starry sky

Living this life

under a million stars

star gazer kid


forgetting the pain

but feeling the scars

boo boo

holding my face

in the palm of your hands

hugging couple in the rain

making love to my words

only you understand

hugging book



inside my soul

When you read my words

It is my heart

that you hold.

And when you

say them out loud

so that I know that you heard

It is in that moment

 you make love to my words.

Diane Reed       2013

42 thoughts on “When You Make Love To My Words

  1. I must say Diane… Your writing IS good and can easily stand alone, but being a visual learner, I find that I feel my words are, as you say, naked without pictures… LOL. Great minds must think alike occasionally. 😀

    1. No need for pics for your words either but don’t you find the process almost like an art dealer, collecting master pieces for your walls? Our poems are like the gallery. The placement of the pictures…. just a little like an art all of it’s own.

  2. It truly is a wonderful thing when people “get” what you’re saying or at least “hear”! I think too many people talk and pretend they are carrying on a conversation and no one really understands what the other person is saying. Of course that is how I interpreted this poem but you may have meant that someone actually reads your words on paper! That’s what I love about poetry! I love this one Diane!

    1. Thank you so much. That is one of the best compliments I have received… the ones that make me think! It is funny…. my poems and my stories, even my book that I am writing, usually have an element that I don’t always expose. (We all have a formula or a gimmick or a style that we tend to stick with, I think that might be mine) Sometimes I don’t even know where something is going, especially in a poem, until it gets to that perfect ending place in my heart. (That is why I think that I am stuck in writing the end of my book, I want it to make people think and even catch them totally off guard) I like that you feel something totally different than I do in my poems or GET exactly what I was trying to convey. In this case I was kind of saying that when you take the time to read what I write and writing is my passion it is the ultimate gift you can give me. And I have you as one I thank for giving that to me!

    1. Thank you Marta! You inspire me to find a way to translate. I understand a few words now but I promise I am going to figure out how to download a translation! Maybe you will be the one who inspires me to learn more words!

  3. Diane, beautiful put together again .. your words and selection of photos – you have a beautiful soul and heart. “you make love to my words” – what a beautiful phrase.

  4. My favorite line was, “When you read my words, it is my heart that you hold.” Words have power. They really are one of the MOST intimate ways to connect. They often bypass the mind and cut straight towards the heart.

    1. Anka and I sooo love your line:
      Words have power. They really are one of the MOST intimate ways to connect. They often bypass the mind and cut straight towards the heart.
      You nailed it here!!!! Why do we feel closer to some stangers than people we know daily? I think it goes back to the grade school days… the pen pal assignments we used to have. You really had to be interested in the other guy to get an A… and some of those pen pals became real life long friends! All because of what you said… words are the most intimate way to connect!
      I am glad “WE” have met and connected! YOU have been a gift to me!

      1. My blog has many different themes but I am hoping that you will find something that will steer you back time and time again, my side bar is the best place to look for new posts and that way you will be able to see if it is something that you will be interested in.

        Thank you for calling by today my friend 🙂

  5. Diane, this is a magnificent piece of art, pure and simple. I cannot stress enough that you should more pursue this form where there are few words punctuated perfectly with just the right picture. I am stunned by the effectiveness and the perfection.

    And yet you fumble and flail blindly trying to write a book. WHY!?!?! You can do so very much with so little. This, in my not so humble opinion, is your art.

    I will “illustrate” by criticizing myself.

    I can struggle for literally months writing a single piece of music that lasts 2-5 minutes. Eventually it turns out well but it is a torturous process full of self-loathing and anguish with moments of grand triumph. On the other hand, I can produce short pieces of music lasting 30-60 seconds which are complete unto themselves, many of which are quite good unto themselves. So should I make one longer piece of music lasting 5 minutes or in the same time frame produce a full CD worth of shorter pieces?

    I encourage you, no, I beg you, to think long and hard about this. The question is whether you want to flow or to struggle, to enjoy or to toil, to be magnificent or to struggle.

    You are a master of these shorter works. You are a fumbler at writing a novel. Anything you can communicate through your novel you can render much more effectively in the manner you did above.

    I insist.

    1. After spending many hours reading Diane’s work, and just starting to spend a few minutes reading many of the responses she receives, I felt compelled to respond to this one. It is apparent that you do not grasp what she is all about. It appears you’re spending too much time, as you admittedly do with some of your music, critiquing and expressing thoughts just to fulfill your needs rather than to understand and encourage a beautiful dream of completing a book that comes from her heart. You might be better served spending more time on your music then on something you do not understand.

      1. My apologies, sir. I have and continue to be very supportive of your wife’s writing. My intent, obviously, was to stress that she is remarkably good at a particular kind of writing. I have done an extensive first edit of the initial chapter of her book and intend, by your leave, to continue reading the posted chapters and making more general comments.

