hokey pokey annonomys

What if… this is as good as it gets?

Stop and think. I mean really think. We all have our own state of existence and sometimes it is really hard to stay in the moment and not hope for what is ahead. But what if “This” (picture me waving my arm around where you are) is as good as it gets? Would you be okay with that? Are you grateful for right now? I’ve begun to wonder if I am stuck because of me not being grateful enough. I KNOW that I am definitely in a learning place and just may be not getting it!  Not in the sense of really bad things happening. I mean we can take responsiblity for some of it. But some is just life and the deck we draw from.

I am talking about that “happy place” I can’t seem to find or at least stay there and I am wondering why. And… if this (me again waving around) is as good as it gets, would that be okay? I know I need to be grateful… that these someday, will be the good old days… but is there something wrong in hoping for something different? Always striving for a little more? Not necesarrily just “stuff” but more happiness. Ya know?

I won’t admit that I watch those poor “Housewives” on the different corners of our continent.( At least  not regularly.) But however scripted it may be, I have to admit that sometimes I find myself mesmorized by their drama. I think WHO SAYS THAT? Or screams like that or fights like that? When they’ve gotta have cameras in their faces.  it makes me feel better about my own life and the lack of drama.

Though, just recently my friend of over a half a century and I had a silly misunderstanding. At first I felt time and distance would help it blow over. But never really ever having any kind of “anything negative” with her in our adulthood, the more time that went by, the more apparent it became  that it would take more than an email to blow this one over. Yesterday we had an almost two hour conversation. We laughed and got serious and then honest and then laughed again. It felt as if a wall of bricks had dropped off of me afterwards. I felt light and ready to do the Hokey Pokey… just getting ready to put my left foot in…..

hokey pokey duck

when bamm!! Some other drama with a completely different person in my life slammed into me.

I felt ready to throw my hands up and give up. Or at least to sign on to some reality show because my drama lately is just as worthy as some of the best episodes of the Housewives anywhere!

But really have you ever felt like that? Sooo happy and ready to celebrate and then Wham! You are thinking… “What Next?! Can’t I at least enjoy the moment before you pull me down into the sludge again???? So I have decided to not be a victim!!!!!!!! In fact I refuse to be! You have heard the saying… “Don’t kick em when they’re down” Well, I am never going to be down again. Sooo just try to kick me flying in the sky! Ha! Okaaay… I know… one extreme to another… But literally,.. I intend to recognize the things that I can control and control them better. To not feed into the negative. To keep my mouth shut when at all possible. Wow I made that sound difficult didn’t I? Well, you know… sometimes it has been for me. But no more. I will lead by example. The next time I feel like being negative. I am going to march the other way!

Because This is not as good as it gets! And it’s not about the Hokey Pokey. It’s about being willing to shake it all about!

So you have caught me in a silly kind of nonsensey type of mood so don’t expect anything profound… just wanted to hang out with ya and have a layback blowing bubbles connection!

Turning Around

My mind is filled with butterlies

Wait! I’m scared of bugs.

My heart holds forgiveness

while my head still holds a grudge.

shel head

I do the hokey pokey

and turn myself around

hokey pokey retro

I paint on silly smiles

over  stitched on frowns

norman rockwell mirror make up little girl

Life is filled with chances

and lots of give and take

Sometimes it’s just the  small things

And the choices we all make

to know when to  just stop talking

so we can hear what others have to say

to learn to step aside

when pride gets in the way!

shel bridge

to stop when the sidewalk ends

and learn to go around

to only kick me when I’m up

and never when I’m down!

Diane Reed


shel sidewalk endsShel Silverstein / Norman Rockwell  illustrations

26 thoughts on “Turning Around

  1. You have a great way of candidly sharing your thoughts and your heart. I identified with those feelings, and also the desire to be more grateful and positive.

    I have been negative a lot lately, and I don’t like being this way. This post reminds me that it can be a challenge to think positive thoughts for everyone at times, but we can do it. Thank you for sharing this post.


    1. Theresa,
      (I have always loved that name!) Thank you for your comment! I think one of the best gifts that I can get as a writer is when someone relates to what I have written! Thank you for sharing! It means a lot!

