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A few people have gone through the backdoor of my blog and read some of my earlier posts. They read the things I wrote before I ever expected anyone else to find me. It is validating to get feedback for whatever we write but it is un-nerving to realize that anyone can go back and read our earlier ramblings that we wrote when we just needed a place to land. When our shelves were still pretty empty and and we were just tinkering with our blog as we built it.

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I have been kind of stuck in a place in my life and so rather than writing a poem not from the heart or posting just to post… I invite you guys to go back, way back… in my archives and find me when I first began I have posted well over 200 posts so you have a lot to choose from.

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Most of you started reading  my ramblings…maybe 50 or so posts ago.  I would love to have your feedback on some of those posts that no one ever saw. And while I am stuck… that is all I have to offer for a day or so more…  Sooo go click on Yesterday’s thoughts and pick a month… I definitely have a few to choose from. *wink*wink*  Thanks for understanding!     Diane

21 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Curious idea, this gives newbies like me a chance to discover who you are and what you wrote in the past!

    1. I love it! I can tell the ones who really read verses the skimmers… It seems as though we have enough to keep our faithful readers reading for quite a while but it never fails that only a few true readers showed me that they really read what I write… the others may just be LIKING to generate their own traffic or just trying to be supportive. I have some very sweet people who tell me that they look forward to my posts with their morning coffee. I love it but then they tell me they have missed me…even though I have supplied them with a new post daily for about 6 months they never venture back to those places where if you really missed me… you could easily go find stuff to satisfy your cravings…lol… ya know? But so glad newbies are actually “GETTING” my suggestions! 😉

    1. NOW >>>>YOU<<< have got the idea!!!! You inspire me to write more! So many people just LIKE this one and move on… as if they never even read my suggestion. Though some of my REAL readers actually did go back and LIKE some of my old stuff… There are so many never read posts back there that it almost discourages me from writing more, fearing that as I take the time to post more… the lost ones back there will never see the light of day… LOL.
      There's got to be a way that we can repost some of the posts in our archives. I had someone going back and reading and commenting on everything I'd ever written and I realized how many never have been read by my main followers now asking for more when there is plenty back in the wordpress dungeons!
      But I thank you for actually reading what this post was all about and I am happy to follow you and get to know you by reading all of your posts! Thank you for finding me! Friends like you are a treasure! Keep writing! I like your style!

  2. It’s been interesting. You guys who have commented… my loyal readers… I KNOW read this invitation and have even gone back and unlocked some of my old posting doors in my archives and commented and read a few!!!
    I appreciate the ones who have taken the time to actually read this post and others. But it is frustrating to know so many people just click LIKE to be nice and really didn’t read past the first sentence.
    I wish we could figure out how to connect with each other more here. Who, how and why people actually read all the way through. Ya know??
    I know a lot of you have written to me and agree.
    I literally have 200 posts here and probably over 100 no one has ever seen because I didn’t seem to get popular or seen until after about the 100th post, then someone started reading and then another… but the back posts seem to be lost in our arcives somewhere before we were a click of recognition on someone’s screen.

    We should give each other a challenge… this month we should go to each others very beginning posts and read at least a few as well as their new posts.
    Anyone up for it?

  3. Diane, this is really a terrific idea. Readers and followers hitch on for the ride a various times in the life of a blog. While you may think earlier postings sub-par, you never know who might be touched by your musings. I am really limited in time in the blogosphere right now with my husband being so ill but I hope to find time to venture back into your postings of yesterday.

    1. (((((Cat)))))) Big hugs to ya!!! I am praying for your husband’s healing and in your victory you will have the greatest story to tell!!!!
      May you climb up into HIS arms today and feel HIS comfort… knowing you are in HIS hands and He has a great work in store for you!
      I am praying for miracles!

  4. I think that’s a wonderful idea! I will try to get back and read again! (Depending on how things go with my mom) 😀

      1. Thanks! I appreciate that and am trying hard to get everything done that needs to be done. Can’t wait till I can get back to your blog and go back and read your older stuff. 😀

  5. This is a great idea! One of my favorite features of wordpress is the “random post” button. It lets me time travel through a blog and step out onto pages that perhaps fewer have had a chance to read or respond to. I will certainly give it a whirl on your site–and I’ll try to leave some good feedback as I go 🙂

    1. ****It lets me time travel through a blog and step out onto pages that perhaps fewer have had a chance to read or respond to****
      I absolutely loved *THIS*!!!!

    1. Wow!~ Thank you! I need to recognize my awards! Hopefully I will have some time after work today to go and do a swoop and thank you all properly!!!
      I am always so honored to be remembered when you guys give out those awards!!!

  6. It’s like that sometimes, but no worries. When the time is right you’ll be back with a vengeance! 😉 Can’t wait to dig in!

    1. Patricia~
      Happy Anniversary!!! I loved your post! So refreshing! Yeah I will be back… Today I have to open up ten tubs all by myself… before 8 this morning, and work all day today and tomorrow. Jim is on that business trip to Oregon you are praying about for me! 😉
      And Brookie was here last week for our baby being born and so I said I’d work Mother’s Day since no one was home! 😦 No really…. it’s okay! 😉
      But I will be glad when this weekend is over and I can write and read again!

  7. Yes I have nothing either these days but you don’t have to feel bad. You drop into my life whenever it suits us both, like little gifts. It’s a good reminder to check out your old posts though. You would be horrified at my first posts I think. Take 2 seconds to have a look (not read). 2000 words of waffle. 🙂

    1. Em~
      I gotta go check them out! 😀 Can’t wait!
      This has been funny… A few of my loyal followers have actually gone back and taken an actual stroll through my archives and given me great feedback. But most just click LIKE and I wonder what are they liking?
      I mean, I am asking them to go take a peek at my old posts… are they LIKING me asking them to take a peek? Are they not really reading the post in the first place? Are they going and not liking what they find? lol.

      This post made me take a stroll inside some of the old forgotten doors where my older posts lay in waiting and it snapped me right back to the days when I wrote them. Which back then, actually is why I wrote… for just me… to go back and find that part of me when I needed to… so guess if it is all just for that; it is enough!
      Oh well, I will write again and so will you and I guess are old posts are not wasted behind unlocked old doors…. as long as “we” can learn from them. 😉
      So funny here on wordpress guess ya gotta grab em on the day you write them! It’s ashame cuz some of our old stuff is not so bad! If we do say so ourselves. 😉

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