I throw the keys on the table as I walk through the door,


dropping bags filled with groceries as they fall  on the floor~

grocery bags

Listening to your message you left  when I missed your call,

Telling me that you have to stay one more night after all.

 cell phone in hand

The traffic was bleeping crazy so I missed my run,

traffic best pic

I stand at the freezer choosing my dinner for one~


Funny, I used to enjoy having the house to myself,

woman reading by the fire

But suddenly I feel things, I haven’t recently felt,

“Hey Beautiful” you say sweetly, as you always do~

And tonight , I realize, I really am missing you!

phone message2

It feels good to realize, I don’t want to be alone,

so I leave you a new message;  “My love, hurry home!”

Diane Reed 2013

29 thoughts on “Dinner For One

  1. Now this screams to me that you are the perfect lyricist. When do we get to see that song you are writing? You are so brilliant at capturing essences of stories, which is all you have room for in a song. You can change your URL to dianereedsongwriter.wordpress.com 🙂

    1. Now that’s an idea! You are too funny. I do hate that I have to put witer rather than writer cuz writer was taken in regard to my name here on wordpress!!!
      I know… I need to go back there. I am in a place right now where it might come to me a little easier than before when I was putting so much pressure on myself. I just came up with junk.
      I may have to write something and have him work around it… I think he is the talented one and could do that! Funny cuz I have had a melody and it just came to me but I want to cheat and just have the words and then he can write the melody! Grin!

      PS: Hey I just went to try to find dianereedwriter.wordpress.com and there is not one! I wonder why they said it was taken? Too weird. I’ll have to look into that! Thanks! 😉

  2. I love the pace and flow of this, dotted with pictures in between. A perfect delivery.

    Like it much, especially the close 🙂

    1. I hear a poem that you should write in that line! The most beautiful sound in the worl to me has become the garage door opening! Love it! Thanks for visiting! Hope you come back!

    1. This one was! lol. I usually just write randomly from feelings that I pull up from (sometimes decades) long ago. But this one actually was a love note to my hubby who is coming home today after a delay!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! Funny, I’m just at a point in my life where I am learning to appreciate what’s right in front of me. Like Dorothy told the scarecrow…”And I’ll miss you most of all”. I think I have finally stopped looking for the great and powerful OZ and am content to just appreicate what’s mine.
      Loved your photo of the day post! Loved the twist at the end! It pricked my heart! 😉

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