sunrise 1 pink sky


As the day open’s it’s eyes…

sunrise pink clouds

painted skies

fill my heart~

country sunrise

God’s canvas

splashed with pink,

praising God3

His work of art

is my day’s start!


Diane Reed

I woke up to a beautiful sky filled with pink cotton candy and my entire heart softened. I opened the blinds and sat there in awe as I watched the miracle of the morning welcome a new day and knew that God had orchestrated that very minute and me sitting there, possibly hoping that I would realize he was there with me. At that moment I just had to STOP my life with a screech! And wonder WHAT AM I THINKING? I often forget to thank God for what I do have. I just tumble into a long list I am asking HIM to give or solve for me. How would a friend feel if we did that to them? I have decided that I need to connect with God more. I feel that  in a way, a sunrise is God’s text to us and that HIS intentions for us, was always to have  a Garden of Eden.

Garden of Eden

He never intended us to have illness or relationship issues, His plan for us was not to go brankrupt or lose jobs. We interrupted God’s plan and let that snake of a devil worm his way into our world. Well, I say enough! It is time we took back! what has always been rightfully ours!

 We have God on our side! He is BIGGER than anthing we could ever be afraid of!

snake biting shoe

 We need to fight for what He intended us to have!

Are we going to let a little snake steal our joy today?!

 I say NO… I am not…

What do you say?

It is your choice.

This is the day the Lord has made photo

Thank you Lord for this day. May I bless you in all that I do today.

24 thoughts on “This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

  1. Whether radiantly splashed colors of the sunrise or heavenly raindrops followed by a glorious rainbow, there are so many days I awaken to just those words: This is the day the Lord hath made! ❤

  2. Excellent post. What a way to start the day! I always quote this scripture, first thing in the morning. Thank you for reminding us of God’s love for us. Blessings.

    1. Thank you Bill!
      I have missed you and your posts! You are always in my prayers! Is everything okay?
      I feel like the little boy in Oliver saying “I want More please” I need another Bill Post! I have lost my momentum! I was so on fire after your last post!

      1. You’re funny, Diane. I haven’t been posting very often because I have been busy doing some other things (I’m sure you can relate). Actually, I was thinking this morning that I’ve been spending a lot of time reading the posts of the blogs I follow.

        1. Well that’s a good thing if I am one of the blessed ones to have you share your time in reading my ramblings!
          But I understand. A whole day can fly by on this thing! It is crazy!
          Don’t know if you are keeping up with Chris. He got a trache and seems to be doing well. Michele said that he can even eat soft foods. So that is a blessing.
          Glad you are doing well and just busy!
          Love to you and your family!

    1. Your writing is magic! So glad to have found your site! Yes… we all need reminders to remember to pay attention to God and HIS own writing on our hearts! Me especially! 😉

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