sand in hands

I built everything so high,

sand castles1

they had to  fall down~

“My dreams” are now broken pieces

covering the ground~

sand castles washed away

I hear your voice shouting

“Just pick them up!”

stormy sea

till down on my knees

my heart says…

crying in the sand


Diane Reed


I found this one in my DRAFTS just waiting for pictures…

30 thoughts on “ENOUGH!

    1. You are right my dear friend. I have finally learned that. Took a long time! No fear though… these are for a project I am working on! Also, I am considering writing a poem or a few lines from ones at the beginning of each of my chapters… so have been in that space working… not there now anymore. Only when I go back to my book.

      By the way LOVE your latest piece of fiction! I was there hanging and living every word! YOU ARE EXCELLENT!!! You know that don’t you?

        1. I think that a piece of everything we write is from a part of our life. Fiction or not. But I always knew that you were a true Prince Charming. To be loved like that is true poetry. Love your writing.

    1. Thank you Anka! I think a lot of young girls can relate. I am drawing from a place in my past for my chapters… playing with the idea to put a poem before each chapter. Also need the words for the lyrics I am supposed to be working on so that is why I am writing these types of poems right now. 😉

  1. The tides of time can wash away dreams that are built too close to shore on shifting sand. Try handing them up to God; once they’re in His hands, it’s a done deal!
    (that first line might be the beginning of my poem for today!)

    1. Perfect advice! Thank you! The deal is… these few poems I am writing, are inspired from my book. They are intros into my chapters or a possibility. Soooo lately most of them are inspired by my teenage self. Not where I am currently in my life now. Smile. But still awesome advice!!!

      1. I understand! A lot of my writings deal with things from my past, and people often think they’re about my current situation. I’m contemplating a new book, too, and thinking of using lines of poetry at the beginning of each chapter. The idea for the book came from reading Kellie Elmore’s two books of poetry. She writes awesome stuff. My thought is to write about how we are all products of our surroundings, and yet we have the ability to overcome. Even that isn’t quite what I want to say; it’s more along the lines that we are always a work in progress, and should never stop dreaming or moving forward. My current catch phrase is, Never Give Up!
        Sorry to get so long-winded on you!
        Also, please know that I never intend to give advice, I merely hope to encourage!
        Have a great Tuesday! Gonna get some rain here today!

        1. Oh NO I DO know that! You are one of my greatest ENCOURAGERS!!!! Advice was the wrong choice of words!
          I just wanted to clarify here that I was not LIVING half of the stuff I am writing about lately! Smile. I tend to get a lot of advice/endouragment when I write too many from the past in one time period. But I am going to be stuck here for a while finishing my book (unless I stray at times to go off subject and write something else…) Smile.
          I love your new book idea!!!!

  2. Yup, clicking “Like” from my e-mail was all it took, I didn’t even have to come here. I started abbreviating what is posted on my front page and what goes out to e-mail so I would get page hits from people who actually came close enough to see what I post.

    Your words cause the following to run through my mind: Don’t build anything so high that you cannot hold it up yourself for you are the foundation on which it was built upon. Not sure what that means, but your words caused me to think that.

    1. That is good. But you know this is Keri talking now right? Not where I currently am “today.” Smile.
      However, you know me… gotta throw in that “my” foundation is sand… always has been! God’s foundation beneath me is what keeps the dreams from tumbling. The point of my words are nothing built on sand, not even castles are safe!! ;)But great analogy since Keri is still trying to figure that one out in the fictional place where I am at right now in my chapters… THIS could only make sense to you… lol. Anyone else reading this might be going >>> huh? Right about now. 😀

    1. Hey Lyn!
      Me too! I have been having trouble not getting notified. I am going to have to unfollow and follow everyone again as they come around. Not sure what is happening but so glad you came by!

      1. Okay. A couple of things. Do not rely on the follow button in the gray wordpress bar up top. Make sure your FOLLOW widget is in a visible location…the top right is best. That one is reliable. I have found that those I follow using the word FOLLOW up to pin the dark gray wordpress bar doesn’t always work.

        Secondly, if you have changed email addresses with your wordpress account since you followed certain people…you will not receive the notifications at your new address. So you have to UNFOLLOW and REFOLLOW…as you had suggested. 😉 If you follow my prophecy news website, I will caution you that we make a TON of you might want to modify your follow settings to once or twice per week. We also get 5-20,000 hits per we get a lot of comments… I hope you’ll check it out!

        Love to you and God bless! Hope I helped! ♥

      2. Oh, and book one will now be out soon! I finally finished the cover design with the publisher and the manuscript revisions! I am so excited ! Should be out in a month or so. Thomas Nelson, Westbow Press.. And I don’t know if you know who these people are, but they’re international best selling authors and speakers..Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson..they both endorsed me! (see endorsements beneath the book summary) and so did the CEO of Oral Roberts University! I am sooo humbled! And excited! Yeahhh! I can’t wait! Now i have to work on book 2 and 3, and they’re all over 500 pages in print! ha ha ha! Been walking and exercising a lot! Don’t want to get that bean bag butt I hear about that women get from sitting for too long! ROFL!

        1. Lyn,
          Thanks for tips and oh my gosh! Congratulations!!!!!! I am so impressed! Yes of course I know them! I love it! I know YOU and that is so cool!!! Seee God blesses those who are faithful and that inspires me!
          Can’t wait to hold your book!

          1. I can’t wait either! Thank you so much! I am blessed to know you! You are such a sweet woman and your posts reveal that about you–kind, caring, compassionate,deep thinker, nostalgic, cherish memories, loving, like to make people smile, sensitive but forgiving, you like a clean home, cherish family time. 😉 I’m sure I might have gotten a few wrong..but this is what I have gathered as a writer from what you write.

            1. Ah, I am honored that THAT is the way you see me! Smile. Glad we reconnected. I will check out your tips. Thank you so much! And even more that… A real author thinks those things of me… I am the blessed one!!!! Can’t wait to show everyone your book. I am going to get one for father’s day. My dad will love it! After I read it of course! 😉

              1. Me too! Thanks! And I am no more a ‘real’ author than you. It’s very very hard to get published with an actual known publishing company these days.It takes a lot of persistence and keeping up on it..and more than that… GOD. If it weren’t for Him,I could not have written three books of 500+ pages ea in print in 3 months.. the first one is now edited down to a little less than 500… but no human being can do that! Only God can. He had a message, He used my hands..I never knew what I was writing from day to day. They’re end times thrillers…action, suspense, a little relationship stuff going on (more in the second book than the first)…. mystery..murder.. evil and good. I am humbled the Lord used me. Been writing since I was a kid using my mom’s old ribbon style clickety click typewriter! L OL Love ya a bunch, and TTYL! I am off to bed shortly. It’s late where I am. Keep pursuing your dream and you’ll do it!

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