song writing

I have been given the opportunity to write the lyrics to a song!


I am playing it in the background as I write this to you guys in hopes that my writer’s block will break!

writer frustrated

A friend that I made here, is a musician and teacher. And sent me a piece that he had written especially for me. He even called it “Finding Diane” probably due to the theme of all my pieces. I guess that I do write as if I need to be found, like Alice looking down the rabbit hole.

alice down the hole

I have written about going back and finding pieces of me along the way. I know that I live in the past, I have a lot of regrets and am working on going back and getting the part of me that I left behind all those years ago, for once and for ALL.

worried little girl

I try to write so that others might learn from my mistakes.

women with bruises

I have been struggling to find the right place to even start.

writing in a notebook

I have a million beginnings but when I think that I have hit on something, and come back to it. It sounds cheesy when I read it.

I want to honor the beauty of the music that seemed so easy for him to write.

piano keyboard

It is funny, because poetry is so effortless for me. It usually is the easiest thing for me to write. So forgiving and natural, as if it is a part of me. But this is all about math and cadence and I want to say it all in different places where it doesn’t seem to fit.


I haven’t ever had this problem before. Even when I was younger, it didn’t take too long for me to write what I wanted. And I have written songs before. Several. I guess I worked on those too for a while. But I didn’t feel that they would be as judged, maybe… or maybe it is just because I am so much older and judge myself more now.

writer's block

Today, I thought maybe if I wrote you all, I could find the part of me that is holding back, and hoarding the words I need!!!!!

piano music notes

I will be back once I have it!!

27 thoughts on “Finding Diane

  1. I’m not sure if you’re still working on this or not. I’ve considered adding a third part which I can undo if the words come for the original draft. I did have your novel in mind while writing the song which came slowly and naturally as if guided by an understanding hand.

    Pieces of a Circle, which implies to me that the same things will keep happening over and over to each generation unless we break that cycle. There is a classical forn called a Rondo which takes the following form:

    A – B – A – C – A – B – A

    Where in our case:

    A = Verse
    B = Chorus
    C = Third Section

    So it is the verse coming back over and over again, circling back. Perhaps the poetic form of a villainelle is a rough equivalent.

    This would be similar to what I provided. There would still be the intro and ending, and two verses at the beginning of the form. I will try to get this to you as soon as possible. My guitarist/singer is willing to tackle this. I also have a new 13-year-old piano student starting Monday who sings in a choir. I’ll audition her voice. Interesting on how the “pieces” seem to be coming together.

    Do the story of the novel for the words. That was my intent. The story starts with Keri, we just need to bring her to a good place at the end of the song and then, I assume, you will have the last difficult part of the novel worked out.

    Otherwise we will have a lovely theme that will go with the made-for-TV movie made from the novel. A friend, my official “fan girl” says the song sounds like the theme song for the end of a sappy movie, played as the credits roll. So our fates are sealed. Maybe you can put pages of the score in the book (no charge, but I require credit.

    The process goes on.

    1. Yes. I am. I have committed myself to this and will see it through.
      I am in LA on a retail buying trip and just signed on here on my friend’s computer since my phone is not receiving reception as well. Gotta go

  2. I think my dear, your head has gotten in the way of your heart. There are two possible ways out of this mess: 1) go out for an afternoon adventure, do something fun and something you wouldn’t normally do. 2) play dress-up, make yourself look as wild and crazy as possible – crazy, meaning you don’t want anyone to see you this way, then while still looking crazy sit down and write.

    1. Christopher, you make me smile! I have done what you suggested and am back from my little holiday away to honker down and tackle this thing now. I have one more day off which I was going to use tagging and pricing the merchandise but I think I am fully inspired so am shutting myself away with the melody! πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. How wonderful!!! I’m sure you found your way from poetry and lyrics, and your creative light is surely shining!!


  4. This is excellent, CoastalMom. You are clever. Truly clever.
    Poetry is not effortless to me, but I don’t do much poetry. You most definitely have gifts.

  5. Hi there! What a nice dilema.I was wondering whether or not, the music tempo is in 6/8. This is lively, energetic, upbeat tempo. Perhaps you should try a 4/4 beat, at a slower tempo, which could accomodate your lyrics. Just a thought. Love the written chart. This is going to be a beautiful, and soothing song. Blessings.

    1. LOL. I am musically challenged. You have to ask my go to guy who wrote the song for me and check out his blog:
      He is so talented! I think that one of the reasons that I am having trouble is because the song really is good with or without words. I could see a ballerina dancing to it or a singer in tears… He has some songs he has written and they are wonderful but there is something about this one that is special…
      We will share with your guys. I am not going to give up!
      Thanks for the tips. I know you can change the tempo and he has if that is what you may be thinking? I know it will just flow when i am ready! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the support!

    1. Emma,
      SEEEE! That’s why I need you! Thank you my friend! Will take another stab of it. Yesterday was so frustrating. I mowed the lawn playing the tune. I went on a long walk playing the tune. I wrote a million beginnings. Maybe you are right I am tying to hard! It might be as simple as looking inside the simplest places.

      1. Aahh πŸ™‚ Thanks. I once wrote two songs for my boyfriend’s tunes. He was polite but hated them and I disliked his words to other tunes. There is no right and wrong, only what is authentic to you. You’ll be fine as long as you realise you only have to please yourself. You can’t please everyone else. xx

  6. Hello Di,
    First just keep playing the music til you find where you want the story to start, then just write the story that you want to tell, then put it into verse, rhyme or free verse, then bring that into the metre and rythm of a song. It’s not as easy as i’m making it sound, but this is the method I use for a song. Hope this helps. Good night, “It’s going to be alright”. (Kilroy said so)

    1. I am going to do that!!! Today. Yesterday was a total waste of a million words and hours! Don’t know why this is so important to me and why I can’t do anything else until I do this.
      As always Thank you Paul!!!!

    2. I took a poetry writing class in college. For one session the prof had us bring in the lyrics to a favorite song. Almost without exception the words when removed from the music did not stand on their own very well. The mood and other connotations of important meaning were often in the music but not the words. It is a strange animal.

      I have found in my own efforts that I get stuck when trying to be better than I am, as if I am not good enough. When I work within my means things more tend to flow and come out quite well.

  7. Just write it how you feel it my friend
    and never worry about rekindling the
    past, be at ease with yourself and as
    the music plays use your energies to
    touch upon the lyrics that you seek πŸ™‚

    Relax and let your creativity flow…

  8. Try walking away from the music for a while, perhaps humming it, maybe picturing colors flowing together… It will come. I’m sure you will do something great. My daughter could write music when she was younger, but I couldn’t even carry a tune in a bucket, much less make it sound good..LOL πŸ˜€

  9. Whenever I seem to get lost in space, and things tend to slow down, I revert to my music background, which in terms, lifts my spirit, thus fueling my thought process.
    Love the song which is written in my favorite tempo, lively, upbeat, and energizing.
    Love this post. Blessings.

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