A girl I work with shared with me that she reads my blog. I sometimes forget that it is posted automatically on my Facebook page and that people who I actually “know” read it as well. And I have to admit that it warmed my heart. It is hard to explain how validating it is to know that someone takes time out of their day, to care what I have to say. Unless of course you are also a writer and in that case, I KNOW you understand!

I write because I have to. I can’t imagine not writing now. I’ve put it on the shelf for far too long.  Always needing to create in some way.  I had an art studio for years, did art shows and made a living doing them.  I guess I just got tired of doing the shows cuz they really were  hard work. Though they will always remain some of my most wonderful memories and where I met some of my most cherished friends.

sugar plum

Writing really is no different. I just don’t have as big of a mess to clean up or brushes to rinse out…


But the connection is the same. My artist friends “GOT” me. We got each other.  As an artist, I used to have a following. I had customers at each show that would come and seek me out. I also had artist friends that GOT me. We would set up our booths together and then break them down. It was funny, we used to laugh about how our customers would show up without having a clue what it took to create our shows. The lugging the tubs and displays back and forth was just something we did  behind the scenes. When our customers finally got there, the only thing that they saw was a magical place to shop

craft showsugar plum booths. craft showw

Though it was a lot of work, I always looked forward to seeing them again and hanging out with those who understood my passion, and also stayed up late into the wee hours creating.


Lets face it, we want to hang out with those who get us. And…. that is why I hang out here! You guys are like getting to go to a Writer’s Conference everyday!Though,  I sooo want to go to one someday… actually, to as many as I can! Education and  continued classes are great and have their place  but I hear that you really get down to the nitty gritty at the conferences with published authors and agents. I have mentioned a writers hang out in my metaphoric posts, inviting everyone to a coffee shop in my imagination and it warms my heart just thinking of you all there in my dreams.

writers workshop

Sometimes, I get home and just want to relax, by tapping away on my laptop and signing onto my blog to find you guys and share what we have all written.  I don’t know about you, but not a lot of my friends GET my need to write, let alone the time I invest on my blog. But then, the same ones really didn’t understand when I would stay up late working on my dolls or illustrations.

So this one is for you. All my friends and family who take the time to actually read what I write. The ones who understand what I am talking about.

Thank you.

For My Friends Who Read My Words


What I Have To Say

Inside my heart you reside

in that place of understanding,

the windowseat of my soul,

girl writing in window

the sofa by the fire with the throw

that comfortable spot

only you will ever know

woman reading by the fire

you want to read what I have written

You click on my newest words

in true anticipation and you fill me like a cup.

coffee and computer

you come here without prodding

with your words…

I feel you nodding….

You are my  friends

We meet at different times of the day

sunrise morning beautiful

slipping in with the sunrise

Knowing that you care about

what I have to say

 writing signature

Diane Reed


63 thoughts on “Why I hang out here!

    1. Jeff,
      I came back to share a link and saw your post! I am so sorry that I missed it! Thank you so much for the re-do~ I am thankful for my faithful readers!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I definitely get you. I cannot imagine not writing either, and I too put writing on the shelf for too long. Now I can’t stop. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful poem at the end. 😀

  2. Really lovely. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Dina Leah blog. I’m commenting here from my “other” blog, Bipolar For Life. I’m excited to have found you! I love your photos, and your poem touched me deeply. Your talent is huge!

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am so glad our paths crossed here in the bloggerhood. You were one of my first followers, and your words have encouraged me, supported me, and inspired me. For this, I am grateful. Off to find you on Facebook my friend! 😉

  4. I sooooo GET you Diane! I sometimes forget that there a many people who read what we write without leaving a comment or ‘liking’ a post, but when that unexpected compliment comes or the simple acknowledgement that your words meant enough to compell someone to read them, all sorts of warm fuzzies kick in!

