Perspective is such a great thing to consider! But it is all relative.
I am blessed. Though we lost a prospering store in 2003, we were  given the “opportunity” to be able to open up a restaurant shortly after that. Well,  That was a joke. Due to a very mismatched partnership (don’t get me started!!!) We lost the last of our nest egg and were like 20 year olds starting all over again from the beginning. We went about getting “REAL” jobs and until last year when my husband was laid off, we were sitting pretty fat and happy without missing much of a beat except that I had to work for someone else which is something I promised myself that I would never do again. Though… I have gone back on my word with myself on many occasions lately so what the heck~

Most recently, my husband has been working with his dad on a project that has been a lifelong one they began many years ago when they used to work together. Since being laid off last year, my husband has stepped on board again and it looks as if things are going to take off for them. It is an amazing environmental  project which basically takes toxic waste or waste in general, ( it can be plastic, wood, tires, you name it) and turns it into bio char for farming or energy, etc.   I BELIVE in what they are doing, and with so much interest in the environment recently, it has gotten a lot of positive recognition. I  know that in God’s timing it will all come together. But in the meantime, we are living on my paycheck and his unemployment. It has defintely been an awakening. This month, we have come to the end of the line. I have managed to pay all of our bills on time, for all of this time. But next month is going to be tricky. We are going to have to start picking and choosing bills to pay.

For the first time in years, since the earthquake, I am living  in a place of genuine faith. God has answered recent prayers about health and other personal things and so I know HE is a God of miracles! I have watched other fellow bloggers live their lives in faith and I know it can be done. But I can’t say that I have always been such a good sport about all of this. It is all relative, but if you don’t have it… money becomes more important. And yet I keep trying to tell myself it is character building. Though all you prayer warriors out there, I would appreciate prayer! And I thank you ahead of time because I know I will blogging about a miracle soon!

So anyway, as I was wallowing in my own problems, I read today’s post from my sweet friend whose blog name is : free penny press:



Talk about perspective! I thought it was a wonderful reminder that it is not all about me! Feeding ourselves on $1.50 a day…. it made me think! I get so caught up in “needing” always wanting a miracle… and usually getting many. God is good and so generous. He always come through in the end, even when I ask for more.

Oh Lord,I’ve found myself

on a pretty selfish path,

forgetting to be grateful

for everything I have~

praising by ocean

Making my prayer time,

all about me and what I need~

Losing my perspective,

consumed by my own greed~

sad woman3

Today… I want to thank you

for the GRACE you’ve given me!

Not seeing my flaws

that I know you might have seen.


May I be reminded

just what I’m asking for

when I forget and come to You

asking for a little more.

Diane Reed 2013


48 thoughts on “A Little More

  1. Beautiful and honest story! This really encouraged me today! Thank you so much for sharing, your blog is amazing! I feel so blessed to have found it! God bless you.

  2. Diane,
    I’ll pray for you. We have gone through financial devastation. But in know as you seek The Lord’s will He will show it to you. It may not always look like you hope it will or be an answer you were expecting, but it will be the best thing for you.
    Thsnk you for stopping my and following my blog. I cherish every heart that He gives to me to encourage.
    May I share our story? I am writing it in one of my books and so this is just a taste but I think you’ll find it encouraging. It was what led us into our financial issues along with my husband being out of work for 2 years.
    But we know why God allowed it. He is a great God!
    Here it is:

    God bless,

      I replied to this on your blog.
      Thank you for visiting mine!!!
      Your story moved me more than you know!
      You are a true Encourager!
      Your prayers mean so much! Thank you.

      1. Diane, I have so much to tell you.
        First – thank you from the entirety of my heart for sharing with me what you did. I can’t believe how much you and I have on common.

        And thank you for saying I write well. { my comment above is riddled with typos because I’m on my phone! My computer quit on my last week. 😦 }

        I also want to tell you how God blessed me through you telling me I am encourager. That is a confirmation from Him through your heart … That is one of the things He has laid on my heart to be and do.

