girl writing in window

A writer writes…

because she has to.


We are different.

praying on knees

We feel things differently.

Worship by sunset

Others who  hurt and feel joy,

just hurt and feel joy.

we need to write about it


and relive it with every word.

letting go diary

We invite our shadow of experience

shadow kissing

to follow us and whisper words

that can only be found inside our heart…

writing a blog

The one thing that holds the pen to the stories we have to tell!

Diane Reed


I have been on a break… working a lot and exhausted emotionally and physically! I heard something today that inspired this~

When an actor was describing why they act. A student was asking him if he ever got stuck. He went on to say that sometimes he is in a middle of a scene or an assignment and it just flows and other times it just doesn’t. The seasoned actor smiled and replied. If it worked everytime, everyone could do it. WHEN it works is what makes it special.

I loved that!

Have a great day!

46 thoughts on “A writer writes….

  1. Writing is a compulsion. You write when you can, where you can, on whatever is available. If you don’t have a notepad, a serviette in a cafe will do nicely thank you very much. Even the back of a shopping receipt or bus ticket – admittedly you can’t write much on that, but if you write really, really small, it’s surprising how much you can do 🙂

  2. Hi Di! Always a joy to read your words. We know you won’t be far as you can never leave your words for too long. Take a break and breathe! 🙂

  3. Just found your Blog by reading your comment from Jennifer Stuart (enjoy life for once) blog post. It’s nice to see a fellow writer enthusiast. I enjoyed the words and imagery in your post…writers like me need motivation.

    1. I am in love with your blog! I love your style of writing. I could read your posts all day! Today I am spring cleaning and moving my writing studio around, vacuuming cobwebs and unplugging and plugging in scanners and computers and printers… I just came back on to check the connections and found your posts! Thank you!

      1. *Blush…. I fell in love with your Blog too! *haha… I highly enjoyed reading your Blog Posts, and I jive well with your content and related to most of it. Yeah I was lucky I only had one pervious template (on wordpress) before choosing this one, I read once to Keep it Simple, so when I found a lined paper theme I was like; “a simple writer I am perfect this is!” Many thanks for your comments and likes very much appreciated, I’m striving to write more… posts. It’s just starting to feel like summer here in Ottawa Canada 67F / 19C… Cheers!

  4. Glad that you’re back with us … hope that things has changed to the better for you and your family. Love your poem – I’m learning … still not 100% into poems, but this was easy for me to relate to. And I love the images you always pick. You are a such calmness for me.
    I love writing, but I could get my head around writing a full novel or something like that. I admire anyone that are passionate about their writing … and have the gift, like you have.
    I wish you a pleasant weekend.

      1. Yes, I do …. when I read or and try to understand your poems – it calms me down – but I don’t have to live with you *smile

  5. Someone once told me that “the spoken word is soon forgotten, but the written word never dies”. So it is with us, Di.
    Hugs, ~Paul~

    1. Ahh Paul… I feel it here in all the connections I have made. Funny how written words have bound us now. Thank you for your written words!
      Hugs Paul, good to see you… or read you. 😉

  6. Absolutely right! I was nodding my head with every line you wrote! You are so absolutely right…. at least in my experience.. 😀

  7. So that’s where you’ve been 🙂 I love this of course. Why do we have to write about hurting and feeling joy?? I think we are thinkers actually, not writers. Writing is just a way of exploring and trying to hold on to what I have come up with because I have such a bad memory! Why do I have a bad memory for this kind of stuff and not for other stuff? Because it keeps on pouring out, all this thinking about deeper issues. Everyone’s brain is in overdrive. Now I am babbling:) … But others can let it go, where I am an information hoarder. OK now I have a new definition. Writers are thinkers AND hoarders.

  8. There are times when the need to vent is so overwhelming, that if one is is not given that window of opportunity, one might implode. Writing is that open window, which allows one, to jettison all that pent up, if you will, anger, in a positive, but at the same time, expressive, and explosive manner. Having done so, one is able to once again, face those ever lasting demons that try to muddle one’s clear thinking. Blessings.

  9. Love the photos Diane. They softly and soothingly express your message about what’s on your heart. You’re right with the everyday pulls and tugs of the day’s routines, it’s nice to have an outlet in writing.

  10. Yes it doesn’t always work. Last evening I set out to write something, that turned into “Ebony waking” but there in the middle of it was this stanza that didn’t fit, so I dropped it to the end and kept writing and what came through was color forms, something much closer to what I sat down to write. Fraternal twins you might say …. And I agree, we feel things even though we were not there. When I wrote Survivor’s Guilt I only imagined what Khe Sanh was like, but I have had veterans tell me it was powerfully close to their experience … why we feel these things – we are all connected and writes know that best me thinks …. Thaks for taking a moment to share your thoughts. I’ve missed your insights … Have a great memorial Day weekend … Peter

    1. Peter I just read your poem! It was wonderful. A masterpiece! Every line was worth the time it took to wait it out!!!
      A perfect piece for this weekend. Everyone should got read it.

  11. I sometimes wonder. Everyone thinks and feels. A few like to record. Fewer still want to share these “recordings”.

    Some merely want to be heard. The truly rare ones demand to be understood.

    Artists are most rare of all taking great pains to perfect their craft, honing the method and the message, and only then unleashing their piece on the intended audience.

    To be understood is to understand both the message and the audience. To communicate is limited by the mastery of the medium used.

    It is so simple to say something. It is almost impossible to be understood. And it is so easy to lie and say, “I get it.”

    I do.

    1. Understanding and “really” getting it… is like a bad back…
      no one can truly see the pain… you just have to have blind faith and believe the ones telling us they do.

      1. Some can express their back pain better than others in that they evoke emotion and action in others. Perhaps that is art. Others express back pain to the same audience and get no response.

  12. I totally relate to this. Often times, people who don’t blog will ask me why I do so. And to be honest, I’d often ask myself the same question. I’ve come to realize it’s a need that must be fulfilled in order for me to be able to function. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but that’s the only way I can answer that question. When I read this, I realized the many, many times that I’ve felt like I “feel too much”, so much that I can’t fathom sharing that with anyone else without risking sounding overly dramatic. So, I write about it and I move on.

    Thank you so much for this. It really does make me realize there are more people like me out there and I’m not alone in it! 😉 Have a wonderful day!!

    1. Mari,
      Thank you for reading. I think that is why I like to hang out here. To find others like you who I connect with. It makes me feel not alone, understood and embraced. I liken our little circle to a coffee house where we all meet to share. Thank you for letting me in and being a part of it all! I treasure my connection with you!

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