I met a friend here through my blog. His name is Jim. He is a musician and a teacher. He kind of came in through the back door and started reading my blog from the beginning. It was terribly flattering and sometimes annoying. He started commenting on things I had written, never really figuring anyone but me might ever see. I mean, we have all been there… no one following or LIKING what we have written. But then, slowly we venture out and start reading other blogs and networking and we get read. When that started happening, I have to admit that I was more careful, trying to write as if others might see it. But “earlier” the ones this new follower of mine were commenting on were the early Diane stuff that I wrote for fun. So a correction here or there saying something didn’t make sense made me think… Well of course it didn’t. Only I know what i meant, and I wrote it for me… Especially punctuation. I am going to have to buy that someday I know!!! But then…. slowly I began looking forward to his critiques. Some brought me to tears cuz he GOT me so… others still a little annoying… though I began to learn from him. Really learn.

Now, I GET where he is coming from. He is a teacher.
I held my breath when he started reading my chapters. My book is like my baby. And he shredded it! But then once he got past the punctuation and sentence structure and read the content, he actually begain liking and commenting on my book. (Granted, the conversations need more work) and other people helping edit (My good friend Paul namely) have taught me a lot! So when Jim wrote a song inspired by my chapters and that they touched him enough to do so… you can imagine the heart strings he has pulled. Here is the melody he has gifted me with. In turn, I have attempted to give him an offering of words to hopefully become it’s lyrics, but in the meantime here is our song. Please visit his blog and tell him your thoughts. I would be so grateful. Thank you for your time….

My usual pictures not needed here. His music is worth a thousand pictures! See if you don’t agree…

No Stolen Cat Pictures

Here is the finished piano solo version of “Finding Diane” in proper rondo form. It was inspired by the upcoming novel “Pieces of the Circle”, draft copies of the opening chapters can be found at Diane’s own blog. This gave me great difficulty to perform because the piece demanded to change keys before returning to the beginning themes and that new key turned out to be very demanding where the original key was relatively easy. Regardless, here is the best I can do with it in the video below and is also in one of the music players in the right-hand column.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Diane

  1. writing is like raising kids (ok, so this analogy will lack, but they all do). You do yourbest with writing ( or kids) and even get professional help when needed. You work and work and work and eventually, your job is done and the letters and words and sentences and so on go out to the real world where they make it on their own—youp will have done all you can for them.

    I have some readers who love everything I do, others not so much, and while there is always something I would do different when I look back on the stories or columns or whatever. there comes some peace. (this coming from somewhat of a perfectist.)

    You have a style that is fun to read.

    1. Thank you so much! I kind of agree with you. I have my favorite blogs that I always read and try to also wander out and read more when I get a chance. I have such supportive readers. A few honest critiquers and probably many silent ones! But I always appreciate feedback and thank you for yours! Hope to get to know your work more and sooo glad our paths have crossed!

    1. Yeah Yaz… it was even more touching because he started out not really seeming to like the book. He had been critiquing my other stuff and writing either raving reviews or being kind of brutally honest about not liking what I wrote… At first I was thinking

        …”Who asked ya?!”

      lol. But then I began looking forward to his honesty. So when he got to my chapters it was an interesting dynamic. He is a “Teacher” so it was hard for him to look beyond the punctuation/sentence errors and just judge the content. So you bet it WAS a great honor to have a piece of music dedicated to the theme of my book!
      Thanks for reading!

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