My Story

Some people are private, they don’t understand the need to be heard.


They could never understand the concept of bearing  it all. But ever since I was very small I’ve felt different.

little girl writing

I am unique in that way. I’ve always considered it a waste to learn life lessons and not share the lesson learned. Whether in the way of written word or sharing in other forms… even if just over coffee.. It’s all in the relating. And you’ve got to know that  somehow, each and every one of those times of relating will somehow find their ways to words I write someday. Not in a bad way, but in way of a lesson or a moment worth sharing. For when we write we are never truly alone and when you are lonely just write! I don’t think I’ve ever truly felt lonely as an adult. Even as a lonely child, I learned to create my own friends on paper, to read books filled with towns of people I was glad to know that I had that kind of power! And… Through our memories, our experiences and our lessons we learn to share so others don’t feel so alone. Think about it. There would be no books, or poems, no plays or movies or even sitcoms without writers! There would be no speeches or sermons, no quotes. Even God used writers to write HIS WORD! They need us!

Recently,  I’ve had this need to go back and understand my mistakes in order to help others not make the same ones. If my lessons can help others… why not shout them from the mountain tops? Or at least fill the empty pages with words that can give hope to others who are hurting? I mean… what’s the big secret?

friends talking

I also like to tell my story and relate it to yours. For we all have one. A story that is. And I have always felt that your story might help me and my story might help you and if we miss the opportunity to share a lesson we have learned it is like an empty schoolroom filled with unread books.

class room abandoned

If you are a survivor of anything, you have a story! You have hope to offer. You have a gift to give someone going through what you have survived. What a waste to not give that hope away. An illness is cured, a heart is repaired, we are all survivors! When you are in love don’t you want to shout it from the mountain tops? Don’t you want everyone to feel your joy? Well, THAT my friend is just a chapter in your book waiting to be read by someone else who waits for that same kind of love.

When I am happy, I want to tell everyone about how I am feeling, to talk about it and explore it. If it is stifled, if you can’t share it… it almost robs you of the joy you were feeling. When I am sad, I want to talk about it, when I am angry I want someone else to understand.  To be silenced is like being held captive.

hand over mouth

Like a writer without paper, like a pen without ink.

To write is like shouting it from a mountain top.

mountain top kneele3r

To not be able to is like our own private  hell.

crumpled paper

We are all different and that is what makes the world go around.

winnie the pooh and piglet conversation

 I can honestly say that I’ve never written anything I didn’t mean. Writing gives you a chance to backspace and be very thoughtful about what you say…. unlike just blurting it out. We tend to take more time when we are telling our “story” it is a pretty magical process. It really is about our stories… Those are all we ever really have left of value in the end anyway, isn’t it? So regardless of how tactful or private everyone else is… or isn’t… Or if they do or don’t understand what I share or why I need to… I will never stop writing my story… never stop writing the words on the pages of my life.  Even if I am the only one who learns the lessons I was supposed to learn.

my story

35 thoughts on “My Story… Excuse me while I shout it from my mountain top!

  1. Diane this was a brilliant post! I’m so lad I read it! Thank you very much. SHOUT SOME MORE! I’m gonna post one of my favorite cartoon photos on my blog just for you this morning pop by and have a look. I would have put it here but I am not sure how.. God bless you today D..


    1. I am just now finding comments that I did not respond to. I am trying to clean up some of the loose ends that I missed! Thank you for as far back as this summer being such a supportive and inspirationa cheerleader! Love it!

  2. Once again I’m reminded that we are truly two peas in a pod! I’m right there with you! No, not everyone has to bear it all, nor do they have to do things in the same way we’ve chosen to, but we don’t go through anything for the purpose of standing alone. We have experiences to share, encourage and uplift one another, and if that’s your intent, than thank the Lord for your boldness in your transparency. Many are blessed by it!!! 😀 xoxoxo

    1. I just found this! Can’t wait for pictures from your new home! I have a feeling that you are going to be so blessed! Though I will miss knowing that you were only a few hours away also in California! We will be neighbors someday in heaven!

