I had to cut and paste this article from Huffington today. I rarely go there to read much anymore because it always seems so negative and yet I do enjoy some of the writers on there and so if I see something that pops up when I turn on my computer, I will skim it. Well, this article caught my eye and I thought I’d share it. It was written by a gal named Shelley Emling who informs us that she IS over 50. Though when I finished it and read the annoyed responses, I could not help but agree with them. See if you agree…. I responded and immediately started getting faved in less than a minute or so which I thought was funny. Just thought I’d share to get your take on this article. My response is at the end.

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Words Never To Say When You’re Over 50 Posted: 03/22/2013 7:22 am

We’re all guilty of muttering something off-putting now and then, but there are simply a few words and phrases that — according to some — are just plain strange to hear coming out of the mouths of post 50s. Sure, there are words that no one of any age should say on the Internet without starting a flame war.

And no one, in 2013, should be uttering “bromance,” or “oh, awkward” or “binders full of women.”But there are also, definitely, words that probably never should come out of the mouths of those with an AARP card. Never. Like, ever.Huff/Post50 asked our readers and Facebook fans what they thought and here are a few of their responses.JoAnn Forrester said post 50s should never say “girlfriend,” “neat,” or “can I fix you dinner?”

Kim Dunshie Herning said it depends on who you’re talking to. “It is not ‘cool’ to use your teenager’s current slang in any conversation with any age group to try to be ‘with it.’ Salty, swag? What the heck do these words mean? And you won’t catch me calling any male or female ‘dude’,” she said.

Johnny Hoppe argued that only words and phrases that have lost their cool or were never cool to begin with should be avoided, such as “par-tay”, “_______ NOT!”, “Compassionate Conservatism” or “Squib me deux Zima, G-bones!”

“Words of this ilk should only be used ironically and under professional supervision and always with protective headgear,” he said.

Roe Breslin said that, after a shopping trip to Target last week, her 39-year-old daughter announced that one should never use the word “panties” after a certain age.

“I said ‘okay, then, underpants’,” she said. “She said that was worse, so I give up.”

Alma Murchin said she hates when she hears people over 50 use Internet slang like BRB. “Really, save that for the teens,” she said. Laura Hoffman said she can’t stand people to use old fashioned expressions like “another day another dollar!”

So what words don’t you like to hear or say? Here’s our list of nine words we believe you have no business saying over 50.

1. Totes. Unless you’re referring to that lovely large bag with two handles you’re carry on the plane with you.

2. Freakin’. Although “freakin’ a” is so much worse.

3. Hottie. Please only say this if you’re trying to order a toddy of some kind and not when you’re eyeing the sexy guy at the bar.

4. Smashed. This is what happened to the vase when the cat knocked it on the floor, not your state of inebriation after a night out with friends.

5. Girlfriend or boyfriend

6. LOL.  If you say that to me, I’ll just GOL and tell you to BO.

7. Like. This vocalized pause only makes you seem unsure of yourself.

8. YOLO. “You only live once.” My 12-year-old daughter and her friends said this much of last year. It’s time for this trend to go away, especially if you’re over 50.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     9. Rich or Sick. Do these mean the same thing? Don’t know and don’t care.


My Reply…

 I would like to add something here,,,, Shelley Emling wrote: Sure, there are words that no one of any age should say on the Internet without starting a flame war. There also are terms no one should use to describe themselves on LinkedIn.
Considering that Shelley is over 50 I will give her an OUT here but truly I might say (after reading the first few comments this article provoked) That you probably should not write an article about what NOT to say for the over 50 crowd anywhere!!!!
Ya hit 50 and it is already a sensitive subject, regardless of the black balloons and wonderful surprise party and loving roast that comes with it! Regardless of how we embrace the fact that we can lose the stupid rules of our youth. It stings just a bit. We may not want back those awkward years but we sure as hell don’t want anyone even someone over fifty telling us how to talk and where not to say certain words! We earned that right by living a half a century already. Believe me if someone says LIKE it is a habit they began long before they turned fifty. Soooo like don’t freakin tell me what to say on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter… got it girlfriend?! LOL.

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47 thoughts on “Shutting up after Fifty? Think again!

  1. Great post. Who would have ever thought that we would ever start any formal letter with anything other than ‘Dear ……’, or ‘To Whom It May Concern’, and yet these days we start emails off with “Hi” to total strangers, and comment on social media with no introduction at all. It is a changing era, even for us ’50 somethings’.

    1. Jimmy,
      Thank you for finding me and taking the time to read and post! Actually, I can’t take credit for the artwork but thank you. It is a wordpress template that is under the free category of choices. Wish I could take the credit! 😉
      Again, thank you for your time. I intend to go stroll through your blog as well!

  2. “…but we sure as hell don’t want anyone even someone over fifty telling us how to talk and where not to say certain words!”

    Heh, nobody would like that. That’s probably the reason why a lot of people are annoyed in the first place. Nobody should tell anybody what to say or goddamn do. And that’s a cute and perfect response. Way to go, girlfriend! lol 😀

  3. This was amusing! You’re such a firecracker Diane, and when you speak (or write) people take notice and we’re not telling you what you should or shouldn’t say. So there. Lol.

    1. Actually, this was meant to be funny…. I don’t care if someone thinks I should not say something… I thought it was funny. Both my kids are free to tell me not to say something. I may think about it or not. LOL…
      This resonated a lot for the over fifty crowd. So funny. Especially when I feel around 28 about now.
      Hey maybe that’s the prob?? LOL.

