The war ” inside”

has me dancing in this bubble

bubble under the falls

as if walking along the ocean’s ebb

walking in the sand

and floating over a sea of trouble

stormy sea

I find solace inside my head

wrapped inside your arms~

In a place so safe and warm

far from  earthly harms~

And yet I know


I will have to go

to face my life

to make the choice~

 to learn to listen

to the  voice~

 As you wrap your words around me

and I hear you say….

in words

that that takes my breath away…

“Don’t worry


don’t worry,

Oh my child,

don’t worry~

Jesus hugging

it’s going to be okay”.

Diane Reed ’13

39 thoughts on “Say… “It’s Going To Be Okay”

          1. Hey thanks. I think I must use metaphors a lot because I really want people to understand me – like our need to be heard and tell our life stories 😉

    1. I just reread this again. My old posts sometimes appear on Facebook & I sometimes read the old comments. How iconic that I read this comment of yours again when I needed it most! Gonna go out and write because of it. Thank you ❤️❤️

  1. Sometimes, allowing God to handle things is much more difficult than it sounds like it would be. I know I am bad about trying to handle things myself, so occasionally, He has to knock me down before He helps me up. Hang in there… It WILL be okay if you have Faith and listen to what He’s trying to tell you! 😀

  2. Diane .. you gentle and beautiful mind has spoken again – so lovely. And your choice of images … wonderful job, but you know that I belong to your fan club. *smile

  3. Have you been a fly on my wall this week? This is just the reminder I needed, Absolutely beautiful my dear friend!

    1. Ahhh THAT’s one of the nicest things you could say! I feel that same way about you and your inspirations!!! Lately I have been hooked on Bill’s blog; Unshakable Hope, have you been there lately? He is truly amazing. Anyone who is feeling sorry for themselves need to go get a reality check over there! So for you to say that about me here, means a lot… if you only knew!!! 😉

      1. It’s the truth!!! My initial response was whew. Wow. Ok, I get it Lord! So trust and believe that He’s definitely using you for great things!! Also, thank you for the recommendation. I’ll have to check Bill’s blog out! 🙂 xoxo

  4. I needed this reminder today, that “everything will be okay.” The bubble image was spot on. Sometimes I wish that bubble would just POP so I can really see and hear what’s going on around me. Beautiful in every way, Diane!

    1. There was a time in my life when there was someone in my life who could just say the words: “It’s going to be okay”. And for some reason. It was like magic. And it usually was okay. I need that person in my life right now. More than ever. And I am scared that there just isn’t one. And so I need to learn to listen daily to the voice that is loud and clear and yet I don’t take the time to seek IT and so I let everything overwhelm me when there is somoene BIGGER that is in control. Health and finances and relationships all seem to pile on top of me and yet one by one it is like a big hand keeps coming down and dealing with it all, one by one. I feel like you Anka so ready for the bubble to pop already Geesh… and yet I hold out for that one voice that says… Hey Diane… really, it is going to be okay”.
      For you too Anka~ for you too! 😉

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