Happy Birthday to my sweet Birthday girl~

You came along and blessed our world…

Baby Jasmine

You were the cutest baby of them all,

I watched in wonder behind the wall~

Brookie and Jas

Your Auntie loved you from the start~

You fit just perfectly into her heart!

 Me and Jas (2)Me and Jas

I have to admit you stole mine too~

You had so many people loving you!

Me as a grandma!Me and Jassie

(And of course you know… your daddy’s too!)

Chad and his baby

You came along and fit right in!

My first granddaughter and “now” my friend!

album mom & Jas at my 50th01p099



I love you Sweetie!


Your Grandma!


    1. SMILE.
      Thanks for being so loyal. I finally just sat down to read and have two minutes to read emails and get out the door. And have Team Kid tonight soooo I am probably not going to get to read blogs for a while… but just wanted to check in with a cyber hug!

  1. She is so cute and precious! Happy Birthday to her! 🙂 My son will be turning 12 on the 21st of this month. They grow up so fast, I still remember holding him when he was only a few hours old. 🙂

    1. Ahh Thank you! And Happy Birthday to your son! It does go by so fast! Imagine being the grandma of someone the same age as your son when I don’t “feel” any older than you!
      Here is a poem I wrote to my son (Jasmine’s Dad) when he was growing up. I thought that you might enjoy since you are right about there in your heart right about now.
      It was funny, Jasmine listened to a CD of a song called “Dedication” that I had written about her “Daddy” never knowing what she had thought about it… she came to my defense later when her daddy was being a “pill” to me and remarked….
      “Did you hear that song grandma wrote about you?” And he must have said something silly or sarcastic and she proceeded to say….
      “Well it made me cry!” It was so cute. I never had any idea. It was so cute. 😉

    1. Thank you! I am going to send her this post so she can see all the birthday wishes! My mom loved the ones everyone sent her! It was fun! I thought that people would get annoyed that I was using this as my little Hallmark station for the month of March. But you guys are all such good sports! Thank you! 😉

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