Soooo remember that song that I was trying to write the lyrics to? A while back a musician friend of mine, Jim

  wrote a melody, indicating that he was inspired by the chapters from my book (Pieces of the circle) that I am writing and shared some chapters here. He titled the piece Finding Diane and basically told me that it might  be therapy for me to come up with the words. HOW long has it taken me?

I think we started in February.  I must say that it has been quite a project. If you have followed me at all… you may have gone to my friend Jim’s archives (above) and listened to the melody. It is epic! I have come up with several lines via original poems that I have posted here separately. I wanted to see how it flowed if I put them all together. So that is what I have done here today.  The cadence is off a bit in a few areas because they were written as separate poems, but it surprised me just how well 3 separate individual attempts seemed to all flow together. I  have left out the pictures which have sort of become my trademark to enhance the words I write. (Though if you want to read them with pictures they are listed all separately in my archives.) Though the poems do sound better separately, it surprised me how they worked together.

Anyway, I don’t expect him to finish our song anytime soon since he is a teacher and has other projects going but he was right. It was therapy and so I title this Finding Diane. If nothing else… the title is coming true!

The song will not require as many lines as are here (way more than he needs) he will need to cut out words here and there and only take the lines that will work… but at least I have given him something to play with for now. I finally feel found!

Well maybe one picture…..

Worship by sunset

I hear a song and my heart flies away,

I want to snatch it back for it’s gone to yesterday.

The melody wraps around my heart,

though in my head I keep playing the part.

No one can know the pain that I feel,

over a fantasy now, that seems unreal.

And so I pretend that nothing is wrong,

as I try to block out the tune in our song.

But the melody lingers as I push replay,

and wander back into my heart still there, in yesterday.

I dance in the flames as I fall into step

trying to miss the places that made you upset.

The memories make me jump higher and higher,

I feel the sting as I dance past the fire.

The tears bring back the pain that I’d put away,

spinning back into the melody of yesterday.

Like a butterfly trapped, still inside its cocoon,

I dance through my mind running from each room.

As I close the door, where you live in my mind,

I find the part of me that I left behind.

Just like a jewelry box dancer trapped in a box

my heart is inside with the key and its lock.

I had to come back to this place, always heard whispering in my ear…

Oh little girl, somehow I knew I’d still find you here.

Among the memories waiting, wondering if I was coming back

to find the child I left long ago forgotten in my past.

I gather you up and hold you close as we walk through the rooms of our soul,

pieces of you and me once broken, healing and becoming whole.

Looking inside from the child within, I see all the pain you must feel.

Knowing that we must tend to each wound before we truly begin to heal.

We walk through the lonely places that once held our yesterdays

Oh how I wished I’d protected you in so many different ways.

And yet I know that through the hurting, we’ve gained strength in what we’ve learned.

In all the lessons remembered, in all the times once burned,

in every tear we ever cried, and every broken heart,

in every time we were in a crowd, and felt a million miles apart.

we built the walls around our heart and “they” never saw us cry.

We learned that fighting to survive was what we had to do

and so I lost the biggest part of me the day when I lost you.

It’s hard to face the ugly truth and really look inside,

to know I left you all alone, living with the hurts and lies.

You were the child inside of me and I failed you the most,

in the mistakes I made along the way, in the different paths I chose.

But I’ve come back to find you, to finally bring you home.

So that together we can learn to live and never be alone!

I want to find the kid inside, and heal the pain we knew.

I want to learn to love the me, that I forgot to love in you!

And so as I pack up all your things, I have hope in what will be…

As I learn to love you more…

Cuzzzz after all you’re ME!

Diane Reed


                                                                                                          (Hey and Jim try to look past the punctuation errors! LOL)

24 thoughts on “Finding Diane

  1. I somehow missed this one, but I’m glad I’m seeing it now! What a process and an undertaking, but like everything you do, it’s coming along beautifully!!

    1. Thanks Patricia!
      This one was an accumulation of three so you probably saw the first two… But I always appreciate when you wander around my archives as ya know! Grin!
      Today I totally messed up my blog page so I’ve been working on that all day. I wish I was more of a tech geek! They are so lucky!

      1. Hahaha! I know just what you mean! I was up until 1am changing my layout and things, and messed something else up earlier today. BUT, I worked it out, and I’m pleased with the results! I know yours will turn out well too!!

