(My Mother In-Law)

When I was a little girl, I imagined so many things…

Constantly wondering what my life might bring~

Who I would love and share my life with

Who I would marry, and if I’d have  kids~

window seat girl

Well, life happened differently far from my dreams,

Happy endings are not what they all seem.

I was hurt by my life by the time I met you,

and it was hard for anyone to really get through.

engaged girl crying

But you were so patient and forgave many times,

and finally we bonded through the years like fine wine~

Today I have regrets over the time that I wasted,

like a lifetime of chocolate all left untasted!


Your wisdom and experience is hard to compare,

and the way that you love, is so very rare~


You have lived your life like a fine work of art,

but even more, is the beauty I’ve found in your heart~

holding child's hands

You’ve been an amazing grandma through all the years

thinking of your love, just brings me to tears~


And today, as I stop to realize… everything in the end….

The mother in law I imagined once, is now one of my best friends!

mother in law quote


I love you!


14 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAR!

    1. Well then you might have been privy to some of my bratty years that I am not so proud of. But I love YOU too for looking beyond my blips and being the wonderful Aunt that I inherited via the family that I have been blessed to be a part of! I love you!

    1. I just got done reading your ladybug piece! How funny! Guess our cyber paths were crossing. That was crazy! (That we were reading each other posts at the same time!) Love it by the way!!!! It put me in a light and cheery mood!

      Yes Cat~ it has been a great learning process…. learning to love my mother in law. I was such a little brat for a long time. Funny, how life teaches us what love really is about. I could have enjoyed a great friendship a lot earlier!

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