This is my Musician friend’s blog who surprised me with a melody attached to my book I am still in the process of finishing. At first I wasn’t so sure what he was all about… He is very honest, sometimes painfully so… He came in the backdoor and critiqued my posts from the beginning to almost the end. (I have almost 200 so gotta give the guy a lot of credit and a little break! Smile.) He praised some and constructively shredded others. And oh how I have learned. Some kicking and screaming but I mean when someone just reads one post, it is validating! But several at a time, commenting on each and every one, well that feels amazing! Even when he challenged me to do better! Anywaaay~ now I am positive I have found my very own Mr. Holland! (Remember Mr. Holland’s Opus?)
I don’t think he gets enough recognition for his talent so just wanted to share his blog with you.

No Stolen Cat Pictures

Luddite: a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology: a small-minded Luddite resisting progress.

DVDPicI try to stay current on technology and how it can benefit me. Before 2006 I had ripped all my audio CDs into digital files and while living in Thailand I gave those physical optical disks away. Why do I need them when I have all the quality and contents in one folder of one drive? Similarly I handled my DVDs of movies, ripping them to standalone computer files and discarding the disks. Years later, very recently, Apple Computer is once again leading the industry in eliminating optical drives from their computers; first they lead the charge to smaller hard-shelled floppy drives, then to optical drives, and finally to getting rid of these optical drives altogether declaring them irrelevant.

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  1. Mr. Holland’s Opus is one of my all-time favorite movies!! It was one my dad and I enjoyed watching together. 🙂 This is great of you to share Jim’s blog, and the work you’re doing with him (however painful it may be at times ;)) will be well worth it!

    1. YOU are my constant! As well as a handful of others I have connected with. You are one of the ones who have taught me that meeting people on the Internet and feeling friendships form is not as crazy as my friends in my daily life would like me to believe it may be LOL.
      But you never know when you meet people who offer you professional services how serious they are… I know nothing about what he offers… (How to market a song etc…) I just write poems that could possibly be turned into lyrics by a talented musician.

      I don’t know if he just moves from one( intriguing to him) person to another just stirring them up a bit and moving on or if he actually will come through with a song or even keep in touch. I think his heart is in the right place but who knows… so many people bored people are game players and it will be interesting to see what comes of all this. Do I seem skeptical? haha.
      Though it was very affirming to have someone read my work and then write a song just for me. I’ve spent many hours on this project and I guess in the end it could just be a learning experience or a wonderful surprise. Ya know?

      1. I do understand. I really do. When I first started I thought I’d be-friended someone who constantly encouraged me and my writing, but then they abruptly began to tear me down. I thought it was so bizarre, and it hurt a bit at first, but I was reminded of why we put our trust in God and not man! The blessing is that it didn’t deter me from seeking true friendships (like ours :D), and regardless of where his intentions ultimately lead, it was YOUR talent that grabbed his attention in the first place! xoxoxo

        1. Oh how I wish we lived closer! But whatever it is… I feel God has blessed me with my wonderful young friend with a very wise old soul! I have to remember constantly to look to God rather than anyone else. YOU my friend are a gift that has had to be one great big DIVINE appointment from God!
          Love ya!
          Off to work… argh!
          But I feel blessed. Was able to pay a slew of bills this morning on line! God is providing as my hubby is in this job transition… (prayers pleeease) it looks exciting but we are living on fumes! Smile… Kind of exciting for the first time in my life to really see God at work. Not because He hasn’t been all along… But because I have a new point of view from where I sit!

          1. It’s 11pm and I’m on my way to bed, but I feel like I was given a burst of energy after reading your words, because you really are SO WONDERFUL!! If you’re ever in the Bay Area I am HERE, lol, and I truly believe that, somehow, somewhere, I’ll be able to greet you with a giant hug!! 😀

            I will absolutely keep you and your hubby in prayer, and (as I often have to remind myself) remember that you not seeing the solution doesn’t mean God hasn’t already done it! It makes me smile to think of you trusting Him and sitting with peace, joy and contentment from your new p.o.v. 😉

          2. Btw…I hope this doesn’t sound obnoxious, but I’d really appreciate it if you read my recent post I feel like it’s time to make some changes to my page, but the first change I need to make is remembering the power of transparancy. I used to write many more ‘heart-wide-open’ blogs, but I’ve kind of settled into a routine lately that doesn’t quite lend itself to that kind of openness. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, and if anything it reflects where I am in my life right now – trying to balance things while chasing after a toddler ;). I guess I was feeling a bit nervous about getting so personal again, and hearing from you always encourages me to stay true to who I am. 🙂

  2. Now I know why I am keeping an old VHS player and a second DVD player 🙂 My boyfriend is Mike Holland. Now I want to see the movie! I follow Barbara Sher and she always says to get a ‘good enough job which will be a subsidy to (your) the arts’. In this case the good enough job was the art.

    1. Em~ Mr. Holland’s Opus is epic! I can’t believe how many people haven’t seen it! Loved your latest blog! I need some of that hardware!!!! You are such a clever little birdie! lol!!!

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