        1. While you may have meant well, it is quite apparent that you are out of your element when it comes to critiquing or editing. That is probably why you struggle with the longer pieces of your music. Your inability to string longer thought processes together may be why your more comfortable with shorter pieces of music and you enjoy the shorter samples of Diane’s work. Thanks for the interest though.

    2. I am actually glad that I was at work today so I could be more thoughtful in responding to this. First thanks! This helped me discover that my husband does read my blog! 😉

      Ahhh Jim, Jim, Jim…. What do I do with you? You have given me a gift… I mean no one has given me the attention that you have. I find it very sweet and yet a little disturbing. Seriously, for someone to go back and read almost 170 of my posts, commenting as you go is more than I could ask a best friend to do and it has been an interesting ride to say the least! 😉
      By no means do I ever want you to think that I only want the good feedback and don’t appreciate your time and attention to my writing. I have learned a lot and considered it all. I have had AHA moments due to some of your suggestions and plan to use them but have also disregarded some things that I don’t agree with. Ours is an interesting relationship.
      Today I guess I have to describe your compliment metaphorically. You know I love a good one! 😉
      But it kind of felt like you were bringing me a box of chocolates and then kicking me in the shins… neither one particularly expected or necesarry.
      When you said:
      And yet you fumble and flail blindly trying to write a book. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
      Wow, that is really what you think? Don’t hold anything back.
      I am glad that you like my poetry. Your compliments touch me. Especially since I know that you don’t really care for rhyming poems! For, as long as I can remember, I have been a poet. Elizabeth Barrett Browning is in my ancestory somewhere according to my grandmother and I am pleased as punch to know that!
      I started out writing poems and lyrics for songs and will do it till the day I die. It is in my blood. I have a greeting card line. And I have made some good money at art shows with my cards so I know people like my poems for some reason. But personally I feel that anyone can write a poem. I want~ NO, I am going to write a novel.

      I appreciate your candor to a point. My book is directed and written for females. Currently, it is in it’s roughest form of first draft-ness. I probably never should have published it here. It is far from finished or even close to ready for an editor. I would never expect to find my book on your shelf. It is just not a topic I would expect that you would care for. That being said… you said some pretty strong statements. Hmmmm & thats putting it mildlly. I’m not sure that an editor or publisher would be as harsh~

      You said~~~~~~~~And yet you fumble and flail blindly trying to write a book. And then you say…. You are a fumbler at writing a novel. And to that I say….
      I will continue to (what was it you said?) fumble and flail blindly until I have perfected the best damn novel you have ever read.
      If just for me.
      And by the way I will hire a professional editor to punctuate and guide me when I am ready.
      I welcome what Paul did for me. So unexpected and sweet. I would never expect more but it really helped a lot to see my mistakes from someone else’s eyes. He punctuated the whole chapter for me and suggested where sentences or dialog was choppy so that I could re-visit. He didn’t just tell me to send it to the shredder and forget it.
      While I appreciate you preparing me for the rejection I undoubtedly will experience. I am curious what you were hoping I would do with this? Take it in the spirit it was intended? So what spirit might that be?
      Lets see… Hmmmmm
      Let me go gather some more of your letter to me… what else did you say?
      >>>>>I encourage you, no, I beg you, to think long and hard about this. The question is whether you want to flow or to struggle, to enjoy or to toil, to be magnificent or to struggle.<<<<said by you.
      My reply to you: I am glad you think that I can write something magnificent. I actually love that you think it. Because I know you wouldn’t just say it and that is what I like; That you are not just a “clicker of the LIKE buttons”
      But I want you to also believe that I have it in me to write and rewrite and rewrite again this novel that is inside of me and more after that….
      And to answer your question…
      No, I don't mind struggling. Not one little bit.

    1. Louise … thank you!!!! I wish they were all my photos and I could actually put something together in way of a book but I am sure there are all kinds of legal and copywright laws that I have no idea about but for now it is just like therapy for me!

  6. You do a good job of finding the right photos for your poems. I do the same thing, but haven’t gotten addicted to it yet. I find myself spending too much time searching for pictures.
    I love this poem. You’re on a roll!

    1. Though away from this blog I never use pictures unless of course the poems are on my cards that I have also illustrated. But it is funny the searching for the photos have become addicting. I might feel as if my words were naked without them now. But thank you I know that it a supberb compliment!

      1. I agree… I just think my feeble attempts at writing would be so boring without the art…. but you’re right. Looking for just the right pictures can be very addicting… LOL. I love this by the way. I guess I just approach life from the eyes of a visual learner…. Like kids in a classroom, kids, people, readers, etc. are never all going to fit in the same mold. That’s what makes life interesting…. right? 😀

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