    It’s 5am right now and after waking up and being unable to go back to sleep (the heat maybe?) I knew just what I wanted to do…I’m on my couch with my feet up and yesterday’s Giants game on in the background, while I get filled to the brim by the wonderful words of my friends like you!! I wouldn’t want to spend my morning any other way, and I’m glad we’re all connected!! 😀

    1. Your words gave me goosebumps because I agree. You were on my mind when I wrote this… the one I would pick up on my way to our little writer’s group meeting and look forward to our visit to and from it!
      I love ya!
      And I’m not crazy if someone as sane as you GETS me too.

  5. Yes I absolutely get you. You sum up why we blog, so beautifully as always.
    I think creativity can’t be contained to one medium. Why aren’t we friends on Facebook?? I will go look for you. Em xx

  6. I love reading your blog… even though right now its more difficult due to time restraints, but I always feel like you “get me” ..LOL. and you’re right… writing is SO much less messy than painting. I use to paint also, though I did it for fun, not money… luckily for me.. 😀

    1. I feel honored that you always seem to find the time to read when so much is going on in your life. I love to set my friends free… cuz I like to be set free. At times I will wander around in someone’s blog for a few hours and others I will not be back for a few weeks… but when I do come back, I am welcomed with open arms. That is how I want my friends to feel… here and in general… I am always here with the same heart… and you all are welcome… I may come and go in your life as well… due to my time limits and boundaries i may need to set… but you guys are always in my heart even when I can’t always get to your blogs! So I know EXACTLY what you mean once again Kielkins! 😉

    1. Shenine thank you so much for your visit. I look forward to visiting you!
      Glad to know you will be back! That is such a nice compliemnt!
      Looking forward to knowing ya!

  7. wonderful post.. i hang out here for many of the reasons you do.. It’s so nice to have a cyber community of good, kind folks who happen to be so creative and inspire me to be better each day..

    1. I agree on all counts! Thank you for being one of my cyber neighbors! Funny, it’s so great… cuz we get to choose who we hang out with here and like you, I have chosen the kind and talented! Just like you~ to be my neighbor!

  8. You hit the nail on the head talking about writing because you can’t help but do it. I think of country star Taylor Swift and blues player Johnny Lang. They both took a guitar lesson and learned three chords. It was like someone predestined to be an alcoholic where that first drink triggers something in their brain. Suddenly they just couldn’t help themselves and locked themselves away in their bedroom and played and wrote and played and wrote, fingers bleeding and only coming out when parents demanded they eat dinner and then right back to it. So many people just don’t get that compulsion. Blessing or curse, it just is.

    1. Funny that you mention Taylor Swift. I was her a few decades ago. Unfortunately, my mom chose the organ (WHO wants to learn the ORGAN?!!! LOL) as the instrument for me to learn. 😦
      No but seriously, I sang one song decently in my life and it was Both Sides Now by Judy Collins… all others were hopeless wastes of notes!
      It is so funny to look back and remember people telling me I sang that song kinda good. Taylor is lucky she has a good voice along with her writing talent.
      When I get to heaven that is what I want… musical ability and a good voice! But until then I will keep writing the words for other people to sing! Cuzzzz I really can’t help myself! You were right to pick up on that one my little Jimminey Cricket! 😉

  9. You are a painter too? That is awesome. God gave you such a creative spirit. I have friends who love to quilt, friends who can’t wait to get home and continue reading a book, and friends who love to golf or play tennis. I don’t have any friends I interact with on a regular basis who love to write. I think they still get me somewhat though because most of my friends have something they are passionate about too. It is my blogging friends who truly validate my thoughts and words though. Thanks for sharing yours with us, Diane.

    1. Thank you for allowing me to share!
      Yep! I used to do a show called Sugar Plum about five times a year. It was so fun. I will have to post about it someday!

  10. Having like minded people around you is so important. When I was first out of school I tended to stick to same group of friends but now I wish I had spread my wings. If it weren’t for my family I think I would have been so confused since my goals and needs were so different to my friends. I really stuck out like a sore thumb. They were still great friends, but were more ‘accepting’ of me (like lucky me) rather than ‘connecting’ with me. This experience, which we all feel at times, makes me appreciate the moments of connectedness with others when it does occur so I really enjoyed your poem, thank you.

