When I was a little girl you became my second mom

I’d spend the night at your house and we’d talk till well past dawn

Your daughters were my best friends I was friends with them all

but later in life, when we grew up, it was “you” who I’d call…

Oh Lucy, how I dreaded the call I got today. So many memories flood my heart as I write this. You were always my soft place to fall, my advisor, my confidant, my constant. So consistent in my life. Always just a phone call away. Opening up your home for me to live with you guys when I was younger and then for visits whenever I could get away. I grew to love you like my own family. I smile as I think about our late night chats as Bob would call down “Lucille!” And you would tell him you’d be right up and then two hours would have passed as you stayed to chat some more. I loved your stories. Some of them were life changing for me. Some molded my life in ways that made me into who I am today.

When you found the Lord, you were so on fire. And that fire never went out. I could come for a visit or pick up the phone and you were just as in love with your Lord as you were on the first day you really found HIM. Even our last phone call was all about HIM. And I am so confident that in my own selfish sadness (please bear with me while I catch my breath realizing that you won’t be here for me anymore) I know you are so happy, free from pain in your wonderful Savior’s arms. But in the meantime I need to adjust knowing that I won’t ever hear again your wonderful voice and the joy you always seemed to have in it when you would hear it was me on the other end….

I’d hear…. “Oh helloooo baby, or Diane-eeee or Darling” You always made me feel that you were soooo happy to hear from me in a way I don’t think anyone ever has before. And I’ll miss that.

I am so glad that I got to bring my baby for a visit a couple of years ago. She remembered visiting you as a little girl but it had been too long. It was quite an adventure getting to your wonderful *mansion* in the dark up on the hill in Fallbrook…. *funny the memories little kids have*… I remember as you were building it and going with you to pick out wallpapers for ALL those  bathrooms and the tile for the pool. I will always cherish memories of that wonderful house you made into a home. It looked so much the same as I remember the last time we visited… another constant in my life.       Sooo much more than just that house, you were the one who never changed. And on the way home from our visit Brookie said; “Thank you Mama for making me go with you. I love her too.”

Oh Lucy, what am I going to do without you as my soft place to fall? You have left quite a legacy in your path… so many lives you have touched. You will be missed. But you are home now. Heaven must be so wonderful for you. So many people who you have touched, waiting in line to greet and thank you! Save a place for me! I love you!


Click on the song below to understand WHO Lucy has been in this lifetime to me!


43 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Best Friends…

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you were blessed with a beautiful friendship that lasted a lifetime. How wonderful it will be when you apply all that you learned in this friendship to another so that it too may grow and the person on the receiving will be blessed as you and Lucy were. Hugs to you!

      1. Thanks for the prayers. I try to check in as often as I can, but unfortunately my time is taken by others so my time to myself is so limited… okay… non-existant at present, but I will try to catch up as soon as possible. I hope everything is going well in your life. Sending hugs and blessings ~

  2. Diane, I am so sorry you have lost (in this life) your dear Lucy. Through your words here I got to know her a little. Through your stories and memories of her, and the lessons she taught you retold in your own voice, others will know her too. Thanks for introducing me, and my prayers are with you! Diane

    1. OOooh Thank you! What a wonderful comment! I am so touched. I wish that I could introduce you guys to her now! But Someday I know we will meet again and you can all know her!

  3. So sorry for your loss, keep her spirit alive through your thoughts and memories. *Hugs

  4. SO sorry for your loss, Diane.
    This was a beautiful tribute to Lucy – I look forward to meeting her someday. Praying that God comforts you and all those who loved Lucy.

    1. Bill,
      The song under her pic reminds me of you also and what you have meant to my life. Even though I have never met you. You are another one of those souls that it is nice to know you are out there caring! Thank you for always being such an amazing source of comfort by your wise words!

      1. Thank you, Diane! I love that song. As I was listening to the song yesterday, I had a picture in my mind of Lucy handing off a baton to you; as if you’re supposed to go be to others what she was to you.

        1. Ahhh Bill I love it!
          I am afraid today’s post was kind of a downer… so forgive me… I think I dropped the baton but picking it up again!!!! Thank you for reminding me!
          You are the BEST for me!~
          I always think what would Bill say? What would Bill think lol!
          But you know what? You bring me to the doorstep of Jesus just like Lucy did. A constant reminder in a way that I don’t rebel! And believe me I am stubborn when it comes to my walk with The Lord… Like Paul… I don’t do what I know I should and do do the things that I know that I shouldn’t…
          You have a way of reminding me that Jesus is loving me though it all!
          Thank you.

    1. Thank you Debby!
      This one hit me hard. Didn’t expect it at all. I guess I didn’t want to. Like a toddler closing my eyes and thinking therefore no one can see me! Smile.
      I loved just knowing she was in this world. But so many people here have all said the right things. And you’re right. The ones who didn’t and just read, meant the world as well!

  5. What a wonderful tribute, Diane. I have to admit I am a bit envious of both of you; the love you shared with one another is priceless, and the best thing about it, is it isn’t over and will never end. Most of all, I envy Lucy, because she is home; you know, they say home is where the heart is, and her heart is obviously with our Lord and Savior. But then too, it sounds as though her love for you and probably all around her is just as strong as her love for Jesus, so she is home in another way too; in all your hearts–unconditionally and forever. And, by the way, I don’t take that word–forever–lightly.
    Be at peace, my friend.

