finger tracing heart in the sand

I trace my finger along the boundaries

my heart has reassigned

caution baracade

I want to tell you something

and then I change my mind


It’s getting easier not to respond

to just turn the page again

book on the beach

I know we promised to be friends

but is that really where we’d end?

unhappy couple 2

I recall when you stopped replying

and slowly I have learned

to find the strength and roll the dice

and know it is my turn.


Diane Reed


23 thoughts on “IT’S MY TURN (to not reply)

  1. Boy am I late! Hi friend! I’ve been a little bit m.i.a. on the blogging front lately, but all is well! Trying to play some major catch up, and I’m so happy I came back and saw this. I love it! I can seriously identify with every emotion. You’re poetry really hits home because you always come from such a real and raw place! Hugs to you!! xoxoxo

  2. I left a comment but it may have jetted off somewhere–this post is Excellent! (that’s the condensed version)

  3. I am going through something similar right this very moment. I’ve figured out that sometimes, even when we are ready to be open and honest with others, they are not always ready to accept it. There came a time in my life when I wanted to get clear about things, and I began my soul searching work. I realized then that I gave too much to some people, and that my “muchness” was not only not being reciprocated but most importantly, it wasn’t being accepted. It’s not easy letting go of people with whom you imagined being friends for life, but it’s also not easy realizing that they truly don’t understand the value of what you’re giving them of you. I’ve learned too, that you can’t push growth on anyone because everyone has their own pace. I read once that we should only tell our story to people who have earned the right to hear it. I think it’s the same thing with sharing our wholeness; I think that we should only share it with those who have earned the right to appreciate it and allow those who don’t the right to evolve in their own growth at their own pace. And, yes, that may mean not replying sometimes, too… I love your writing style. Sorry for such a long comment! >.<

    1. Mari,
      YOU my dear never have to apologize for writing too much! I always read every word that you write to the end! YOU keep my attention always. I love what you write and that you took the time to relate and share here means more than you know! Yeah in my case… we have been trying to cut the contact for over a year. I will share something and not get a response and then I think… okay good… I can do this then… and then I will get a letter or something shared… and it will be my turn to reply…. or not. This time I wrote the poem rather than replying! 😉

    1. Yeah it was no one on line that I met here… to clear it up a bit… I think that we all get busy in life and it is funny how quickly we lean to guilting ourselves into believing that everything is about us. I can guarantee your assumptions are correct.

    1. I think you and Debby finally figured out I wasn’t talking about anyone I have met here on line. LOL. Thanks for our connection! I love when someone just GETS it!

  4. Hi Di 🙂 You always paint a beautiful story even with few words your messages are clear. I am in a similar spot with someone now. I truly believe if you are a constant giver and the other person has nothing to give back and only sucks out all your energy it’s best to walk away.

    1. Debby!!!
      FINALLY someone GETS what I was trying to convey. I think everyone was reading this as a guilt trip ride or something. (Which by the way I detest!) lol.
      Thanks! When we met I felt we “GOT” each other… Sometimes those are the best connections… those great gifts of knowing your paths were meant to cross! 😉
      Thanks Deb!!!

      1. xo I felt the same way gf! We have a lot of similarities, your thoughts are very similar to mine, only you display them so openly and honestly while I sometimes hesitate to share. I’m hoping my book will open me up more to be able to convey my thoughts more freely.

  5. I once knew someone online that I decided not to reply…. It was either that or lose my mind; Blocking him helped… too! Great Post 🙂

  6. Diane, just roll the dices and see what happens …. followers comes and goes in this world – they return …. WP also mess us up. Also with a lot of emails coming in everyday about new postings, it’s easy to miss … Love landing here.

    1. Viv~ Thanks for reading. But I am not sure why everyone is taking this one so personally. Smile.
      This one has nothing to do with anyone here on WordPress I promise… this one is about old stuff from my past…
      And is directed to someone who never will read this…I wrote it here so I wouldn’t reply somewhere else! 😉

    1. I’m a grandma too. I think angst is the word. I think you actually GOT the essence of this one. And the memories I speak of here for me as well were not always sweet. I’ve found strength in realizing I have the option of not replying. 😉 Thanks for reading.

  7. This was timely for me too, Diane. Any relationship takes work, whether it’s in blogging or in real life. As for me, I’m going to be slowing things down soon. I plan on taking the summer off from my blog. Spending time with my family has to take precedence.

    Hope you are doing well beautiful lady! 🙂

    1. Anka,
      I just took a while off too. Will be back for a while back and forth over the summer. I really have to finish my book and blogging really does monopolize a lot of time. Though I am soooo grateful that I have found you all!!!
      I am all about no guilt trips and this one had nothing to do with my blogging buddies. This one was on a more personal nature. A friend from my past who doesn’t even read this blog… sometimes I write for just me… it is just a poem.
      I have loved your posts lately. Just got back from reading one! Great writing!

  8. Hi Di,
    You could have written this about me lately. I know I’ve been remiss in reading/commenting/ and responding to a lot of people. We’re in the process of renovating/updating a new home and I’m up to my ears in projects – kitchen update/painting (9 rooms), hardwood floor, deck repairs, etc. I know that it wasn’t about me…, but it could have been. Hopefully this will slow down soon and I’ll be a better WP citizen again. Hope all is well with you.

    1. Ahhhh I think everyone is feeling that this is about them and that was not my intention. This has a lot to do with my book and my past and nothing to do with you guys! I totally understand how my friends here have their own lives! I set you free! 🙂 lol!
      By the way loved your story! Waiting for more!

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