  2. We recently watched the movie “Red” with Bruce Willis. A really fun movie with many great moments. What struck me most was how steady and confident Willis was in his character, not being affected by events and drama and always being astoundingly comfortable with who he is and what he is doing. I would like you to see that keeping his demeanor in mind. I so admired that.

    1. I will look up that movie! Since you respected my wishes and watched the movie I wanted you to see!
      I think a lot of people are confusing my place now with what I am writing about for my book. I have planned on putting different poems or excerpts from my poems to head each chapter since I started writing my book a few years ago. As I have been working on my chapters (which by the way I’ve torn apart so I feel are much more polished) I’ve gotten into places in my memories that pull these kind of poems up. If you read my poem at the end of “An Unexpected Afternoon” it has a more positive and empowered message. Though I admit that some of my poems are where I am at that particular time…like this one… Hmmm… I see what ya mean.
      I will watch the movie.

  3. Seems as I get on, the negative moments seem blacker than they really are, or were when I was much younger. Is it because I expect MORE of myself, I wonder? As in shouldn’t I know how to handle XYZ better?

    I understand exactly what you’ve said and I especially like the Hokey Pokey parallel. Good reading.

    1. I know Right? I think you are on to something. We are harder on ourselves the older we get. Perhaps ignorance is truly bliss. Or… perhaps we are just more accountable for what we know. Either way… I’ve been in those dark moments with ya! The thing is to keep them as moments and not to dwell their too long! Thank you for reading! I always love your comments!

      1. And I enjoy chatting with YOU, too!
        No, I don’t dwell on black moments. I let them go because I have way to much better ‘stuff’ on my mind. Waste of precious energy entertaining missteps or whatever.

  4. Diane –
    Put on your makeup different, or maybe none at all, use your other hand to brush your teeth, do everything a little different whenever you hit the doldrums and things will start to feel different. Maybe even better, but at least different. The Housewives are perhaps fortunate, because ignorance is bliss … They don’t know, and they don’t care. IMHO you are on a path, a spiritual journey that makes you ask so many questions, and that’s OK … It’s funny, I remember that question from the movie too, but what was Helen Hunt’s response? I don’t recall… I do recall Adyashati saying “Isn’t enlightenment really just seeing things the way they are.” “We end and we begin again.” Marlin Brando Last Tango in Paris … I’ve heard it said so many ways. Take your fun when you can … as the Navajo say “The sky would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.” Our Father wants us to have joy, but knows we need to see both sides, we need the rain, so we can appreciate the sun … What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about? Why sometimes I’ve believed seven impossible things before breakfast … Today is one of them. Blessings for your day…

    1. Peter
      Thank you for your iconic wisdom! I don’t remember either. I guess the end of the movies message was.. that you can always make it better. Even with all the quirks. Smile. Yesterday my husband turned on a pre season football game with the Steelers. I got up to let him watch. He said “you aren’t going to watch it with me?” I said no I wasn’t but i’d set him free from a guilt trip. He asked me… “so does that mean you set me free from reading your blog?”
      Wow. Really? Reading my blog for you is like making me sit through a pre season football game?” Ouch. Guess I’m getting a huge dose of enlightment! 😉

  5. As Mr. Lincoln once said, Di, “You can please some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you just can’t please all the people all the time. I’ve come to believe that life is just a series of hills and valleys. Be glad for the time you’re on top of the hill, because it will always be followed by time in the valley. Hugs to ya!

  6. Wow! Girl you got me where I’m at. I have these moments with a sense of unexplainable joy, then back to just normal…kind of quiet nothing special, but waiting in patient expectation for what God has next for me:-) Will it be my dream come true, the path that I am walking in faith; or does He have a bit more waiting for me:-) I remind myself I have waiting this long, I can wait a bit longer for His time and His best for my life.
    I am grateful for the many blessings in my life, thankful for the recent days of sunshine, not rain, for my health, His hand in guiding me into doing better each day…just to name a few.
    Gosh I just noticed it is another new day already…at least my local time it is 12:04am on Wednesday morning.
    Happy Wednesday Diane…that is when it is Wednesday out there 🙂

    1. Ann!
      Thank you! You always teach me something in all your comments! Maybe expecting more is not such a bad thing and not limiting God to our idea of happiness!
      Happy Wednesday to you too!

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