    1. Charles,
      Thank you so much!
      Everyone has been so kind! Your words are so comforting. As always you know the perfect things to say! I appreicate you taking the time to read and comment! It means more than you know!

  6. So sorry to hear of your loss, Di. It’s never easy when you get “that” call and experience those times of sadness. The sadness is for us who are left behind and will miss the companionship of the one who has continued their journey. Our life here is but a stopping place, a hesitation in our journey and when we also move on, we will again see those faces who were important to us and feel their love surround us again. Don’t dwell on sadness, but rejoice in the celebration of her life. My heart and thoughts are with you. Hugs.

    1. Paul,
      As always such perfect words from YOU that bring tears to my eyes. Not because of the pain but because they sooth the hurt. Such great reminders today to appreciate every moment and to understand that our time here is so short (so funny cuz she was over eighty and yet I feel it was not enough!!) and this is not the end! Thank you my friend!
      Tight Hug!

    1. Thank you Ann. It’s strange. When I got the call yesterday, I was at work so I had to keep going… I just kicked into numb overdrive…. I think that is what I have done a lot lately ~ just kept going through the deaths in my life….Thought I could do the same yesterday but this one is different.
      I haven’t taken a death this hard in a long time. Just took a long nap after church. First thing I thought about when I woke up… first thing I thought about this morning too…. This one is going to be a hard one to get over. I didn’t see her so sick so I guess that is when you are relieved that they are gone so they are’nt suffering any longer. Which I am glad she’s not. But there is such an empty place in my head knowing she won’t be here anymore. But in my heart I know (thanks to all the wonderful reminders here today) that she will be with me forever. Thank you for your prayers.

    1. Carl, I know… but it makes me realize how short life is and how fleeting each opportunity is. We were going to visit her this summer. It had been two years since our last visit. Though we spoke on the phone often, towards the end it was hard for her to hear and so I stopped calling as much and would write letters instead. But I should have called more and written more and made time to visit. If she loved you she really loved you. They say the good die young. Though she was over 80… I feel that way about her now. But I think Chad summed it up best if you read below. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment Carl. It means a lot!

  7. From what I have read, Lucy must have been a wonderful person. Base on what you have said, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she also touched many, along her beautiful journey, while she was still here.
    The Lord truly blessed you with her, as He knew in advance, that you would need her words of wisdom, as well as her unfailing love. As you have stated, she is in the arms of her redeemer, rejoicing in His presence. Her memory will live in your heart forever, until that moment, when the Lord reunites you with her, and your other loved ones.
    You were truly blessed, and will continue to be. Someday, someone will write about you, as you have written about Lucy. Blessings.

    1. Wow you made me cry. I’ve been doing that all day. But this one was a good thing. It touched me so much. All I can tell you is I hope so… even if I could leave an eighth of the legacy she leaves. Her life makes me want to be better. To go and follow her lead! She never let me get away with anything! If she didn’t agree with something she was not afraid to tell me! I’d love that about her. She was the kind of friend who would tell you the truth. You never had to wonder what she thought!
      If you were a delivery guy or a plumber or electrician or a housekeeper she was bound and determined to tell you about Jesus. I wish I could have a peek in heaven to see her there with Him now! All her questions are answered, all her pain is gone. I used to tell her that when she entered Heaven HE would be waiting there to tell her “Well done good and faithful servant.” I have no doubt that I was right about that one.
      Thank you Parrillaturi! Your comment really helped!

  8. So very sorry for your loss Aunt Diane and I am praying for you now. Lucy sounds like an amazing women! Your sweet memories of her touched my heart. Chad’s thoughtful truths made me cry. Love you both very much! xoxo

    1. Ahhh My sweet girl. I love you! Thank you! I KNOW huh? Made me cry too! I don’t think we are ever really ready to ever let go of those we love so much regardless of age! This made me think of Grandma all over again! Not a whole lot of people have lives that can be captured in such a great song but Grandma and Lucy are nextdoor neighbors now I am sure of it!

  9. There comes a time when our adventures on earth comes to an end. The friends who we love start to get called back by the Lord. And Immediately we think of how much they loved God and start to see a better part of them that we may have never noticed before. We see the sacrafices they made more clearly and understand more the meaning of a true friend.I think it is at these times we grow the most.We ask God why?…….. though we truely know the answer………….After comes a time you realize Gods love and you strive for it as you want his love even more than before.After a while you dont mind when he comes calling for you cause all your friends are waiting and all who you still love are on their way.

    1. Sometimes it takes the biggest holes in our hearts to be filled with unexpected treasures. Thank you Chadly, my heart is filled. She always asked about you… EVERY single time we talked. You never sieze to amaze me when you share your thoughts! I am a proud mom when you do!
      I love you!

    1. Thank you Arlene. You are right! Because of so much about her… I do have confidence that I will see her again!
      So glad I have friend like you in my life to remind me that we are all one big family!

  10. So sorry for your loss. It is probably little comfort knowing that as she lives on in your memory she is with you still. I carry a number of people with me in this way and they seem to guide me. I often think in terms of conversations with people and I hear their voices as if they were with me giving advice or reacting as I imagine they would. It is not the same, but the impression certain people have left with me lives on in a very real way — a lasting lifelong gift.

  11. And so, see her truest legacy lives on in you. If you can give to someone what her heart gave to you, then she will have done well, and lives forever …. What a beautiful eulogy … Sending prayers for your heart -gfs

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