  3. This is so good and so true, Diane! People shout their gripes and complaints, but are usually hesitant of even quietly sharing testimonies that might bring hope to others. One of my wife’s closest friends was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. “Friends” and casual acquaintances shared horror stories with her about “people they knew with a similar diagnosis…” Why do people do that? I know it sounds harsh, but in instances like this, if you don’t have a story that brings hope, shut up!
    I’m glad you are a hope-giver.

    1. Bill,
      You are my hero. You top the list of anyone I could name. I even tell your story. I make people read your blog and then they get so hooked they thank me for sending them there! YOU are my prime example of how one story can change so many lives! I am waiting for the next chapter too! Where in your lifetime they find a cure! I am going to ride that wave with ya! What a story that will be! In the meantime, your HOPE is addicting! And the lives you touch with your attitude has turned my whole way of thinking upside down!
      By the way… one of my good friends had stage 3 breast cancer (bone marrow transplant… the whole shabang) survived for over 14 years and then got stage 4 Ovarian Cancer… and 3 years later is still here surviving! Unfortunately, she is one of the ones who does not want to share. She will do it one at a time but when I encourage her to write about it… she doesn’t want to. I find that sad because of my whole stand on how others could really be encouraged by her story… the doctors said to get her things in order and practically sent her home to die… well YOU know how that goes… Doctors don’t know everything! She has new faith in God and I think HE had much to do with it all… along with the fact that she had the money and good insurance in order to design her own medical teams of both Eastern And Western procedures… anyway she is here as healthy as ever! I have to respect the fact that it is not a happy subject for her to spend her valuable time writing about but as a writer I just don’t get it. But I have leaned to not judge unless I am in your shoes I don’t really know anything about it!!! Though I see you reaching thousands with your story! And also one at a time like Chris… all because of your wonderful writing heart! But like I’ve said before… No one is ever going to make me have a passion to learn how to knit. I paint and draw and write… but knitting is just not that enticing to me… such as writing… if you don’t have the passion… I GET it! But my mom really would still love to teach me how to knit. lol.

  4. Phew. This made me feel better. Sometimes I berate myself for pouring it all out. It’s great to know that some people are genuinely interested and that I may get an outpouring back from someone else from time to time. I met one of those just this week – a special one with a lot to share. I find they are always great people with nothing to hide – like you and me, darling girl!

    1. Emma,
      That is why “WE” connect! There are so many different kinds of people in the world! (All over) Look at us ~ for instance! 😉
      But when we meet someone who GETS us… we hang on for dear life! I have an old friend who mentioned that ever since he knew me… I had this tribal need to be accepted by telling my life story. And for someone who thinks they know me so well… THAT was never it! True, I have my own separate needs for validation… THAT oozes out all over my writings (I am sure.) But the story telling is soooo different. It is all about the “TRUE” heart of a writer. I mean, there are people who are just great at writing but they are different than those of us who write stories because we HAVE TO.
      Ya know? I know you do. 😉
      And that my friend… is the connecting part verses the ones who just don’t get it and never will.
      Thanks for reading and commenting and GETTING me.
      As always~

      1. It’s rare and wonderful to meet a kindred spirit, Diane. Lucky us. There seems no way for me to turn off my tap no matter how hard I’ve tried so now I accept myself doing it.

  5. Judgment is our jailer, people fear being captured and locked away in it so much so that they forget to be free. They forget that they deserve to express what they should be judged for. They don’t remember that their story is need to complete the book of life. They allow every secret to rest in their hearts, poisoning it with disconnected; losing track of our reason for being, “connection”. “A whole can be measured by it pieces but can’t be defined by one piece” AB (AmazinglyBrash). I agree, we owe it to our fellow wo/men to tell our story, so its established that we exist!!!!

