little girl window seat

Her heart was bruised
and a little misused,
she learned at a young age
how it could break~

boy walking away

Years went by
and life went on,
she learned the games
of give and take~

girl lost in the woods

But she always wandered back
into the forest of her yesterdays~
looking past the shadows
losing her way inside the maze~

letting go diary

Now the bruises on her heart…
They don’t hurt much anymore~
unless you push very hard
on the places that hurt before.

Diane Reed ’13

advice about the past

29 thoughts on “The Places That Hurt Before

    1. Ahhh, once again you have the talent to say it all in just a few lines… an art all of it’s own! I think you need too gather up all your replies to me and make a book out of them!
      I would buy it! πŸ˜‰

  1. Really nice, Di. Liked the pics that complimented and completed the thoughts. …and you’re right in that we all carry scars and bruises that most others can’t see. Good to see you back.

  2. Another effective poem, Diane! We all have scars or bruises on our hearts. I’d like to think over time, those wounds will heal. Especially if we stop looking in the rear view mirror.

  3. This is so lovely … we don’t have to be that old .. to get our bruises pushed, but I think it’s important that they are getting pushed at time. To remind us about the pain and the hurt. I’m a world champion to move on very quickly and forget about the less pleasant … so I need a reminder at times.

    1. Yeah Viv,
      I am not sure what is better… to push it all down and not deal with it or try to figure it out for once and for all. I pushed mine down for so many years that ~ THAT is why I am writing it about it now. Silly old girl that I am! ;/

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