babies oh mine!

Just minutes after Sophie was born with her Auntie Brookie

It all started here…. The day my granddaughter was born… the day I seemed to get all caught up in everything…

Life keeps moving fast and from the everyday stuff, work and keeping up with it all I have let my blog take a powder for a bit. Thank you for those of you who have checked up on me! I love you guys! Seems as if I was going strong… working on my book with my friend Deb and networking and building relationships with everyone here and then slowly life happened. But I will be back full force soon! After next week, my next schedule isn’t quite as slammed so I will have more time to write. But in the meantime, I didn’t want you guys to think I was flaking out here!!

I’ve been out of town and back and forth and leaving again this weekend after work. My husband has been trying to get their business up and running with his dad (LOTS of prayers needed on that one please!) And I haven’t seen him for almost a month except maybe one day or so here and there, so it will be nice to catch up with him! But in the meantime… I don’t even have a poem or anything… Just some pictures for ya!

My daughter was up here for a few days and brought her new investment! A wonderful camera that she purchased with Chase so that they could partner up with projects they have going instead of waiting for filmmakers to fit them in…. and I have found her to have quite an eye as she has captured her brother’s sweet little new family as they posed for her. Thought I’d share a few shots with ya as I work on my next post that is long over due!

Love you all! Thanks for your patience!

Introducing our wonderful Sophia with her wonderful Mama Amanda

Mommy kissing me all the time!

And my son…Tough Guy Chadly who really is a softy when it comes to his babygirl Sophie!

Chad Kissing Sophia

With his other sweet girl Jasmine! (Where does time go?)

Jaz and Dad

Who he thinks he needs to always teach to be tough  (“Ahhh come on dad, give me a break!”)

Jaz and Daddd

And our wonderful new little grandson Brenden ~ to whom Chad has already started teaching about the importance of muscles to!

Brenden and Chad Muslemen

Daddy is even telling Sophie about all the important things he wants her to know about!

Talking to Daddy

Such a sweet family!

Amanda's fam

Funny how babies have a way of softening even the tough guys!

Anywaaay, that is my update! Thanks for walking through my little Grandma Brag Book! Thanks Brookie for capturing them all!



20 thoughts on “Checking IN!

    1. Ahhh Thank you! So nice to see you! Thanks for stopping by and taking your time here! As always so appreciated to have you in my life!
      I KNOOOOW isn’t that picture the best?! My daughter caught some good ones!

  1. Congratulations, Di. The baby is beautiful and Sofia is such a sweet name. Had to laugh though…, your son, the t-shirt, the pose…, reminded me of Bowser on Shanana from the 70s tv show. Good to hear from you. Missed you.

    1. Ahhh Paul missed you too! I thought you were taking a break? I am so glad to have you back too! Thanks for coming by! I will have to wander on over to your neck of the woods as well!

  2. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. It’s okay to let you blog “powder” for a bit, it happens to us all at one time or another. What kind of book are you working on? Beautiful pictures. All the best to you and your family.

  3. Brag away all you like. When my first grandchild arrived, I thought I couldn’t love as much as I loved her, then the second one came along, and I was another mess. Grandchildren are precious. If I’d know how wonderful they would be, I would have had them first! (OK, I stole THAT line).

    1. That’s weird my Avatar is generic? Anyway that was me replying to you and thanking you for your sweet words! I will be happy to give you hints but I know NOTHING! lol. 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing your “Grandma Brag Book” with us! Sophia is sooooo delicious! Sometimes photos speak louder than words. Just look at ALL the love!
    Wishing you safe travels, Diane. Hope you come up for some air soon!
    Anka 🙂

    1. Thanks Anka!
      I have missed just being able to wander through everyone’s neighborhood here and catch up! The sun just burst through my window as I wrote that last sentence! Gotta run but thank you for your warm reply! Makes me homesick for all my sweet friends that I’ve been missing!
      love ya!

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