I am back! From LA and the buying trip I went on.


I visited my friend Jody and got to spend girl time with my baby who has surprised me and become Vegan. And so we had a few foodie moments this trip.

I love Lucy candy factory

Making falafels and trying out a new Vegan restaurant.

She is inspiring and very healthy but it is more than just health for her and she has inspired me to be more aware and I am so proud of her passion when she has a conviction. She went shopping with me and so we got both ends of the taste spectrum. Her trendy and young version and my safe, conservative, what Paso Robles peeps are (hopefully) buying!

shopping bags in trunk

I do need to go and price everything but first I wanted to stop in here for a few and say that I have missed you all terribly and just wanted to catch up for a minute.

If you recall, I was off to write a song as well.

piano music notes

Well, I must say that the melody that I was given inspired me to write a more spiritual song which is not what he (my song writer friend) was looking for and he said that in fact, his inspiration was derived from the few chapters of my book that I posted here

book shelf

a few months ago, which by the way, he was not overly complimentary of. So I was touched that he would take the time to find inspiration from my story.

writer's crumpled paper

I have sent him snippits of what I came up with. It was not my best work. Something was missing. And I think that I know what it was. Passion. It is not that the song was not good. It was not that I am really not a song writer. I think it is just because there is work I must do and it is to finish my book

typewriter glowing.

I have a raw and un-nerving passion that makes me trudge on. It may take a lot of hard work and soul searching but I am passionate about the message behind the story and this was a good wake up call.  I need to focus on more things with passion. I have realized that lately when that little ingredient is missing, I am not in a place where I should be.

writer frustrated

Here is to finding my way back to the place where I can find the passion


the words again.

toasting wine

28 thoughts on “Passions

  1. That was one of my favorite episodes of “I Love Lucy”….LOL The words will come, just don’t force it. If they are like my words…. they will come when they get good and ready and not a moment before… You’re and excellent writer, don’t let anyone tell you that your aren’t! 😀

    1. Keli,
      Thanks! You always say the right thing.
      I had to step away and re-group and just realized that I was giving one person’s opinion too much power over my writing. Though I value other’s opinions and welcome feedback both positive and constructive. There was just a “bubble off” in regard to the connection I made with someone who was following me and commenting on ALL of my work. Even the ones I wrote before I really began to write for anyone else other than me…. At first it was very validating, that someone would come in and take the time to read EVERYTHING I ever wrote here. And then things began to bother me and it wasn’t because it was just a constructive critique because some was very complimentary… but I just had to back away and think long and hard about why I gave someone so much control over me and what made them such an expert. So what you said was so validating. Thank you my sweet friend.

  2. I love that fact that you’re open to new ideas, Diane, from food to shopping to trying your hand at writing song lyrics. Here is another idea: when you finish writing your manuscript, don’t look at it again for at least 6 months. Then go back to it with fresh eyes. In doing so, you will find passages where you will ask yourself, “What was I thinking here?” or “What was I trying to say here?” That will prompt you to revise. Good writing comes from rewriting, often more than once. The more you rewrite, the better your manuscript will be when it’s time to hire an editor. When you have a better manuscript, the editor will need to spend less time making further revisions, and that will save you money on your editing costs.

    1. Michlle,
      Thank you for taking the time here! I can’t wait to spend more time with you as well! You were right. I did not navigate correctly when I went on the first time. But I did send your link to my aunt who was excited to find it… so will be back! Thanks for all your time and great info!

  3. Diane, I have no doubt that the passion will be rekindled. Everyone goes through seasons of drought. But, hopefully soon, the rain will return and pour down over your heart and mind. Good to see you back in my Reader!

  4. For me, passion for something drives my behaviour. If I have no passion, I can never drum it up. Perhaps that is why certain things haven’t worked for you lately. Maybe you aren’t waiting for passion to rise up and drive you naturally. Don’t push yourself, Diane. Just be perfect in this moment, even if this moment doesn’t bring an amazing post, a brilliant song, a fabulous chapter. Sometimes it is just the right thing to do nothing at all, or bake cakes, or shop, or visit your kids. If months go by and you don’t create, it means God has wished silence on you in order for something more profound to take place. So let it. I know God is important to you. I’m glad your back! Big hugs and kisses to you!

  5. Passion’s not easy to pin down but it will always return eventually and when you least expect it. Long walks help me reconnect somehow, trying to be present and observe my thoughts as they come and go. Just need a pen and paper in your pocket. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I just read your last post about dying again and you are such a talented writer. That is why I love it here! Who wouldn’t want to hang out with people who “GET” their passion?
      I wish that we could all get togeher… all our favorite bloggers… at one conference and get massages and read our writings to each other out loud while eating chocolate and drinking coffee or wine… depending on the time of day! 😉

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