    1. Ahhh YES!!!! Soooo TRUE!!! Judgment is our jailer! I love it!!!!!
      The thing with me is that … ever since I was VERY young… elementary school age… I’ve been touched by other’s writings. Quotes and sayings and capsulized historic words that famous people said… Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis, A.A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, I could spend all day… grasping at the GREATS that touched me… and I knew waaaay back then that I didn’t want to waste my words… I wanted to never miss a SHOUTING IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP experience.
      Though I have learned to master the art of “secret keeping” and know how to be descreet in my old age… I don’t mix words or can be silenced in places where I know I won’t hurt others. If I can teach a lesson through a comment or a post through a poem or a story or a novel… Just try to hold me back! Cuzzz someday I want to have made a difference… I want people to re-read something I wrote and feel that they are not alone in this world.
      From your past works I feel you totally GET that and you guys here are like coming home. Finally I am not alone. Someone gets me! It is like attending an AA meeting and feeling Yeah I’ve felt that too! (but in a good way!) 😉

      1. We are inspired so much but don’t always know were to place the inspiration. I have lip sync songs that brought tears to my eyes, watched movies that encouraged me to act, and read books that motivated me to write; but nothing has been more fulfilling as being engrossed in the connection of ideas in the presense of others. I have mastered the art of Brash concepts that are amazingly constructed; I feel blessed to have the platform to connect with so many other people that suffer from AE (an Addiction to Express), it has indeed became a community!!!!

  6. This is where you and I are so much alike. I Love that Pooh quote. So sweet.
    I’m an open book and I guess I just always think everyone would be happier if they shared their stories and feelings. I know there are people who don’t trust for good reason, but I think it’s empowering to air it out and process our life with other people– especially people who have been through the same thing. i’m a good example of this. So many people have helped me through this rough time just sharing their stories, those pieces of themselves.
    Anyway, you are so gifted, Diane. You write so beautifully about such important heart things. This is why I love you so!!!

    1. And Lisa you are a prime example!!!!!
      YOU my dear are a hero in what I am talking about. Last Thanksgiving when you went through your nightmare and you took us along on your journey… feeling every heart stab (and back stab for that matter) and your continued ride back to falling in love with yourself, realizing what you deserve and what you don’t! And finding happiness again and us getting to find it with you.
      I SEE a book in there somewhere.
      You are one of the GREATS and I know you KNOW what I am talking about!

  7. I agree! I’m an open book too, but only some people want to read all the pages:-) I love the many ways God uses our stories to minister to others, in His perfect timing 🙂

    1. Lara~
      What a great way to put it… I love it… to make the words feel strong.
      I have this need to find the greatest pictures to strengthen what I write about but never was able to quite put it so brilliantly as you just have!
      Thanks for reading!

  8. I hear you Honey! I have always been the same and find nothing more frustrating than someone who tries to shut me up. I have nothing to hide…Sorry about that….Then I have people in my life who hide everything! I have to get out the pick axe just to find out how their day REALLY was! ARGH! Great post.. Much love to you xox

  9. Diane, this is wonderful and so true. Reminds me of a quote of mine I posted on FB and twitter last week. Please indulge me as I share > “Everybody comes from somewhere and has a story, listen to others and make yours worth telling.”

    I love your honesty please never stop sharing your story it is too good not too as is everyone’s! I recently rewrote my about page opening up a little more about my pain, but that is what makes me who I am. And where a lot of my writing and art originates from.

    I pray for courage for all of us to keep sharing both the good and the bad, as it does bless others and cements our humanity. God bless and keep believing!

    1. Hi Mark!
      I am so glad you liked it. A few people in my life… have been talking about my blog. They talk about how private they are and how they don’t understand how people can just break open their life for everyone to see… and expose their hearts like I do here and so I tried to explain it in this post. With me, it’s kind of always been…. What you see is what you get and really is nothing new for me.
      It is just now that we have social medias and more technical venues to choose from, it just seems more OUT there. Now my heart can reach countries rather than just one at a time. How cool is that?!
      Okay now I’m going to go to your blog now!

      1. Diane, so true! The technology allows us to reach and hopefully touch others so far removed geographically, it is very cool! Be honest and vulnerable is scary but has so many rewards that I believe it is a chance worth taking. Like you said what you see is what you get, why hide?

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