boo boo

Like a bruise, my heart has places that…

I don’t want to touch again.

Like paint that never dries

or a story that never ends.

beach book

My mind keeps wandering back

and I get lost in the past,

then you come and wake me up

writer asleep

like pushing forward fast!

Snapping me right out of

the nightmare that kept me sleeping,

a kiss

handing back the heart

you were holding for safe keeping.

young couple making up

Diane Reed


34 thoughts on “Safe Keeping

  1. Wonderful and provoking, The main reason that i get turned on by poetry-writing,
    A- every poet has a different style. but like yourself you can also adapt and write on different topics,
    B-every reader can take something different away after reading
    c-the poet knows he or she is not going to write a master piece every time. Thats what keeps us searching for more.
    You have so much talent don’t let your ink go dry.-Bradley

    1. Hey Bradley,
      Thank you! I love that you are reading my older posts too…
      I am right in the middle of re-vamping my site and and as always (without the technical know how) have messed things up once again. Text on top of text argh! But I am sorting it out. I do plan on writing something today finally!
      You inspired me!

  2. I would love to use a part of this as a quote in my book. “Like a bruise, my heart has places that…I don’t want to touch again. Like paint that never dries or a story that never ends.” If that is alright.

    1. I would be honored! I am working on a fictional book based on my experiences (but played out by fictional characters) that I keep re-editing and I am going to use pieces of my poetry at the beginning of each chapter. But I have looked at your blog and am so impressed and I would be happy to have you use my words as you mentioned. If you could just give me credit by referencing me as the author, I would be glad to share with you and thank you for asking! Please keep me updated. I wandered through each of your posts and you are awesome!

      1. Thanks. The quote will be used in chapter 2 of my novel entitled “Confidential Murder” The chapter is the introduction of the 14 year old client. She had been sexually abused, and has ended up killing her abuser to say her life. She tells her counselor, and he is bound to keep the secret. The story follows the course of events that follow that disclosure. I am hoping to release it by the end of the summer. I have just past the 61,000 word mark. My goal is 80,000 words. FYI, all of my books are listed on the books tab of

        1. Thank you! I need to look them up! I am honored that you like my work! I am glad our paths crossed! Your mission is awesome! I wish I had someone like you in my life back then… When I was a teenager… silence was the only answer… and my poetry journals of course! Back then writing saved me! Today I write in hopes that young girls don’t feel as alone as I felt back then. My message is that we are not helpless! But I also show the journey of how abuse evolves… and how we ignore so many redflags!
          Glad there are people like you out there now for the silenced teens!

  3. This really pulled on my heart strings Diane, and I couldn’t help but let out an “awww” when I came to the last image and words. Beautiful of course, but then again I expect nothing less!!

    1. Mari,
      I just found a quote of yours that felt like a hug! Isn’t it great that we all give something back AND appreciate each other’s talents? I love everyone here so much!

  4. Oh, I can So identify with this! You worded those silent pains so beautifully, yet ended so positively with your heart’s protector. I love it Diane … and the pictures are just perfect. You have such a gift for that! 😀

  5. I’ve been missing your posts, don know if it’s me r the bowseron the iPad … Regardless, the artist shows through in your writing, and if you have given you hand to you daughter then what greater legacy can a parent have … Yes blessings are coming your way because you believe … Always – gfs

  6. The process of muscle growth is not known for sure, but most theories are based on the idea that lifting breaks down the muscle, and growth results from over-compensating to protect the body from future stress. I believe this can be true of our most important muscle, the heart. The hurts caused by love can be healed by more love. But, we have to work at it.
    Sorry! I got all philosophical and carried away with that response.
    I Love your poem, and as always, the photos are perfect for the poem!

    1. You are such an ENCOURAGER! I am so glad I know you! Thank you! I receive the week that you wished for me!
      May your week be blessed as well!
      xoxo 😉

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