I wish I had read this when I was single. I wish I could gather these words up and make every young single person memorize this! This is utterly some of the best wisdom for those who think that they are in love and may not be. And confirmation for those who know that they know that in their case…. two are better than one!

Wise Counsel

Marriage Sms/Text Message

May this union be the begining of greater heights for you.
May your societal & universal relevance continue to increase.
Two are better than one.
Happy Married Life!

Nnamonu Tochukwu.

A friend of mine just got married, I hope life becomes more beautiful for him and his wife. I just articulated my wishes and declaration for them into a text message/sms.

In my opinion, marriage is the peak of human collaboration. It must be handled with reverence. Marriage should enhance us, and not limit us. A spouse is a life partner. The criteria for selection of a life partner must not be flimsy. Choice of a life partner must be preferably, impeccable. Your spouse must be someone that you can share “forever” with.
Always say what you mean, and mean what you say to your spouse, or the person you intend to marry.
These are…

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