This one is for those who remember these words from a verse I heard long ago…

“Oh my love come grow old with me… for the BEST is yet to be….

So many times when we are young we don’t grasp that we are actually living our “Good Old Days” we have bills and toddlers to deal with and then suddenly in a blink of an eye it is over… our toddlers have grown up and moved on to have families of their own and we find ourselves living like strangers wondering WHO is this person I am living with? Perhaps with much water under the bridge where we even forget why we fell in love in the first place… It is up to us to remember. To realize that we almost missed the BEST in the part we promised each other long ago.

If you are in that place… lonely and wondering; WHERE the the heck is the BEST you promised me?! Look inside yourself. And remember LOVE is a verb!

coffee in the morning

I caught myself looking at you

and in the wisp of the moment,

on the breath of love,

older couple laughing

as an angel’s wing brushed my heart

I remembered

what falling felt like…

 couple kissing outside

The scent of joy and passion

the sound of laughter

riding on a memory…

All mixed in with the pain of life

arguing couple2

that almost made me forget.

But in that glance


I fell down into my memories

rushing past all the bad

and landing in all the good

falling, falling, falling

 in love again.

Diane Reed ’13

couple hugging melancholy woman's face

37 thoughts on “Falling In Love AGAIN

    1. I don’t follow unless I really like what I read! Not to generate traffic to my blog! So you are welcome! Good luck with your books! I need to go and check them out!

  1. Namaste …This IS so beautiful…you capture that wonderful feeling of being in love…Thank you for visiting and following my blog…I am humbled. You have so many great posts…need to come back to read more…Oliana

    1. Thank you so much! I have been out of town and trying to follow as I travel. Back now and have to get back to writing!
      It is nice to know I am not forgotten when I am gone.

  2. Thanks for the follow on my blog!

    I loved this post. I commented earlier but for some reason it didn’t work? Lol

    Anyway I’ll make it short this time and just say this is filled with love hope and inspiration! Hugs Paula xxx

    1. I followed your blog a while back and just found you again! Not sure why wordpress stops notifying some randomly but glad I found ya! Thanks for reading! xoxo

    1. Kavita,
      What a wonderful line of your own! “I hope we all grow old realizing that life is short and we should better take any opportunity to love and be loved!” That capsulized it perfectly!
      thank you for reading! I feel “gotten” 😉

  3. Oh my God Diane! This is so lovely and touching. It moved me to tears. I think every married couple should print this, frame it, and hang it on their bedroom wall. Absolutely beautiful. ❤

  4. I disagree with your assessment that love is a verb. Granted, the action of loving someone is a very true idea. With that said, there are many other actions that can show how much love (the noun) you have for someone. In my mind, love is one of the few concepts that transcends a basic label, if for no other reason than the sheer power it has over the human psyche.

    1. Perhaps you may have something there. But if you are under 30 come back and talk to me after you have been with the same person over 20 years. (Not to sound condesending) Though I still believe that even in the beginning… LOVE is all action… (verb) and we “feel” the love you describe as (noun) “sheer power over the human Psyche” and I have experienced that kind of powerful raw “couldn’t stop it if you wanted to” kind of take over feeling and it is great and I’ve ridden the wave as long as I could and then life happens and like velcro… Stuff changes… outside things get stuck to the love and the magic almost disappears. And it is work to keep it alive and that my friend is where I find the usage of the word “verb” fits for me… at least. If anyone has not had to “work” (that darn verb again) at loving after a few decades then I’d like to know your formula and so would every marriage counselor currently in practice, I would think. 😉

    1. Ahhh thank you! Always honored when someone remembers me in such a sweet way. I am so touched to be chosen as one of the ones in those here.
      You bring sunshine to my life too! Always!

  5. Who wouldn’t love to fall in love again … miracle times are not over yet – but I think I’m far too picky.
    Love this poem … I wish I was 30 again and have so much time on my hand for love … and everything else.

    1. I don’t know Viv… I have lived the last decade mourning my youth… I think that I am beginning to see the value in aging gracefully. There was a saying on one of my Anniversary cards (I didn’t write it but I incorporated it in my verse that I did write on that card… ) it goes something like this… Oh my love, come grow old with me… for the “best” is yet to be…
      I think that I almost missed the best by being stuck in the place where I was sending the wishes. Now I am in the place that in my mind might not be the BEST but they also say love is a verb… an action word… maybe it is up to me to create the BEST rather than wait for the feeling or life to do it for me. Ya know?

      1. It’s like the old Beatles song – when I’m 64 …” Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
        When I’m sixty-four?” I just love the lyrics to that song.
        There is so many different kind of love … and sometimes especially we girls fall in love with being in love.
        I had some fantastic romances and relationship during my life – some more fantastic than others, but I wouldn’t like to be without any of them – because they have together made me to the woman I’m today.

  6. Whether after a loss, a separation, or just a day away, falling in love again is life’s sweetest joy, and most precious gift to give … Wonderful reminder …

  7. Beautiful, Di! Hey, I was reading back posts on my blog, when I saw our exchange last year!. Care to update process on your book? You may have posted about it, but if so I missed it somehow. Just wondering. 🙂 Di

    1. I am slowly realizing that editing is all about taking away rather than adding and I am working on taking out the needless information.
      Thank you for reading!

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