“Never mind” she wrote.

Her sentence broke,

she stopped in the middle

saying  much with so little.

“Never mind means more” he said.

His words still danced in her head.

He was right you know,

he knew, but even so,

she smiled as she read

what he had said…

“Never mind is like saying

 let me go”

But we really know…

hugging couple

It means, “hold me tight”.

Yes, he was right,

and so she begins to say…

 “maybe you could stay”.

But the words are hard to find…

“Oh just never mind”.

crying quote

Diane Reed ’13

27 thoughts on “Never Mind

  1. This is wonderful.

    I like the people cry because they’ve been strong too long. I have to agree with that, I do.

  2. This is beautiful… Love the pictures going along with the words… perfect writing for the emotions “never mind” bring to my mind… 😀

    1. YOU “guys” that keep coming back are like gifts to me!!!! I am not sure how I am keeping you here! But I am blessed that you keep returning. Thank you! (I learn from you too!!!!!!! So much!)

  3. I said “never mind” a few hours ago to my boyfriend, only because i thought what I was initially saying was silly. My boyfriend (TodayIwatchedaMovie), kept digging until I told him. He’s a wonderful guy and I cherish him so much. When I finally unleash what I’ve got to say, I feel better even if it was just a little silly thing. Great post!!

  4. I always thought that about Adele’s song Someone LikeYou. She is saying “never mind” but the meaning is why won’t you stay? It’s how everyone who has felt that loss feels about it. Her song resonates with so many. I saw her sing it at the Royal Albert Hall on New Years Eve (on TV:) and everyone knew the words, and she was crying when she finished … Yes, never mind …

    1. There is a marriage counselor that teaches that when a woman says “leave me alone” she really means “never let me go”. For me, sometimes that is the case, others if you let me go… I might come back nicer.

  5. Lovely little piece. “Never mind” never means ‘never mind.’ Whatever . . . 😉

    I sent you a rough song in case you are still interested in seeing if we can make something together. I hope a 4.8 Meg attachment is not too large for your e-mail. If so say something and I’ll lower the bit rate and make it smaller.

  6. “Never mind,” my husband’s least favorite thing to hear. Because he really knows there is so much more waiting to be unleashed. Fortunately, he digs until he uncovers something deeper. Hope you’re have a lovely day, Diane!

  7. “All those negative things that came out of my mouth, never mind. All those positive things that came out of my mouth, I dare not say never mind, for I meant every word.” Was going to say something very deep, but, never mind. Blessings.

  8. Well, I was going to say……..
    ……………oh, never mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have played the “never mind” game before and it was never fun…, ever!
    Have a great day, Di.

  9. Diane, I’m smiling at the fact that you “warned” me about this one not being so upbeat. I LOVE it, because it’s so real, and I love that you share what’s in your heart, even if it doesn’t always sound like a happy little diddy. You’re awesome and I appreciate your honest words so much! Oh and btw, I visited Bill’s page and of course you were right! Following him now. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. I was just signing off (which I should have done a half an hour ago when I got on!!!! 😉 )lol… Have to jump in the shower and get to work but saw this wonderful post and I just had to come back and say I love you so much! You have no idea just how glad I am that God gave you to me!!!!

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