praying man in pew with bible

Broken by the world, surprised by their angry words

I stand before you Lord, so tired in this world.

Weary and battered, by those I once called “my friends”

please take these broken pieces I now  hold within my hands…

praying bible

You find me on my knees as I begin to ask

Just how much longer you think that I can last…

praying man at sunset

And then I realize YOU’RE  the one who truly knows

the sting in the world’s curses and it’s flailing blows,

and so  I begin to let go, laying everything at your feet

Falling on my face, I know you see the real me.

Jesus answers prayer

As I realize it’s all just a speck in time

and it’s really about the piece of YOU that I leave behind!!!

Jesus' face in the clouds

Soooo Lord~

Jesus comforting man

Guide me as I talk, let your words be ones I choose

For YOU know today this mountain must be moved.


As I form the sentences let them come from YOU…

Filled with strength and grace and only what is true.

praying man with hand lifted

As I walk in faith, let me find YOU in every choice

And as I seek your will today, let them hear YOUR voice.

Jesus at a business meeting

Take these broken pieces Lord, for they don’t belong to me!

Remind me that in their “brokeness” YOU have the victory!

mustard seed

Diane Reed


29 thoughts on “In The Broken Pieces

  1. What a beautiful feeling one gets ready your thoughts hear…
    Thank you…
    Take Care…

      1. My pleasure as always. Love to see your comments or replies waiting! Thanks for your visits.


  2. Absolutely wonderful description of the feelings so many of us go through. The struggle of self worth, pain inflicted by others, and how to learn to let go and turn it over to God. Sometimes that is so hard to do. We don’t even realize we are holding back and trying to handle it ourselves. I know that you have had ups and downs, as have I, but I think at least you try very hard to keep your heart open, like the Jane Seymour necklaces.. You always seem to be giving the benefit of the doubt and looking on the bright side of things. You have a beautiful soul my friend… and THAT is what makes you so special! 😀

    1. Ahhhh Keli Thank you! Stuff’s been happening in the business world within my husband and his dad’s company and as i was praying for them… this came to me…
      YOU my dear always…. such a wonderful cheer leader! Thank you!!!

    1. Mari,
      I am so glad! Thank you for sharing that!
      Sometimes it is hard to just let go and let God carry us!!!!
      I always keep forgetting and maybe someday I won’t have to be reminded!

      1. I am the same way! My first prayer every morning always is to give thanks for another day and to ask to be a reminder of God’s love to others. Still, I tend to forget what I ask for and sometimes catch myself in the midst of unpleasantness and realize that may be the opportunity that I asked for to be a reminder of God’s love, and it completely changes my perspective of things-and my attitude.

        I think we are all God’s work in progress and as long as we don’t give up, reminders of Him are everywhere, if we just look for them. 😉

        1. I sooo know that I am a work in progress! Probably one of God’s more frustrating projects! lol. But even if HE has to paint over the canvas a couple of times. I am striving to be one of HIS greatest works someday! 😉
          The great things is… HE sees us as that way now… all masterpieces~ through HIS grace!
          Hugs to you (((Mari!!!!)))

  3. I too love your words and photos. And, as I wrote to a friend this morning — a broken heart is an open heart and an open heart is a loving heart — and your heart Diane is loving.

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