        1. I KNOOOW! I was trying to change my background to pale yellow till I realized it was a $99 upgrade! They sent me something and I fell for it… and then I started playing around with my recent posts… and who I am following and who is following me and arghhhh I had text on top of texts.
          I am still rebuilding! I WAS going to write today…lol. By the way PLEASE pray!!! Jim and his dad have good things happening! Maybeee unemployment will be a thing of his past soon!

          1. :/ Yeah it can get soooooo complicated, but I’m believing that one day we’ll both be blessed by God’s favor in the techie department and everything will appear just the way we want it to. In the meantime it’s defintely a learning experience!!

            Ooooh I’m claiming that good news for Jim. I really am. Prayers are going forth!!! 😀

  2. It is a lovely poem, story, song, Diane (I suppose we better leave it to the experts to make it into a ‘song!’). I only heard the ending of the song on your link. I’m intrigued as to what the finished product is going to be. A runaway hit, I hope!

  3. I assume that when the time comes you won’t be insulted if I change this around to fit the melody better? Once I successfully get the piano solo recorded the way I want I need to catch up on a few other things in my life and then I’ll focus in here and try to distill this into something workable for the song. That will be a project in itself and one worth doing. We can kick it back and forth if you like. It might take a little while before I can get to it.

    I foresee having to rewrite or rearrange the music. Emma seems to be volunteering one of her daughters and after hearing the other one on YouTube, that will be workable to say the very least.

    Things are looking up!

    1. No not at all! I am sorry that I did it this way.(MUCH more work for you I KNOW!!) I fully intended being able to take the melody and whip one out, so to speak! 😉
      But I think if we ever do this again… I can’t have such a finished piece. Linda used to one finger the melody for me and I would rewind and play and write and rewind and play and write. I never heard her play with two hands until she finished the song. Even though I heard her play it with chords and two hands… when she gave it to me she totally simplified it so that I could pick out where the cadence and words was supposed to be. Ya know what I mean?
      I am so excited to see what you do with this.
      Feel free to rip it apart, switch up lines and or words and take what you need. And… Hey Mr.Holland,
      You can’t offend me anymore here. LOL. I am in full appreciation mode now!
      I have a question for you… can I email you?

      1. You can always e-mail me any time for any reason, which is the easiest way to reach me in any event. I do chat and video Skype but it can be hard to initiate a conversation with me in those ways because I am not reliably connected in those ways unless I know to be there ahead of time.

  4. Di, you were right, it’s much too long
    To be the words for just one song.
    But if you could break it into two
    These lines and words just might do.

    1. Yes it is! It is actually 3 poems here.
      Yesterday’s Melody
      Yesterdays Melody II
      & Child within~ Yesterday’s Melody Finale
      I figured he could take what worked and throw a whole lot out! lol!
      The idea was to give him a lot to work with.
      I actually wrote those three poems at different times, as I tried to keep the song in mind.
      What surprised me was that the two first ones seemed to fit together better than the last one but
      they all seemed to work together well, with some rough patches connecting them..
      Thanks for reading! I always love your comments and look forward to them!

  5. What a job … you have done here, absolute brilliant … but why is the song so sad ??? About the rough and tough in life, I don’t find any joy except in the end … Just wonder, don’t mean that is I don’t like your words.

    1. Viv~ Yes, in this case it is sad except for at the end. Not sure if you missed this but the melody of the song was inspired by the chapters I shared here on my blog from the book I am writing. Jim, the song writer….and I talked about writing a song together a while back and when he introduced the melody to me in February he said that he titled it Finding Diane, inspired from my book which is sad.
      Just to clarify for ya!
      Thanks for reading!

      1. Okay … thanks for coming back to me … when I read the words, I felt such a big sadness.
        The main thing is that … Jim and you love it. You have to post the song when it’s ready. He can download it on Soundcloud and then you can add it to you website. Good luck to you.

  6. Good work.

    I particular enjoy the lines –

    “I dance in the flames as I fall into step

    trying to miss the places that made you upset.”

    1. Yeah it was a process feeling the feelings and trying to find the words. I really appreciate you reading! I know it was long!!! I value your time. Thank you!

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