We don’t know why bad things happen,

our hearts can’t begin to touch the pain.

Some things seem just so senseless,

as we are left with nothing but disdain.

earthquake fireworkers

And yet we find the heroes

in the darkest times of trouble,

they seem to rise above the rest

amidst the broken rubble.

Boston heros

They make us believe in good again,

they make us want to fight!

Through the blackest part of dark,

they  help us see the light.

prayer boston candle little girl

Here’s to all those souls

that run into unknown danger,

those ones we now call heroes

who once to us were strangers.

pray for Boston

Diane Reed


After 911 I was positive that the blast I heard outside of our little store in 2003, was a bomb. In fact, I had no doubt. At the time, we were in the midst of all the Terrorist scares and it never occurred to me that it was anything else. Though it happened to be an earthquake that rocked our little town and destroyed our building, killing two women as they ran out of the store next to ours. They were found between our car (that my daughter had asked to wait in) and another. I will forever be grateful that my daughter decided to come inside that day and help me open. (But that is another story that you can find on my ABOUT page here on my post.) The thing that I want to touch on today is not the tragedies themselves, man-made or natural disasters, but the heroes that rise from them. When I finally got out of my store after the earthquake and had been reunited with my family, I ran over to my car where strangers were pulling bricks off of it and cried out to them, “Oh thank you so much but there is no one in that car!” That memory still brings grateful tears as I thank God for all the choices that were made that day that saved my daughter.

The thing that I remember most about that day, is how all of the strangers band together. Neighboring merchants became family as did the customers that had been there. Years later, there still is an unspoken bond that seems hard to break. I will never forget all the bonding that went on in our local park that day, as we waited for instructions for what would come next.  But even more, are those heroes that ran into the dust trying to save the trapped and hurt. Funny how character really seems to kick in during those horrific times.

I write this for  all the unsung heroes that may never know the ones they saved the day their hearts just kicked into gear. I am grateful that those men pulling bricks off of my car didn’t save my daughter that day because she was not in it. But God forbid, they may have… and I know that their hearts were out to save anybody in need that day.

I saw “that” same kind of courage in the Boston clips. The ones running towards danger… the ones putting their lives on the line for total strangers!

I think one of the most moving statements that I have read so far has come from comedian Patton Oswalt’s Facebook page. He is typically known for his sardonic, witty posts about current events, but I think he said it better than anyone else here :

 “I remember, when 9/11 went down, my reaction was, ‘Well, I’ve had it with humanity,   “But I was wrong. I don’t know what’s going to be revealed to be behind all of this mayhem. One human insect or a poisonous mass of broken sociopath. But here’s what I DO know. If it’s one person or a HUNDRED people, that number is not even a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the population on this planet. You watch the videos of the carnage and there are people running TOWARDS the destruction to help out … So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, ‘The good out number you, and we always will.”                Patton Oswalt

Bottom line is that GOOD outweighs evil. Always!

angels protecting fighthing

27 thoughts on “Our Heroes

  1. So beautifully written…. Sometimes, in the darkest moments is when we begin to see the light. blessings ~

  2. This is truly touching and so beautiful. It’s so nice to read words that focus on the good even in the midst of tragedy, but good always triumphs! I’m thankful for the men and women who sacrifice to keep us safe, and those who have a heart to help. And of course for our Lord and Savior who keeps us all in His perfect comfort and peace. xoxoxo

    1. I agree Patricia…
      sometimes we don’t understand why bad things are allowed in this fallen world but it is because it is fallen. There is bad out there. Someday it will be grand won’t it when GOD prevails. Even though HE could now. He allows our free choice for now. Though some may wonder why the innocent get in the way, it is because the evil is so evil. But there will be a day when HE finally says ENOUGH! In the mean time, I see HIM in the heroes and it is beautiful. I love what you said:
      * I’m thankful for the men and women who sacrifice to keep us safe, and those who have a heart to help*
      Amen to that! Me too Patricia, me too!

      1. Wonderful words my dear friend. One day our Lord will return, and until then, every day is an opportunity to get to know Him better!

  3. A wonderful post …. terrible what happens all over the world – but I think we have to live with terror so long as we have our soldiers in their countries, but that doesn’t excuse their motive. I lived in Belfast for nearly 10 years were bombs was … a thing of every bodies every day. And they could be absolute everywhere. In parked bikes … under cars – today they have peace and it all down to people … and their leaders.

  4. Such a tragedy in the face of a wonderful tradition, the marathon.. It just was a cruel and unnecessary act by cowards.. Lovely post and yes, if collectively we keep the faith goodness will win..of this I hold true

  5. Diane, I absolutely agree! The GOOD will indeed always have victory over evil. The human spirit is far more resilient than these evil doers realize. There is still a lot of good in the world.

  6. When the emperor of Japan approved the attack on Pearl Harbor, on 12/07/41, their armed forces did not think that the US would fight back. “Too many diversified races, and they won’t fight for one another.” Well, they were wrong, as affirmed by their admiral, Yamamoto, who uttered the following after that cowardly attack, “We have awaken a sleeping giant.” How right he was.
    On 9/11, our enemies must have thought the same thing. We showed them. Now, someone is testing the waters again. They must realize by now, that we are a very large family, and when one of ours is attacked, we rise up, and woe to the ones who would dare hurt one of our family members. “Of Many, One.” That’s who we are. God Bless the people of Boston. Our prayers go out to them, and to those who suffered on 04/15/13.

  7. Terrorism is an evil act of ignorant cowards. Heroism lives within the hearts of all who care for and try to protect what is good in this world. Boston – one more tragedy…, when will it end ???

    1. All I know is YOU would have been one of the heroes running towards the danger and character wins out everytime! The trick here is to embrace the good and not let the evil be showcased even for a millionth of a second! Evil squirms on it’s belly everytime in the face of the courageous heroes that rise above the cowards that we will never make sense of.

  8. It is truly heartbreaking to see so much destruction in a world where people choose to spread hate and violence when they could just as easily spread love. But it does bring some comfort to know that, in fact, the good does still outnumber the bad and that is what we need to focus our energy on.

    The poem you wrote is beautiful…

    1. Thank you Mari!
      It was inspired by Patton’s comment. I loved yours as well! We need to focus on how the good really does still outnumber the bad… always~

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