        I do this for Him solely. He has called me to write so I follow. He has given me a mouth so I should use it for Him!
        I can’t go a moment without living inside His plan for me and part of that is to share what He did for me.

        I’m putting it all into a book. I need to get it done. Although it is a slow process for me. Haha!

        I feel that connection you mention as thank Him for it.

        I am glad we connected and will look forward to how He connects us even more.

        I started writing poetry when I was 7. When my dad committed suicide ( I was 9.) he had things in his wallet ( which I was given years later by my grandmother) and one of those things was a poem I had written to him.
        So we have that in common too.
        Poetry is expressive AND therapeutic. But always a gift from God.

        God bless dear sweet lady!

          1. Heather, I can’t believe I missed these! I have been on a whirlwind lately… working more than normal and babies being born and all lol. I am not spending a lot of time on my blog but I wanted to come back and catch up and so glad I found you. I understand about typ-os! I see past them all into your heart! Cuzzz I always have a ton as well. Those darn phones don’t make it easy to type on! I can read posts all day long and can tell the ones I try to answer via phone and computer… but I think we all can figure out what is being said so don’t ever worry about that!
            It’s just nice that you are writing!!! 😉
            I am glad our paths crossed and look forward to more serendipidous moments with ya!!

              1. I love it!!! God Connections! Hmmmm might make a great post?
                By the way…. everyone needs to stroll over to Heather’s blog. It is fantasticulous!

  3. Definitely sending prayers your way Sweet Sister. We all have our struggles and yes they are character building, and amongst the times in the wilderness and in the valley, are many miracles to be seen. He is a great God and your struggles are important to Him. There will be times of strong faith where the worst situations will not shake you, then there will be the small straw that breaks the camels back and sends you on your knees to Him. Its all relative, it’s all valid. Just keep going and all will work out In The End. 😉 Asking for many of God Blessings for you!

  4. John 2:14 And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting:
    John 2:15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;
    John 2:16 And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise.

    Hi Diane,
    It’s no coincidence that you have just paid me a visit and I am returning the favour. I had to read this post. I am not a preacher but I am going to say to you what is in my heart. I think we are all coming to realise that the good times are over and the satanic forces are creating chaos, confusion and worry on all fronts to initiate the Tribulation. God’s kingdom is everywhere, in the forests, beaches, seas and our hearts and it is up to us as individuals to overthrow the tables and drive them all out of our hearts, then the miracles will come, our needs will be met. Christ is coming and we can make His way so much easier.

    I, as other bloggers, may not be there physically with you but we walk with you in love and understanding. Ralph xox

  5. Beautifully written as always. That environmental project sounds interesting. It is like decomposing on a massive scale and converting the decomposed material into something usable for plants?
    Either way, I wish you guys the best of luck. The way you include pictures makes the whole thing come to life even more!

  6. I respect yours beliefs and your faith .. I think it’s fantastic that you have that comfort – I feel so sorry for that you’re in the situation you’re and I hope of all my heart that things will turn around for you. We can all end up in your situation and we take so much for for granted. I’m sure that things will turn around .. because a lot is down to our own attitude to our problems.
    I don’t share your beliefs and faith … for the reason that so many people are suffering, no food, no water … no medicine … no schools, no human rights … the poor children without parents … I would like know what God is doing for them???? I wouldn’t call God generous against those people.