  11. Yes’m, been there, doing that! Except for the parts about the art shows, I could’ve written your article. Especially about the blessing of knowing others take the time to read our posts. I too often get discouraged when it seems no one is reading, but all it takes is that one person to comment, and I’m soaring again.
    Speaking of soaring, check out this little story I posted on Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday yesterday. I think you’ll enjoy it. http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/caged/
    And, if you’ve never heard of Kellie Elmore, she’s one of the many writer/on-line friends I’ve made since I started blogging, and I think you’d like her too. She is an awesome poet, and her two books of poetry are wonderful. Here’s the link to her site: http://kellieelmore.com/books-by-kellie-elmore/
    Keep up the good work, Dianne!

      1. Charles, you are so great! Very intriguing post! Thank you for sharing! I read it on my phone, but had to come back to truly appreciate it from my laptop! You have such a way with prompts! VERY impressive! It is like finding a treasure when you write!
        Yes, I found Kelie through you a while back! She is great! Thank you for always supporting me!
        I love the way that you are everyone’s cheerleader. If you like them, they are blessed!

        1. I decided some time ago, my job is to encourage others. Never thought of myself as a cheerleader, but it makes sense. Thank you!
          And, thank you for the wonderful encouraging words about my writing! I know you know how much it means!

  12. My thoughts exactly! I’ve always thought this. Facebook is boring to me and when I post, it seems like no one cares. It’s a whole different world out there. I cling to WP instead where I find more interaction. My writer friends understand me and my photographer bloggers get me. I like this world here…thanks for being part of it. 🙂

  13. The mess, the brushes, cleaning, setup, breakdown…, all part of the story and a lot of us have walked that path and know what you are saying, Di. Thanks for sharing with us…, and thanks for your thanks.

  14. That’s awesome! And, yes, I have to agree that whether it’s the day job or the writing, I definitely want to be around people who “get” me. Why waste time with anyone else?

      1. You type fast! Thank you, I’ll skip over there and see your art. My art is all over the internet if you bing.com it…especially if you search specific things and topics. I’m glad your child has taken after her mama, this is a tribute to you, I have to say before even looking at your work. I can tell you by reading your writing, that I’m sure I’ll like your art very much too! Thank you.

      1. Thank you. Can I see some of your art on your blog? I’m an artist and I don’t like lugging my art around because it can be damaged, so I move it as rarely as possible, Peace and hugs to you.

        1. Sure! Thanks for being interested. Here is just a sample of some of my things. On my Etsy.com If you click on SOLD it shows more. I have been working so much that I have kind of neglected my Etsy shop but it has some samplings of what I’ve done. Thanks for being interested!

          If you click on the card… you can read the verse… (I illustrated and wrote each card.)

          By the way… the first pic on this blog is kind of fuzzy but it actually was the last SHOW
          http://www.orangecountycoastlife.com/events/cm-sugar-plum-crafts.html I did. My daughter and I shared a booth. She had just started making stuff too and it was her “first” show. (Funny, back then, I didn’t know it was going to be my last.) Now she has an amazing etsy store under the name of the naked bird! Following her mama’s foot prints! She has fun quirky stuff.
          She is an artist in LA.
          But anyway, the first above link is mine and the second is hers!
          Love to see your samples as well!

          1. I see your daughter’s lovely art, but I couldn’t locate your paintings…It’s going to be tomorrow that I get a chance to look again. Have a great night and weekend coastal mom. I lived on the coast for 7 years in Oregon. Mainly southern Oregon. There’s nothing as lovely as the sea is there? I love Oregon but came from California as a teenager.

