The messages attached to “Good bye” mean different things at different times in our lives. To some it means see you later when to others it holds the sting of finality. And then there are those who though they may have said it a thousand times … they are the ones who will never completely ever be gone. They are the ones whose “goodbyes ” have as much strength as a feather.

And then…. there are the ones who are completely gone. They have left this world. Their ashes have been scattered and we will never hear their voices (at least not on this earth) again. In a way it really makes me resent the game playing in the frivilous goodbyes. I mean after all, life is so fragile. It should mean so much more than it seems to. We are not game pieces that can be moved by the toss of a dice. We are human beings with lives that are already hanging from the most fragile of threads. We can only play with the hand we are given but it makes how we play so much more important.

Inside the memory of a thousand good byes

my grieving heart sees through it’s lies

past the dreams we gave away

wondering now… what if we’d stayed?

so tell me again go ahead

beat the horse until it’s dead

Explain it to me, please just try

What should I do with your goodbyes?

Diane Reed


winnie... if the comes a time

14 thoughts on “If we said a thousand goodbyes…

  1. This is so poignant for me at this time. This Saturday we’ll be celebrating the life of my husband’s grandmother who passed on June 26th. Alexandra was her youngest great-grandchild (#11), and we had no idea that the last day we saw her as a family would be her last “good” day. My husband was able to return on the eve before she died, and I know they had a very special final moment. For that I am grateful, and for her, and to all my loved ones who have departed, they will forever be in my heart!!

  2. My grandfather used to say “Don’t say goodbye, say, ‘So Long'”. For his eulogy, I looked it up and it came from a derivative of Shalom, meaning peace.

    1. Jodi!
      I loved that! I love it when someone we love have those sayings that we attirbute to them. As a writer, I want people to remember my words…
      Thank you for sharing!

  3. There are also goodbyes I say on a daily basis as if to train my heart for when it becomes goodbye forever… I absolutely love this, Diane.

    Hugs to you!

  4. I love the French a toute a l’heure … In another hour … And the Spanish – via con Dios .. Go with God ..
    I have often said that whoever spoke the phrase ‘parting is such sweet sorrow’ has to have been a poet …
    I love Pooh Bear …

  5. Goodbye is such a sad phrase. My mom would never utter that word. She would always say, “see you later.” Whether you like it or not, your good bye will someday be forever, if we fail to reunite again in heaven. What can you do with our goodbyes? Keep them in your heart, and don’t let them go, for once you do, they’ll be gone for a life time. I keep good byes in check, for I know that one day, that goodbye will be replaced with, “Hello again.” Blessings.

    1. I love your mom’s heart! I heard once…. when you hug your kids… always let them be the first to let go… never let go first. I’ve always tried to follow that!
      Thanks for reading and sharing!

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