01p111(Dad right front, mom behind him on the right)

Once upon a time there lived a quiet little boy

Who touched the life of a quiet little girl~

But in-between those good old quiet little days

they went out and lived their lives in the big old noisey world!


Both their lives were filled with joy and sorrow

some tears and a lot of laughter

And all the while God kept planning every detail

of what someday, would  come after!


They lost touch and had families of their own

As the quiet little boy grew up to be  a handsome youg man~

But even back then, in the scheme of things

God knew what was in store for them because HE had a plan!


You may not have been there in my beginnings

But you’ve been there during times worth while

You made me believe in happy endings

and were there to walk me down the aisle


You have been the greatest Papa to my kids

And they love you with all of their hearts

album papa

Brookie and Papa

You have shared stories and planted seeds

molding their little souls from the start!

father and son at sunset

But today… as I reflect on how you have  touched my own life

I wanted to tell you thank you for being there

For really, really, really, really,

Being there!

praying hands

Happy Birthday Papa!

I love you!

(Sorry this was two days late…. )

20 thoughts on “Happy 77th Birthday Papa!

  1. Diane, I LOVE that photo of your dad walking you down the aisle. So gorgeous! What a gift. Send your dad big birthday wishes from us all! 🙂

  2. What a sweet story, Diane! Talk about divine intervention. And I can also say that the Diane apple didn’t fall far from the mother tree – writing words of encouragement… That must have been quite a letter of comfort she wrote to him.
    Happy Birthday to the wonderful man who has loved someone so beautiful, someone I’m honored to call my friend. You did good!!

    1. Lisa,
      Yeah, I will have to share the details of the story someday. My mom had totally been resigned to a life alone and then wahlah! God had different plans. I am so glad this story touched you because I believe you have a Divine intervention in your path and someday when you are sharing your miracle… we will look back on how far your life has come and all celebrate with you! I KNOW your day is coming! I BELIEVE it with all my soul!!!! I have seen God step in too many times not to believe in miracles. 😉

  3. Two days late or not, I would have given anything to have been the subject of a tribute such as this, Di. Your love for your father is so evident in this piece. It was wonderffully done.

  4. What a fantastic and beautiful .. love letter to your dad. Have never known my own dad … Wonderful post. *smile .. full of respect and love. Is your dad still alive ???

    1. Hi Viv,
      Thank you for reading! Yes, he is! It is his 77th birthday! He came along about two years after my own dad died. My mom knew him as a kid (photo of the wagon) His wife had died and my grandma encouraged my mom to write one of her cards she would write to different people who lost loved ones after she lost my dad…
      He ended up calling her and asking if he could visit.
      My mom had said that she would never remarry, or that God would have to bring him right to her doorstep. She said that she knew the minute she opened the door! The rest is history.
      He has been a wonderful Papa to my kids and has stepped in to be a wonderful father for me.
      Thank you for asking!
      Hugs ((((Viv)))))

      1. So glad that you still have him in your life – I can’t say that I have missed a dad in my life, but sometimes I think about it.
        What a fantastic love story … *smile a bit similar with my grandparents – but I don’t really think grandma loved grandpa that deeply – but she respected him and they were very good friends until he died many years before her.
        Give dad a hug from me… *smile

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