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I saw this video today that made me actually laugh out loud.  Communication is so simple and yet we make it so hard. It is not limited to just men and women but in this particular case that is what I am talking about here. We have such defenses built up that we can’t see past the nail in our own foreheads! (Stay with me here, once you watch the video you will see what I mean!)

If you are constantly feeling misunderstood or know a young couple who is always having trouble communicating. This is a great one to share. Some of you may have already seen this before but today was the first time I have and I played it back a few times. It makes me smile. Probably because I love a good metaphor but mostly because I relate. I’ve grown tired of feeling that I need fixing and yet today when I was looking through a cupboard trying to find something I came across this wonderful letter my husband wrote to me when we were married just five years.

reading a paper

I wanted to grab him and say….”NOW that is what I’m talking about!!!” Funny how it was the perfect letter and I don’t even remember it. I think that is a pretty big message to me. Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to be right we can’t see past that the other guy might have a good point as well!

Now go watch the video! I promise you will laugh or at the very least try not to!


44 thoughts on “We Can Work It OUT

  1. You tell some wonderful stories here, Diane! I love to read them as I have time. Take care and enjoy your day,

    Christian 🙂

  2. Very insightful points in this post. Being open and communication is essential, but it’s a two way street!

    1. Hi Bill!!
      Yes I am okay! Thank you for checking in! I was out of town for a few days and then my daughter was visiting so I spent my spare time with her rather than writing. But I will get back to it! Thank you for checking! It makes my heart warm to know you’d take the time to ask!
      How are YOU????

  3. it is a Laugh Out Loud video…
    Thank you I sooo needed that this afternoon…
    a really good post CoastalMom!
    Take Care…

  4. This blog is so cool it was nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger award by USA Zorro Press! Thank you for great news and ideas that make a positive difference and move lives and the world in super ways! Thank you coastalmom, you make me smile when I think of you, thank you for all your inspiring words, poetry, insight, mother’s wisdom, and your love of God and mankind.

  5. Ahhh got something good to read (and see) after a very long time 🙂 . It made me go back and rethink about the phase I once lived. That beautiful day when I received a love letter telling me that ” You are beautiful”. (Some things just never leave us)
    Liked your post very much!

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been out of town so have left my blog to run it’s self! Glad to know a lot of people were able to still come in and read up! I appreciate your time and hope you come back!

  6. Thank you for the video. My wife and I both chuckled. I remember coming across our dating letters a few years ago, interestingly although we spent much more time back then on actually communicating in writing, the things we wrote about are the same things we speak about today. I’m grateful for being guided to your thoughts and this post today – I will write about this in one of my posts to come. Thank you and God bless. A:)ex

    1. I am so glad you found this and enjoyed it! I have been on a little holiday with my daughter. It will take a few days to get organized but I hope you come back! Thank you for reading and your time! It always means a lot!

    1. Thank you! I always love to find your new posts as well! Always something so good! You are right! Why do we make everything so hard when it really is so simple!

  7. Hilarious. I would have just ripped the nail out of that bitches head. But then again, I “am” a fixer!!! bahahahahahaha!!!! I miss you and hope you’re doing well, my dear friend!!!!!!! ❤

  8. I love this Diane! The best…absolutely the best. Forgive my pun (LOL) but you’ve really hit the nail on the head.

  9. Why do I never get your email notifications!? Ugh. I re-submitted.

    This was hilarious and sooo true. It’s all about the listening and the empathy and the way they talk to us when we’re in pain. haha! It’s never about the obvious fix. 😀 I’m the girl with the nail and very likely I also have a plank in my eye! 🙂

    1. Lisa, That would be a good one!!! The next video… about a gossip or judger with a big plank of wood coming out of his eye! lol… Notice I said “his” haha… maybe their planks could klunk together when they turned around! lol.
      I know… it doesn’t seem as if I am getting yours anymore either. I think I need to go and unfollow and then refollow half of my blogs I follow. What’s up with that wordpress???
      Anyway! Glad to hear from ya!

  10. My wife and I both laughed! Such a great picture of how men and women don’t always see things from the same vantage point. I love Gods plan on this issue and as a husband I have found, after 20 years of marriage, it works. Husbands love your wives like Christ loves the church, be willing to lay down your life for her, to sacrifice for her, to forgive, to have compassion, to minister and on and on. The more I do this, through the Spirit of God, well the more she respects me and loves me and yields to allow me to lead. The very thing a man naturally wants comes from losing my life for hers. Same is true with our own lives in general. If we seek our own lives we will lose them but if we lose our lives, for Christ, we will find them. I guess the point is the love of self is the root of so much trouble. Thanks for sharing this and I did not mean to ramble just got me thinking is all. (I guess I did it out loud in my comment) 🙂

    1. I was hoping you’d see it. I thought you might find it amusing. I thought it was such a good metaphor for communication at it’s rawest form. Cute but sadly not so off for a lot of us! lol.

  11. Oh I LOVE this…. This is just hilarious! (not to mention SO true… LOL) I need to send this one to my daughter… she will really get a kick out of it… 😀

      1. Me too, the “don’t try to fix it” and the “It’s not about the nail in my head” are SO me…LOL 😀

  12. That video is priceless. I have sometimes clearly seen that nail in someone’s head and known the obvious solution, and sometimes it is me with that nail in my head. I very much have given up on some people and have decided to instead just sympathize and let them learn the hard way. Often for myself the hard way is best.

    1. Yeah… I’m pretty much the one with the nail sticking out of her head watching everyone stare at the nail and getting mad at them for worrying about the damn nail so much! LOL.

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