    I wish I could ease your worries …

    1. Viv,
      I feel God works in ways we don’t understand and for some reason we are drawn to certain people. We have a connection spirtiually, regardless of what we believe.
      If you have time, there is a great piece on suffering that you might find interesting.
      I respect your beliefs as well. I have noted that you have commented a few times about mine and your stand on yours when I have written about God here. I have never really taken the time to respond. Though I feel led to today.If anything, it is interesting food for thought for you when you have time.
      Also if you have never been to Bill’s blog (Unshakable Hope) You can find him above…
      He has been my inspiration. I believe that he could answer you better than anyone. Just stroll through his blog when you have time. It has changed my life.
      He is where I want to be. And I think he is one great example or at least a partial answer to your question. Why? I mean why do bad things happen to good people? I truly don’t believe that Jesus inflicts anything on us for a lesson but because this is a fallen world, we have to accept that bad things happen. How we handle them is the answer.
      When I was going through a horrible time in my life I heard a testimoney of a woman saying she had lost everything, her marriage, her financial status, her job, but she was happier than she had ever been because it had grown her closer to God.
      I understand where you are coming from, because I once was you. But you can’t understand where I am coming from because you have not been where I am .
      Thank you for commenting. I have a feeliing we were supposed to meet. Though I do respect your beliefs as well, I did want to comment on your points.
      Have a Happy Easter to you too!

      1. Thanks for coming back to me .. I think there is a place for all of us .. doesn’t matter what we believe in. I think it’s fantastic that your faith helps you to be strong and carry on, but I can’t share it because I think we put too much beliefs into God and do less ourselves to solve problems, but that is only my thoughts.

        I just wonder how much hardship can God put on some people, they are never given a break .. one problem after the other .. people that turn to him for help daily and still nothing happens, why doesn’t he do anything.

        I don’t mean to be respect-less now .. but I think God is very selfish – he gets so much attention and gives very little back … not even response.
        If I had done my job like he are doing his … I would have been fired long time ago.

        Maybe he excite .. and I will maybe find meet him one day … if so I have a whole page full of questions I want answers on and maybe he will explain to me … until then I believe in the people that makes a difference to those that needs it.

        Hope I haven’t made anyone … upset over my comments here – that is only my thoughts and I don’t want to force them on to anyone.

        1. Viv…
          Like I said… I do understand. I have stood where you are… and I know it is hard to imagine where I am if you have never experienced the amazing love of God. As Easter approaches, I can’t agree with you. If you have children. Giving up a child to be crucified is the ultimate unselfish sacrafice that I can ever imagine. But I embrace your heart. I know it is hard to understand the pain in the world. A lot of us have had unimaginable pain and at times I too have questioned God. (I am continually battling THAT… you can see it in my daily writing…lol… somedays I am praising God and somedays I am questioning Him… Thankfully, He understands!!!!) When Lazerus died Jesus cried with his family even though He knew that He was going to raise him up from the dead. But He wept because He was moved by their pain.

          God is not flicking us off the gameboard of life with a big old finger from heaven and playing with our lives the way some may think, He truly feels our pain and grieves with us. The world is fallen. It was our choice. If we didn’t have a choice we would be like little robots all doing as He wishes… now that would be more selfish… to create a world of people doing exactly as He wished… with no free will…. And yet, He gave us our human nature and free will with the ability to make our own choices. (Now tell me, how has that been working out for us? The world is in the spot it is in due to OUR free will!) If you look back to the Garden of Eden, HIS plan was perfect… we are the ones that came in and changed it up due to our selfishness…

          And yet He has still provided us with an amazing choice through Jesus who died for you and me. For all of us. The reward will be eternity. This life is just a speck of what HE has for us.

          As I said, I love your heart. I do want to point out that I have not come to your blog to discuss this… you have sought out mine. And I welcome you!!!! Though I do think that you may be searching a bit because if not… you wouldn’t even engage in discussions like this… you would just choose to smile and move on and believe what you believe or don’t believe….but “you” have brought the difference in our faith up several times and I believe that if it wasn’t on your heart, I think (as I said) you would just choose to move on. I feel we have met for a reason! And I am happy to know you! I feel that we can teach each other things and I am glad we met and have become friends!

          Have a beautiful day! I am off to help with a baby shower to welcome my newest granddaughter into the world in a few weeks!!! Happy Easter!