            1. I was born in Seattle… raised in California as well!
              So when you get around to it again… click on the first link and the cards are mine. They each started out as original paintings. They are whimisical, not fine art! 😉

              1. I hope the first reply went through but I didn’t get to click reply. Sorry if this is partly repeated. I tried to get to your art cards and couldn’t. I was hoping you’d have a blog that I could peek at your art, do you upload any to your blogs? Here’s something for you. I don’t know a bunch, but from what I’ve read on your blogs I know you’re not an average cookie, and you are extra special. I want to send this to you so here it is: I hope you can discover to answers to your questions and questing. First let me say I’m certainly no expert on this science. But I have learned that elites and military do know how to steer and manufacture storms, make earthquakes, floods, and other weather. I fight the atrocities of illegal genocide on all earth inhabitants, because I don’t think God made all this earth for a few devilish greedy people to ruin it all. Your quake that took out your store was maybe a manufactured one by elite fascist rulers who rule USA offshore of America so they think they get away with assassinating and killing good people in USA and world without any trouble…they’ve been right so far, they are ruthless rues. Including Hershey’s who sells poisonous GMO, Genetic Modified Organisms to USA and non-GMO candy to Europe where it’s banned.
                Get Your 2014 Fine Art Gallery Calendar PDF Free~ Buy Calendar If You Like It!: http://wp.me/p1u6zQ-Y
                Fine Art and Poetry 1~ The Dawn

                Click to access fine-art-and-poetry-ithe-dawn2.pdf

                Click to access haarp-the-high-frequency-active-auroral-research-program-daily-report13.pdf

                Click to access gmo-genetic-modified-organism-poisons-to-genocide.pdf

                Peace, I hope we can be friends, God bless you and your family.
                Drones are real, they swarm my home, my family, and send HAARP TTA’S into my life and harm myself and family. It’s called the genocide shock treatment for people who dare say I love God, may fellow mankind, and all God’s creation. Peace.

                1. Loved your book! People need to stop by your link!
                  My art is very whimsical. Not fine art by any means but it did it’s job while I was really marketing it. Now it has kind of retired on Etsy as what is left of my card line. I painted over 200 illustrations and wrote even more poems and sold well at all the shows I did. I would love to watch the people read and cry! Smile.
                  I think I have evolved since those days… I look at some of my old verses and see cadence errors and cringe at some of the bad meter but my customers didn’t seem to notice.
                  Thanks for your interest. I hope you were able to get on the second link I sent.

                  1. I am so happy you enjoyed my book. I see you are a poet too and I want to encourage you to write a book with your images and poetry down the road anytime you feel the time and inspiration to do so. It is very easy to do with amazon.com and they’re wonderful to work with. I sell books with my art and tons of other books, almost 300 different editions in three countries. Amazon lets me do all this, and I feel great doing it.
                    Since my art is world art, it makes sense to me to share it around the world, and have people there who can purchase the books. A big happy smile is upon my face thinking that my book brought some joy to your world. Peace and God bless you.

                    1. I can only see the art on your blog. I love it. I did see your daughter’s art on etsy and it’s adorable! The books I sell are about 300 mainly in paperback. I love to give my books to my family on their Birthdays, holidays like all of them, and they have these fine gifts forever as heirlooms to keep too. This works for me because I like things made in America to help the economy along. Don’t laugh! It’s a bit humorous. But I’m trying to buy local at my organic farmers markets, make friends my with local farming families, and get wholesome inside and out. Not easy, because I thought I was doing things right with food when I learned late last year that what I thought was natural and good for my family wasn’t at all! It has to be organic and natural at the same time. This news doesn’t just drop from the sky. It was Alex Jones and Mike Adams on naturalnews.com that I first heard about the difference. Nobody’s perfect but I sure feel like a fool about not knowing before regarding this news. Peace and smilies to you and your inner child young lady! I embrace that within me too, my inner child, thank you for reminding me about mine. I spoke with four fabulous ladies yesterday and read to them your work about inner child and they were all gladly touched. Thank you so very much!

  15. Lovely thoughts–and strong. I am so glad I do not have to clean brushes in order to write! I do enjoy your words, and it is lovely when someone you ‘know’ reads your words. I think that says a lot about you and your friends.

    1. Alice…
      And it also means a lot when the ones like you… who I value, the opinions of… (because their talents awe me) take the time to read! I’d be sitting right next to you in that coffee shop! 😉

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