I had to come back to this place

always heard whispering in my ear

Oh Little girl, somehow I knew

I’d still find you here.

reflection black and white

Among the memories waiting

wondering if  I was coming back

to find the child I left long ago

forgotten in my  past.

praying family of hands

I gather you up and hold you close

as we walk through the rooms of our soul

Pieces of you and me once broken,

healing and becoming whole.

little girl in mirror

Looking inside from the child within

I see all the pain you must feel.

Knowing that we must tend to each wound

before we  truly begin to heal.

lonely little hop scotch girl

We walk through the lonely places

that once held our yesterdays

oh how I wished I’d protected you

in so many different ways.

contemplating life

And yet I know that through the hurting,

we’ve gained strength in what we’ve learned.

In all the lessons remembered,

in all the times once burned.

bride walking in the waves

In every tear we ever cried,

and every broken heart,

in every time we were in a crowd,

and felt a million miles apart.

crying girl

We learned to hold the truth inside

and somehow we got by,

we built the walls around our heart

and “they” never saw us cry.

couple on the dock

We learned that fighting to survive

was what we had to do,

and so I lost the biggest part of me

the day when I lost you.

hands sillouette

It’s hard to face the ugly truth

and really look inside,

to know I left you all alone,

living with the hurts and lies.

finding diane mirror

You were the child inside of me

and I failed you the most.

In the mistakes I made along the way,

in the different paths I chose~

reflection in mirror black and white

But I’ve come back to find you,

to finally bring you home!

So that together we can learn to live

and never be alone!

finding Diane two

I want to find the kid inside,

and heal the pain we knew.

I want to learn to love the me,

that I forgot to love in you!


And as I pack up all your things,

I have hope in what will be…

As I learn to love you more…

Cuzzzz after all you’re ME!

Diane Reed


YES, do click on the song that I included.  xoxo


64 thoughts on “Child Within~

  1. OH wow … thank you for sharing this with me … I LOVE this and it makes me tearful at the same time. I work a lot with the inner child in therapy .. its hard work but its good healing work. I look forward to seeing more of your blog.. I hope to connect more with you 🙂 be sure to add me on facebook as well … I would llove to connect. You can add me personally on facebook if you would like too .. my username is karenbethcourcy

    1. Thank you

  2. Beautiful words my friend, very touching and so true and explains why we all throughout Society struggle throughout our journey of life.

    ” We live in a Society that looks on crying as showing weakness, but truly crying helps us heal and become stronger throughout our lives”.

    ” We all have an inner child within us, when we neglect that child and don’t recognize that child, it hurts deeply, for which we all hurt deeply within, until we recognize and forgive the inner child, it is not the child’s fault only our own fault for not letting that child grow within us, which helps us grow, to be stronger and better throughout our journey of life”.

  3. Lovely poem and part of our journey to healing old wounds. My favorite stanza: “I gather you up and hold you close/ as we walk through the rooms of our soul/
    Pieces of you and me once broken,/ healing and becoming whole.” As we advocate for and care for our inner child, we must learn to advocate for and care for our grown up selves. Thanks for the beautiful words.

    1. I’ve met so many people who I felt I’ve written this for lately. The ones who have found their voice and will talk for the little kids who can’t!
      God bless you!
      Thank you for reading!

  4. This poem is…WOAH! I think it’s safe to say that each of us can relate to this.
    I loved this stanza especially:
    We walk through the lonely places
    that once held our yesterdays
    oh how I wished I’d protected you
    in so many different ways.

    I relate to this part, the most. You’re an amazing poetess. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Moniba,
      Thank you for taking the time to read! I so relate to your writing as well! Even though age separates us! I think that it may be just a number in our case! 😉

  5. I don’t know how I missed you posting this but to say that I can relate to this is an understatement! I saw myself in your words and I felt a familiar faint sting of sorrow for the little girl in me that was once so very neglected… I love this so, so much, Diane.

    1. Oooh Mari, I am so glad. Not that you have a hurting child inside too but that you are working to fix that and that you know that you are not alone!

  6. Your prose is so rewarding, that to read but a few refrains, is certainly enough until I return for more lovely verses and lines that speak of life, love, family, God, and what seems to matter in life as far as I can tell. I adore your blogs.

    1. Funny how I keep missing these wonderful comments! But thank you so much for reblogging this and I am honored. That is always such a compliment! Thank you for being so supportive! You are a blessing!

  7. This was truly beautiful and so relatable. I still have a love and hate relationship with the child inside of me. It’s a journey of acceptance and it’s a slow one. Some days it’s hard to integrate and accept her. Other days I feel so much love and acceptance for her. Thank you for posting this =) I felt like I was understood.

  8. Hi Diane, Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your wonderful comments. Your site is absolutely beautiful and I am very aware of the depth of your writing. You’re right, I should put down the playstation for awhile and do more writing on here. I don’t seem to communicate well with intellectuals and so I feel like I’m often writing into the void on wordpress. But you are an aware intellectual which is a lovely combination. You should keep writing too, love

    1. I truly do see you writing amazing stories… perhaps to young readers… I am sure growing up on a farm you have chapters of stories that young girls would love to read about! I am not an intellectual! LOL! Believe me… by the time I have a few of my own projects done, I will definitely need to pay someone to edit the heck out of them all! I am one big mess when it comes to the brainiac part of writing. I just stuff the content in and hope people look past the punctuation and other errors! 😉
      I love your heart!