  4. Having enjoyed being “Over 50” and now enjoying the blessings of being in the “Over 60” crowd, I agree with all the others. Someone telling me that I need to pick and choose the words I can and cannot use when I reach a certain age is not cool. This 50’s something chick who wrote this (If in fact she really IS over 50 and is not some upstart, know-it-all, two-years-out-of-college, journalism graduate, 30-something Lois Lane trying to impress Ms. Huffington) apparently did not do her homework on her elders or the ever-changing nature of her own mother tongue. Research has shown that we’ll add a few and trash a few words every week to our massive English vocabulary. We all have free access to ALL of them.

    1. Steven,
      EXACTLY! Could she have picked a more politically charged subject? You would have thought with all her responses on this subject, that she had ended up toting a picnic basket, knee deep at the wrong political partie’s picnic! lol.

      1. It takes all kinds, I guess. We still gotta love her. Loving the unlovable is hard sometimes. Thanks for sharing this, though, and thanks for your spot-on comments. God bless.

  5. LOL — amazing. It’s like wearing white after September — who cares? One of the advantages of being over 50 is — I care a lot more about what I think and feel and do than worry about what others are thinking about what I am doing — and that’s the way it should be.

    Great response — glad you spoke up and set the record straight!

  6. I’m thinking we (above 50) may need to start talking the shorthand of today; at least a little bit. Seems the younger ones may have something in their shorthand messages…
    BFN – Bye for now…
    143 – I love you…
    1432 – I love you too…
    9 – Parent watching…
    99 – Parent no longer watching…
    4Q – F*** you…
    Is it just me, or does anyone think we may need to ‘update’ ourselves, even a smidgen…! I want to know what they’re sayin’…. even if it IS crap..! 😉
    btw: It’s good for our ‘mature’ brains to learn something new; isn’t it…!?!
    Signed: ATAB….! 😉

    1. Carolyn~
      I know!!!! Huh? Sooo funny. My friend’s daughter just had a baby and I found out on her other daughter’s facebook post after deciphering the abbreviated slang I figured out that she came a month early!! 😉
      You are right, we need a class in those abbrevs. Thanks for the starter class! lol.

    2. How funny! My boyfriend and I used 1-4-3 in 1988!! Must have been ahead of ourselves. He was Swedish so maybe it came from there? But he used to write it on the messages page attached to my door with real pen and paper!

  7. Are you kidding? We, the AARP, ahem, generation, are the only ones who still communicate verbally. The younger ones don’t even talk to anyone. They just text. We invented all this”cool” talk. No way Jose, are you going to tell me what to say, and not to say. We cats know how to be “with it.” Can you dig it? Slap some skin on my hands, and just roll with the punches. If you don’t dig it, tough, and whateverrrrrr! Blessings. Later for you.

  8. Wow, I came back from church and this one really generated a lot of conversation. How funny. I came back with a renewed tolerance and kind of felt bad for posting something a little negative on a Sunday but I have settled in to read your replies! Thanks guys for your interest. I always feel so grateful that you take the time to read anything I write let alone comment!

  9. Far be it that anyone with less life experiences should be telling someone 50 or over how to express themselves. I find that many younger people today have less command of a vocabulary and less controll of their thoughts and consideration in what they say to whom. I like Keli above…, feel I’ve earned the right to express myself precisely in the manner I choose. I’m not going to change and if you don’t understand my vocabulary, get a dictionary and learn some proper words. Don’t make things up and expect others to conform to your ignorance.

  10. Yeah baby, you totes showed her. My kids love to say ‘never say that again, or never do that again’ if they think it’s embarassing or age inappropriate and it makes me want to do it more!

  11. I’m on my way to become .. 70 and I have never worried to much about what words I have been using to express myself, but on the other hand I’m not familiar with the language that teens and youths use today. Only thing I’m worried about that is that text messaging will effect kids spelling.

    1. You nailed it! Being over fifty is supposed to be all about not caring what people think about things like this… I do have to say I still care about a lot of things I probably shouldn’t but this article just rubbed me the wrong way. It did a LOT of other people too. I think that she got over a thousand responses! But good or bad she got that many people to respond and how many people to read!! Smart cookie!

  12. Unfortunately for my children and family, I have the tendency to say what I damn well please. I figure this is MY life and I’m gonna be the one to live it! I’m certainly not going to let someone else tell me what I should or shouldn’t say. As my son once said, “She over 50, so telling her to change her ways is like spitting in the wind, it’s just not gonna happen”…. but that’s just me..

      1. Oh yeah…. I got that too, along with the eye roll and the “oh, mom”….. now she’s into the “be careful what you post cuz my fiance’s parent’s and friends can see it… LOL. I usually just do art or link to my WP

  13. I do and say what is comfortable for me. What is an embarrassment is when someone tries to use terms and does so incorrectly. When someone disagrees with “No way!” and you answer back with “Way!” you did it right and any younger person who takes offense is being elitist and exclusionary (actually that is old now). If you get it wrong then you are obviously trying to be something you are not or are being condescending which is an epic fail.

    Language is meant to communicate and any censorship or insistence on using or not using certain terms is absurd. I don’t say “y’all” instead of “you all” because it doesn’t work for me but I don’t care that other people say it that way. There is an interesting concept in the english language called “The Rule of Common Usage” which insists that anything that is accepted in common parlance automatically becomes an official part of the language and is thus correct whether some consider it slang or vulgar or a new and better way of putting things.

    That youngsters are creative enough to invent their own sublanguage is a wonderful thing that should be encouraged. They need to experiment and have fun and find out what does and doesn’t work. Much of our slang from when we were young didn’t stand the test of time but a few things did. So all that word play did seep in and change the culture for the better, and that is so much win.

    1. I remember my dad saying… you should start saying SPODE for a word that was supposed to mean “weird” I got a few kids to say it. It did not catch on. Too funny. I haven’t thought of that for ages!

  14. Good for you! Any woman at 50 or over has earned the right to say anything she damn well wants! Perfect answer!

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