth the trouble after reading one of your replies to someone or maybe you found me and it made me want to follow ya… but I do remember taking your name and adding and wahlah… I found your blog but a lot of people just do move on so it would probably be worth fixing!

  15. In this post you expressed many questions I have as well and I learned a lot from your readers’ answers. I only seem to have time to really read my favorite blogs about once a week. I feel like I miss out on so much on here becasue of it. I really enjoy your posts, but I try to only click like or respond when I really have had the time to read it….for the reasons you just stated. Thanks so much for this post.

    1. Becky,
      Ahhh, I am touched that you took the time to read and reply! I love your writing and I agree… I actually should be in the shower right now and I am still on my blog replying to over 50 different responses on different places here… so you are right this thing is time consuming and I should put a time limit on the time I spend here!!!

  16. Hey Di!

    Thanks for the reminder to click on our own gravatar. Mine seems to be fine, but I was wondering about how to find people who haven’t set their link up, so I’ll try your method! I see someone already posted the support link (something I’ve used a few times before and will probably need some more), and about the “like” option… Hmmm. On the one had I think it’d be great to have other types of supportive buttons that would be more case-specific. On the other hand, no one has to click like if you don’t think it’s appropriate. That’s the perfect time to leave a thoughtful comment instead! It’s more personal that way anyways, and I like “likes”, as well as the personal connections. Oh, and of course I like you! 🙂

    One question I have is fixing the widgets I have on the right-hand column of my page. For some reason they haven’t been appearing, and I’m wondering what change could’ve caused that. I’m also thinking about changing my layout theme..Any ideas?

    God bless you friend!!

    1. Ralph is the expert on Widgets! I am such a novice here. I wish I could take a class. But I tend to learn by repitition and what I do know… like posting photos etc.. is by trial and error and wandering around and then doing it over and over!
      As for your avitar. It is good but if it wasn’t… you defintiely would have been one worth taking the time to find your address and follow!
      You have been nothing but a blessing!

  17. Yo … Speed reading is real, since I started reading more because of computers my reading speed and comprehension have gone up and up. Is 10 seconds enough to read a post .. Maybe … On some I dwell and often return, on others a few seconds is enough for a Like so that other may see my simple approval of the content. Ask said before the is little that you share with us that is not worth liking. One perceives by quickly where the heart lies. I like Randal Dean Scott too … If we want more than like there is te 5 star rating system which I do use but not enough …. Carry on!

    1. Just so ya know… It was not you I was talking about… but now I am going to have to notice… lol… just kidding! I know you really read because you comment and when you don’t, I have never even thought you might just be clicking like! No but seriously, Go to my Chapter Eight and tell me if you can read that in ten seconds? I wrote it and know what is in it and I can’t even do that!
      I actually talked to my cyber friend (who I don’t want to call “guilty party” but this is all in funs so what the heck?) via email and he titled the “subject” speed reading.
      It was all in fun… but he knows he got caught.
      I never even cared about LIKES before. But I love getting them if someone really reads… I try not to ever click like unless I really actuallly liked what I read. And so if I click LIKE on your blog… it is a compliment and I think that is very nice to know. And I just never even considered that it would be otherwise until someone else pointed it out. I actually have a blogging friend who is going from my very first blog and reading over 150 of my posts. And even commenting on most. Now that is a labor of love and a gift that is hard to repay. Ya know? I mean how validating is that?!
      Thanks for reading! As always… you are one of the GREAT ones!

  18. Thanks for the info on the gravatar! I will go check mine out! I have no idea if I ever put a link in! Also, I see Anka answered your question on the support. In the beginning I used it a few times and they got back to me super speedy. Yesterday morning I emailed them a issue. Apparently my posts are no longer showing up in my followers Readers? The people who signed up for email are the only ones who are getting them I think. I’m still waiting for a response on that one.

    1. Well, I have to say that there have been addresses that I have cut and pasted but yours would have been worth my time! 🙂
      Hey, THAT is the very reason that I was looking for support too! So if you find out the answer could you please let me know? I helped my husband set up an account because he wanted to get notified whenever I posted something because I was telling him about the connection I had made with strangers because they cared enough to take the time to read my stuff and he said he would read it if he got notified and I said I know it is working because I even get notified when I post something!!! But he said he did everything he thought he was supposed to do and he really is smarter than me when it comes to tech stuff so I was thinking … yeah right…. (lol) but he really did everything and then I went on the blog he created so he could be notified when I posted and made sure that he clicked follow and still he is not getting notified. He has to go to my link manually to find me.
      So then I noticed other blogs that I follow had posted new posts and I was only getting some of them even though I am following all of them.
      So if you get an answer I would appreciate so much if you could share what they say since you are in line first! 😉

          1. I never heard back from either but I checked my husband’s blog reader yesterday and I showed up in his so I’m assuming it either fixed itself or they fixed it and just never told me????

  19. Crap, this is going to be work.

    Question #1. Am I missing something or have they just not set up their link?

    I was brand new and it wasn’t until I clicked on someone’s Gravitar icon that I discovered you could put your e-mail and a clickable website on it. If it is effort to find someone’s blog then I just let it pass. If I had to read theirs then I suppose I would comment back asking for it.

    Question #2. Have you clicked your own Avatar to see if your address comes up?

    Yes, I have checked it to make sure it was working. That is part of the whole point of doing it. HEY! If anyone wants instructions how to do it then ask me or go to the forum.

    Question #3. Is there any way to get in touch with the powers that be at wordpress?

    I’ve never felt the need, it all seems so simple and easy to do; but then both my wife and I are pretty tech savvy. We have gotten used to telling the service people what to do to correct internet problems or when calling on the phone we ask for tech support because the canned questions and suggestions aren’t going to help.

