(I was challenged to find the joy by a friend, “Take Light”  here on my blog… here is my first stab at it! Please be kind… I have been stuck in yesterday for far too long! Thanks! I needed that kick in the butt!)

I thought I’d use the metaphor of jogging to start exercising my heart and preparing it for the joy I plan to round up!

jogging saying

Like tying my shoes before a run,
imagining how I’ll feel when I’m done~
I walk out the door with my ipod on,
facing the chill as my eyes kiss the dawn~

tying her shoes

first, I start to walk slowly and then pick up speed,
knowing that this very moment, is all that I need~
Words dance through my head and into my heart,
realizing this is the way to make the words start~

jogger at sunrise

This writing hiatus that I have been on,
was all stuck in my past and now released in my dawn~

typewriter window view
So… as the sun rises, I see HIS grand work of art
and in the act of just living I’ve found joy in my heart!

Diane Reed ’13

sunrise jogging

                                                                                                                          Here’s to living IN TODAY from now on!!!!!

19 thoughts on “An Exercise in Finding The Joy

  1. Do you want to know why today (and every day) is so wonderful? Because you’re in it!!!! Love you much!

  2. Joy is an elusive quality. I was listening to Teal Scott last night on talking about just the same thing. The Joy is not a permanent condition, we are not always going to ‘hang out’ in joy, and that is ok, as long as we recognize it, and move forward.
    I like your jogging analogy – Here’s one – Would you drive your car by only looking in the rear view mirror?

    1. Sooo cool Louise! Thanks for letting me know! Tears and inspiring others are the highest form of a compliment a writer could ever recieve! I recall when I used to sell my cards at different art shows. I would sit far away in the background and watch customers read my cards and cry and I found that so rewarding… lol!
      But now I think I would rather or at least in a whole other arena…. learn how to inspire! So you my dear are my first! Love ya!

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