          1. How lovely … baby shower … and on top of that your granddaughter. Wonderful news. Congratulations to everybody in the family.

            I’m not seeking .. I just try to understand … but I will never do and I’m thankful for you taking your time and explain your beliefs and your faith.

            It’s a hot topic and often people fall out because of it – I have read you words and I’m not convinced, there is so too much suffering around me … but I love to read about your stand and I respect you.

            Yes, I have bought the faith up many times … because I can’t see the logic in our religion. But we are not going to be bugged down with this subject.

            My grandpa was a very wise man – and one day he met the priest and he asked my grandpa why he haven’t been in church for a while .. and my grandpa answer – I rather sit on my tractor and think about God than I sit in the church and worry about my crop. I don’t know if my grandpa had a faith or not .. I think he went to church because of it was expected of him.

            Please, keep us posted about the little wonder that will arrive soon, your grandchild.

  7. I have always said, that when the going gets tough, God gets going. He is still in control. He was not shocked when your situation changed to what we might consider as, “Oh My God!” He knows what He is doing. Looks like He just opened a huge door for your husband. We might think that He is always late, but no, He is always on time. You are covered with prayers. He will not forsake you, and you can take that to the bank. Blessings

    1. What an amazing message! THANK YOU! I receive it with all that is in me! Maybe I was supposed to share here so someday I might be able to share the miracle! Thank you again!!!!

  8. My heart feels what you’re going through and sending prayers and positive energy your way and for your family. It’s tough when we count on so many things and they don’t work the way we think they should.

    I think we’re living in a time where there’s a lot of movin’ and shakin’ going on to our core. It will help us know where we are with it.

    Sweet girl – please know the faith you have in God will keep you safe and strong and guide you where you need to be and what to do.

    God bless you and your family and have a very special Easter!

    1. Oh Pat, YOU are such a gift. Your presence is such a blessing. Thank you for taking the time to be an encourager! I embrace your words! Thank you for your prayers! Happy Easter to you too!!!!

  9. Praying for you, Diane!
    As you know, we’ve been there! God is faithful! Sometimes He really does sustain us like the story of the loaves and fish. You feel like you’re in the wilderness with no resources, but He meets our needs – not usually as fast as we’d like or in the way we’ve envisioned, but He’ll come through for you!

    1. Bill,
      You are right! I will take that story of the loaves and fishes and hold it in my heart. I do know that you understand. You make me believe. I am praying for a miracle for you as well! If two or more believe!!! Our Hope is unshakable! Thank you for the reminder!!!
      Happy Easter My dear friend! To you and your beautiful family!

  10. As so many others have, Di, I have walked the mile you’re in now and, with careful planning and a lot of faith, you’ll do ok. No promise that tomorrow will make it all go away, but, in time, things will be better, and you and your husband better for the experience. Sometimes we’re given lessons like these to make us a little stronger, and wiser. You’re strong. It’s a storm that you can weather. Blessings on you.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

    1. Paul, YOU are such an example of God’s handiwork and miracles! I do know you know! And your faith in my strength is my inspiration! Thank you my sweet friend!
      Happy Easter. May you and your family celebrate LIFE!!!!

  11. Praying and waiting is HARD! But, God hears the cries of your heart. I believe He will deliver you from this situation. I will stand in the gap and pray for a financial breakthrough. He IS the best daddy in the world!!! He always takes care of his children. Happy Easter, Diane!

    1. Anka, THANK YOU!!!! What a wonderful gift you are! I love knowing you are standing in the gap! Funny, I feel God covering me with a peace here. I am blessed to know you. I truly believe that our paths crossed by pure design!
      Happy Easter. May you truly count your blessings as you celebrate this Easter!
      God Bless you honey!

