I couldn’t sleep the other night and so I went wandering around Facebook and tried to find some of my friends from the past and it made me realize one thing…. We all are old!!!!!  lol.

me viginia slim photo

Older faces staring back

hit me like a heart attack

everyone I used to know

where did you all seem to go?

I click on you and find your name

only your eyes look the same

 I click on photos titled:  “past”

I finally see “YOU” at last!

The one  I remembered then…

 An older version of my friend.

I wander through… browsing at the rest

 I smile and click “Friend Request”

Hoping that you’ll recognize

Who I am now from my eyes

That’s when I realize what you will see

when you find my name and click on “ME”.

Diane Reed


old couple walking

66 thoughts on “Clicking On Me

  1. Lovely poem and so true. We may all be getting older but when you think of it, it is a good thing, as so many around us don’t reach the older years. That is the sad reality. Nice to connect with you Diane.

    1. Helen,
      Thank you so much for reading! I agree we need to appreciate being around to feel old! Huh?
      Nice to connect with you Helen! Glad our paths have crossed!

  2. So much truth in what you wrote! Yes, I too have felt the exact same way, even when I look in the mirror. I see the same eyes, but a much older me. “heart attack” priceless!

    1. Elizabeth! Thank you! I just have to say thank you for finding me so that I could find you~!
      EVERYONE needs to go read your post today! Loved it! Just what I needed. Just found out my Father in law has cancer cells again and it has devestated us! He and my husband work together and are in the midst of so much. We need him!
      I feel the flapping beginning! Thanks for the great message!

      1. I’m sorry your family has received such bad news. I pray your father-in-law will get past this with God’s grace and that this situation will not only strengthen him but those around him. In Jesus name, Amen!

  3. This is sooo true! I found someone once playing a HS basketball game…I thought I recognized him, and I did…it was ME! Man, that was a shocker. I closed the book and did something else! Good post, Diane!


  4. Hello Diane! Time flies and before you know it you’re an age that’s surreal to you. You are gorgeous! I’m sure some of your friends did not age as gracefully. In the end what I wish for is to age gracefully, in good health, and with dignity.

    1. Ahhh Debby… love your unconditional love! You are so sweet! But I don’t even recognize me in the mirror anymore! When my first husband died… it was crazy seeing all the old faces at his Memorial… That is when I realized we all were young in my mind. I had to really look at some before I recognized them! And then wondered what they were seeing! LOL.

  5. I have stacks of journals, most of them documenting the five and a half years since my divorce. What I love about returning to them is to see how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come. It’s interesting that for you blogging has replaced journalling. I find that the two practices serve different purposes in my life. My blog is a very public place, whereas the writing in my journal is very private. Though, I often practice both, I find that there are times where I need one kind of writing more than the other.
    So pleased to meet you!

    1. I’ve been gone on a little vacation and it was hard to keep up with my blog while away but so nice to come back and find I was not forgotten!
      Thank you for your comments! I am pleased to meet you as well! Hope to get to know your writing too! I agree my written journals are much more private and shared only if I choose to extract something and re-write here! The handwritten ones are pretty special to me…. something a bit magical about a letter in the mail and a page in a journal! Ya know? 😉


  6. I had my hair cut recently. The tarp draped around me was covered with grey hair. The lady barber assured me that all that grey hair was from the last customer, not me. As if!

    You look better now, more dynamic and confident, looking straight into the camera with a warm confident smile. The younger pic is something to behold though.

    1. THAT is sooo funny! I can’t imagine “you” sitting atop of someone else gray hair clippings! And not mentioning it to the violating offender! Unless of course she was humoring you! 😉 😀

    1. And Patricia… you are my biggest encourager! Ya know what they say about beauty in the eyes of the beholder! I am just blessed that you are beholding!

  7. I have been startled too. Facebook connects the missing dots of missing years so easily. I used to wonder, “When did so-and-so get so OLD?” Ha, I forgot I was part of his or her time.

  8. Hey! What’s in a number! They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every time I see myself in the mirror, I behold my good looks. I guess I’m the biggest, and most biased beholder of all. In the eyes of the Lord, we are all beautiful. So, take courage. If old friends do not recognize you, well, maybe it’s because you have developed into a much more beautiful you, since they last saw you. March on, beautiful ones, march on!

    1. I KNOW! And I just wrote this big old post about how we are all Vessels but what is important is all on the inside!! But I must say that I’m a little disgusted with my vessel right now! Smile. It needs a little polishing!
      We used to say age is just a number when we wanted to be seen as more mature! Now we are saying it in regard to our age now. Arghhh! lol.

  9. I actually think you’re as much of a hottie now as you were back “then.” Maybe more so! That’s right. Some lucky people get better with age, you’re one of them!!

    1. Ahhh Lisa!
      You always make me smile!!! In this case maybe laugh a little! Just came in from a swim. I look just wonderful. LOL. Not with the same little tanned bikini laden body I used to think was a little too skinny! Ahhh Those WERE the days! 😉

  10. Nah Diane – you can’t be feeling old already (hahaha)! I think we all feel old from time to time. I know I touched a bit on it this summer at my niece’s daughter’s wedding. And, just recently when I dug in the closet and pulled out some old 45 rpm’s to catalog. Boy, did they bring back some memories.

    Some people come into this world as an old soul and start out with a lot of wisdom. More often than not, when we’re young, we haven’t acquired that wisdom yet. Don’t you wish you could have both: wisdom and youthful beauty when you’re young and old.

    It’s all good just the way it is – what’s in your heart is what makes you beautiful, Diane, and you’re glowing.

    1. Pat,
      I was heading out the door when I read your post and had to come back and reply!!! Your sooo sweet and I am so happy we have crossed paths. Always so inspiring!
      Love ya friend! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! The picture here is a blast from my past when I was getting a portfolio together taken… most of those pictures were water ruined but I salvaged a few and they are like a diary for me! Great memories….
      Someday I will post some more recent pics when I feel better about who I am seeing.
      This was supposed to be funny….lol

  11. I feel the same way, Diane! And its so strange because I’ve lived in the same town for 25 years but I pretty much stay to myself so when I do happen to run into people that I went to school with and I see how much older they are, I realize I’m older too! >.<
    But when the hearts remains young, so does the soul and that's what the eyes show! 😉

    You are one gorgeous lady, by the way!

    1. Mari you are so sweet. I know huh? When I was around your age… I think I started noticing how much older other people my age seemed. They didn’t age that well at all. But it is all relative… everyone gets old! Guess that is always better than the alternative 😉
      But it is hard to look at pics and remember the little skinny hard tanned bodies that we took so for granted.
      Enjoy your youth! And you my dear are beautiful! My problem was I started feeling old way too soon! Don’t make the same mistake!

  12. Yes we are! And some of us / them are starting to slow down too. Glad its not you! When I look in the mirror I have to look twice to see if that is really me. Surely I don’t feel nearly as old as I look. ~ Keep up your great work yong lady! Love the photo too! You look like a real angel..

    1. LOL… my whole point when I said:

      That’s when I realize what you will see
      when you find my name and click on “ME”.

      was…. that even though I still feel like the girl at the top of the page with the Farrah hairstyle… (taken decades earlier) I too am shocked when I look in the mirror…. and let me give you a hint… only give those magnifying mirrors to those you really don’t like haha. They are cruel!

    1. Someone Liked old post today & I wandered back through all the comments it is crazy how long we’ve been in each other’s lives feeling so connected without having ever met! And still like a great friendship where you can just pick up where you left off, you are still here. ❤️

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