  9. That was absolutely perfect! You wrote it so well and with the pictures added, it’s like we were on the journey with you. We do need to learn to love, accept &/or forgive ourselves before we can actually be “real” in another relationship, but that’s just my opinion… 😀 It’s sad but beautiful with such a wonderful ending! I love it!

  10. So uplifting!! Your words speak enough for themselves, but I’m so inspired by the images you find that also convey exactly what it is you’re expressing. You’re amazingly talented!

  11. Hey guys… I am setting up my mom’s blog for her so this is just a tester… when we are all set up she would get a kick out of you guys stopping by and saying hello. 🙂

  12. Wow, what a beautiful emotion gripping poem Diane! It made me cry. It resonates with all of us I believe who live on a deeper level and want to live our lives with balance, love, compassion, laughter and maturity! May I share it on my FB fan page? And website?

    1. Of course Julie, You inspired me to get to the place where I could finally write a poem like this… I will always always be grateful for the short time God allowed our paths to cross! May you always KNOW who you have changed! This poem was from the seeds you planted. Took me a while… but I found my way back finally! 😉
      Always… one of your biggest fans!

  13. This is beautiful:) The child in me is always something that I value and make sure to keep alive in me*

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment! Unfortunately the child in me has been pushed down, trying not to deal with the pain of an abusive relationship when I was younger. In writing my “fictional” novel in the works I have used a lot of my own experiences as I pen it and it is kind of like going back and getting that young girl and bringing her home after ALL these years!
      Your time here is much appreciated. I hope we keep crossing paths! Thanks again!

  14. This is so beautiful! Every now and then I try to reflect on the things that made me genuinely content and happy as a child. So much of that gets forgotton or suppressed as we age that we do indeed lose ourselves.

  15. This is so beautiful and so familiar, Diane, it made me cry. Your poetry is so haunting, it really is. Thanks for your nice comments on my post. I like that we are able to give each other pause to think.

    1. LOL. I agree about the creepy picture but it depicted everything I was trying to say!!! In my head, I tried to find a more whimsical “cutesie” picture but the more I wrote, the more that picture ended up being perfect. Cuzzz what I am going through now is just not that cute. Bottom line.
      As always thank you for being my best blog buddy! 😉

  16. Wonderful…! I’ve walked that road and today we are one, that little girl and I. We love, we laugh and we have fun. I shall never give her up; ever again…! xoxoxo

    1. Carolyn,
      And your writing portrays the ONEness you share with yourself! I am on my way in my journey and my goal is to be there with you!!! You are my inspirer!

    1. Thank you! I love finding the perfect pictures. Sometimes it matters more than finding the right words. Today, I kind of feel that they go hand in hand quite well. Thank you for noticing!

    1. Charles, Thank you! I was sent music for a song so was inspired by the melody. I was stuck for a long time until the dam broke! I do think I found the words I needed. Now if they fit with the song perfectly, that is another story. 🙂
      But thank you for taking time to read!

    1. Paul, Thank you so much! I think that “we” are each other’s biggest cheerleaders! I have to admit, I always look for your comments! They mean the most!

  17. This I can relate to … because I find at times that I left the child in me behind … and I have to stop, turn around and pick it up … to be whole again. Fantastic piece this.

    1. Viv,
      I think that a lot of people our age can relate. We begin to return to those places when we look back…. sometimes we have to go all the way back to find ourselves. Thanks for reading and relating!

    1. Sheri,
      And THIS was probably one of the nicest most heart grabbing compliments I have ever gotten!!! I keep re-reading it! You are a wonderful inspiration and these words mean the world coming from you… one of my greatest inspirers!

  18. We should keep this as one of your best pieces. Everything is extra good including the choice of pictures, particularly the woman looking in the mirror with the little girl only in the reflection. I don’t like to admit it, but pictures add a lot.

    I do wonder whether any punctuation at all is needed. The end of a line implies a pause or a breath just like traditional poetry does. The use of the tilde “~” puzzles me simply because I don’t understand its usage; at one point it seems to want to be a colon, in another place an em dash. A colon introduces, a dash provides a sudden interjection.

    It is an interesting art, breaking up nicely flowing sentences into phrases which can each stand on their own. The way you do this here the pictures seem to act as their own punctuation and very effectively so.

    The sentiment, the form, the length, all just a little piece of perfection. As is.

    1. Glad you liked it. Maybe you can use something for our song? I know I didn’t do it the way I imagined, counting the cadence and beats and adding the words by counting and replaying the song over and over again, though I did try it that way. It does only seem fair. you wrote the music and now I expect you to sync the words but I truly did write this through the inspiration of your “Finding Diane” idea. I did kind of like this last one best as well. The first two progressed to the “finding” I guess there could be more but gotta go work on my book sometime. Smile.
      As for punctuation. BIG sigh. Do you not know by now that I am punctuation challenged???? Even when my book is done, I KNOW that it won’t be me correcting the puctuation. Period! (Get it? lol) Also the ~ is something I just have always inserted like a wave of a hand that means “to be continued” and yet I have no idea what that is used for in real life. Do you know?
      Thank you for your support though the punctuation is atrocious and probably always will be. Even if I take a class, it won’t be my strength ever! Tongue hanging out smiley face to you!

      1. We’ll see. There’s always going to be the issue of finding a singer which I simply don’t have as I write this. Drafts of ideas are best because later the words can be molded to suit. Something will work out when and if the time comes.

        Right now I’m preparing my tribute to Lurch of the Addams Family. Have to see if he’s still alive. I’ve sort of copied your picture additions by putting a picture of him at the beginning and end of a minute-long video of me playing harpsichord. I always loved that guy.

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