  12. Your husband and father-in-law’s venture sounds exciting! Whether reusing waste products is environmentally sound or not it is a great idea. There’s so much of it around. I’ve even heard of houses made of garbage. We have hills of garbage here in Michigan, Mount Trashmore is next to a nice club my band used to play at and that mountain of garbage is a ski slope in the wintertime. It just seems all that stuff piled up and sodded over could be put to much better use.

    I do wish I could do something about your financial situation. I understand the whys of it all, but having to sit there and decide which bills to pay is an awful situation to be in. The only thing I can think of offhand is to suggest a Kickstarter project for the book you’ve been working on. At a lower level of commitment you can offer an e-book and at higher levels of investment you could offer a signed physical copy. Best of all at an even higher (or middle) level you could offer a copy of the amazing song “Finding Diane” even if it remains an instrumental. I feel confident I could figure out how to format the text into an e-book. Something like vanity press could produce the physical copies and since you know in advance how many want that you don’t have to have too many made. You seem to be a good networker so I think you could reach a reasonable goal of cash by just continuing to be you. It would be money up front, like a cash advance, and you can still try to get it published in the traditional manner after the fact.

    That’s all I got, what has been recently thrown in my lap.

    1. Jim, I am so blessed to call you “friend” you have such a heart for being pro-active! You have the gift of “helps” I have seen your heart and no matter how “reasonable” you are… you can’t hide it…
      I love that to know you is to KNOW you… no secrets! You call em as you see em and that is so great. Thank you for always giving your time.
      I have a feeling that that there is a blessing around the bend but in the meantime I have faith because I have friends like you giving me hope and believing in me!
      Thank you. 🙂

  13. I can so relate to this post. In the beginning years of our marriage, my husband’s career brought us a lot of stabiity. Then we went through a “season” of him being laid off or let go…3 times in the course of 7 years. Like your husband, mine partnered with an old colleague and started his own business. I was forced to go back to work full time, but I knew it was God’s plan for my husband. Six years later their business is stabile and growing. Your husband’s business sounds very interesting.

    1. Thank you for sharing. It is so special to get glimpses of other people’s lives and know that they came through! I can’t say I am not worried but I’m really not. Does that make sense?
      Thank you for sharing! It means more than you know!

  14. You’re right… perspective is relative, but can also be powerful. I have been in that place where there is not enough money to go around, I divorced and had 2 kids to feed (no child support or very sporadic). My kids still talk about the days of oatmeal, home-made hot chicken wings (you could buy a huge bag for $5.00) and cinnamon toast…LOL. We laugh about it now and say we have been on the very poor end of the spectrum (where I had to call my mortgage co. and ask them to move one months payment to the end of my loan giving me a free month there) so that now they know how to cut corners if necessary. At least we were blessed to have a house a live in (even though it was small and the payment could be tough) and a car that was working (tho. old)

    I have no doubt that God will take care of you, tho you may not realize how or see apparent help you were hoping for. As I told my mother yesterday as we left the Doctor, yes, she had a stroke and then brain surgery, but she had so much to be thankful for. It’s so easy for all of use to forget the blessings as we worry about our fears. I make her write all the things she is grateful for so if she gets side tracked, as we all do, she can pull it out and look at it.

    I will be sending up extra prayers for you…. but I know you to be a good and Faithful person, so I’m sure good things will come your way. You’re a great writer, try submitting some of your writing or photography to magazines… Reader’s Digest, etc. Though it isn’t much, it might be something.

    On this Easter weekend, may God bless and keep you and yours. He gave His son’s life for andy sins we may have, so don’t be hard on yourself… just be thankful. Sending hugs and blessings ! 😀

    1. Keli, I know you have been going through quite a struggle right now yourself. It is a constant battle at times. But God is good and we may have no idea what HE has planned for us. But I trust HIM for all of it! I continue to pray for you and your mom! Thank you for your prayers! They mean a lot!!!

    1. Yeah funny how it is all relative. Glad God has blessed me with you guys who are my great reminders…. without even knowing it… HIS vessels! So glad I have you all!

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