    WordPress has, I think, about a hundred million bloggers. Trying to support all the one’s who don’t get it would be difficult at best. RTFM, Read The F’ing (Flowery?) Manual.

    Cathy says there is a forum where people can help each other or express concerns. I’ve never needed such. If you like I’ll help find it but knowing it exists might be enough.

    Question #4. Does anyone else feel that we should have another option button other than just LIKE?

    Absolutely not. If you cannot comment a single word, whatever that word/button might be, then you don’t deserve to be heard. I lead by example, is this the length of a blog yet? You know what would be cool, if there were widget-buttons you could make like the “Like” button that you could name and place where the like button is, and if you could put more than one.

    Example: I write an article about abortion, as biased or neutral as I like and then I can have two buttons:

    [Save the Helpless]

    [We Have Freedom and Free Will]

    Those that click the first have their avatars grouped under that button and the ones that click the second are grouped together under that. What a great way to get the pulse of your readers. I think there is a widget for polls, I will experiment with that. Now you must follow my blog to see if I succeed!

    1. jim thank you for the info! You finally made it to front and center!
      Thank you for answering everything! How did I know you would read all the way though? lol!
      Well, this was productive!
      At least it got me my answers!
      I am not as technically saavy as you sooo now I know where to come! Cathy or you!
      I have a question… I have seen some posts where music plays in the background as soon as you click on their blog and depending on the different posts a song plays. Is that more for the blogs that cost money?
      Also I have seen some videos right on their blog. Not just the link but the actual video of something they are sharing, similar to the ads that wordpress places on some of our random posts. Do you guys know how to do that? I have tried and I only seem to ever be able to cut and paste a link. Easy enough to click on but not the same.
      I agree with your widget idea!
      Thank you agan for all the time!

      1. I paid a hundred bucks for the “premium” or “pro” or whatever WordPress calls the level of service I have. I did it for several reasons:

        1. To be able to have my music widgets along my right hand column where my own compositions and performances are there for anyone who wants to hear. If you want to post music you need to pay extra. I used to know how to build my own webpage from scratch instead of using something like WordPress and I could make music automatically play. I don’t know how they are doing it here but I will try to find out.

        2. To be able to include video without linking to YouTube. I don’t like linking to YouTube because after my video plays then it takes you to other people’s videos whether I want that or not. HATE THAT! I have not yet posted a video but I do have one to post of my pet wild mynah while living in Thailand.

        3. To remove “WordPress” from my url (Universal Resource Locator); I mean, my website address.

        I have not investigated editing the CSS or other things. Are you sure that people with specifically WordPress blogs are automatically playing music? Please provide a site for me to check out, I want to see that for myself before attempting it to see how it works in the wild.

        Anyway, you have to pay extra to be able to have certain kinds of files on your blog and playable, and that includes video and audio files. Hope that helped. I’ll be more specific with more specific questions.

        1. You answered a lot! And saved me a lot of time! I have been wandering around trying to figure things out and as always it takes $$$$
          Thanks for saving me the frustration!
          Also someone had told me that you that wordpress has no way to contact them so it is nice to know there is a way.
          A hundred million? Seriously… well my chances have just gone way down if I think I am going to be discovered here. LOL.

  20. clicked the like button cause I often feel the same! Now to answer your questions 1- I think they just have not set up a link 2- mine seems to work 3- no idea, I am learning as I go since switching from blogspot 4- I like the idea of different buttons, sometimes ‘Like’ does not seem to fit the post. Write on!

    1. Mark,
      Thank you so much for your replies! I am learning more about everyone through this silly question and answer post and it helps!
      Thanks so much for reading and the time you took in replying!

  21. I’m clicking “LIKE” because I reeaaaaally like what you wrote and I actually read it. Okay, now first things first, I couldn’t agree more with you regarding the gravatar issue. It’s so helpful when the blogger sets up a link to their site. On to the second thing, WordPress does have a support forum for those of us in need. And believe me, I’ve been in NEED dozens of times! Here’s the link: Funny AND insightful post even though you wouldn’t dub it as such.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Diane! 🙂

    1. Anka,
      There are many who I am not referring to! Most of my followers as a matter of fact but the “speed readers” just irk me. Today, I had to laugh, I took a minute to randomly check one of my good followers LIKE pattern… I was touched… they had read like nine of mine in a row… one was a chapter and it meant a lot. And then I noticed the times… they were about ten seconds apart. Either that guy is an amazing speed reader or he is just trying to humor me or generate traffic for his own blog… I really do appreciate the LIKEs but I love em if you really did read! Ya know? I know YOU do cuz I just do.. smile.. and you replied here!!! 😀
      But thank you for the info!!! Seeee that is why I posted this! To learn stuff I didn’t know!
      You’re the greatest! Thanks sooo much!

      1. Wow! Kudos to the guy who read 9 posts in a row! I barely have time to get through one post from my favorite bloggers. Tonight is one of those times–visiting your blog. Husband is in the other room watching the kids so mommy gets a chance to blog hop! 🙂

        1. Wow I am touched that you are using your free time on me!!!! Ahhhh! Thank you! No…. the point I was trying to make was he really didn’t read them at all. Maybe he glanced at a few but normally, I don’t ever look when someone likes a couple posts in a row and if I do, they usually are legitimately reading or at least giving things a good “skim” but this guy did like nine and I was so touched until I looked at the times of each time he liked something and they were about ten seconds apart. I mentoned something to him and he kind of pleasantly came clean but he knew he was caught! 😉

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