Insanity: doing the
same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

― Albert Einstein

How many times do we find ourselves

making the same mistakes?

broken glass

trying to fill the holes in our lives

alice down the hole

no matter what it takes?

sad girl on stairs

We overlook the lessons

we know that we have learned

burning heart

we ignore the raging fire

and contine to get burned

bandaged hand

We feel the pain inside

and yet we really just don’t care…

woman leaving

We try to disguse the warnings

as the answer to our prayers

angels protecting fighthing

when we really knew that all along

there were no answers there

red flag


Just God, waving HIS red flags..

telling us to


quote about hurt

Diane Reed


19 thoughts on “Red Flags

  1. I love that quote… always have. I repeat it often, to remind myself and others around me to be more aware of the lessons we were suppose to have learned from the first time we made the mistakes. Sometimes it just takes us more than once to catch on. Like with men…. my “picker” was broken so I had to purposely change what I was looking for and open myself up to others that crossed my path. But that was just me. I always love your posts~ 😀

  2. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is so true! What a poignant message! I love the Albert Einstein quote, and it reminds me of these verses in Romans (7:18-19) where Paul basically states his disappointment in continuing to do the things he knows he shouldn’t. We have quite the battle on our hands when it comes to overcoming our flesh, but thankfully we have the Lord to help us find the strength to make the necessary changes in our lives!

    1. Unfortunately, I have always loved it because it resonates with me on so many levels as does Romans 7: 18-19 which I have always embraced because I relate. I wish I could learn from my mistakes a little more than my life seems to have reflected! And yet, I find such hope in that verse feeling at some level even the most faithful must feel it. Even Paul! Thank you for always being there…. MY sweet friend, my wise old soul God blessed me with in you!

      1. So true! Life is certainly about learning, and I’m glad that through God’s grace we continue to have opportunities to get it right! 😉 God bless you dear friend!!

  3. That’s one of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein. At some point, you have to stop the insanity and decide to make the change. I love your personal crafted quote too. It’s so eloquent and spot on!

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