This one is for everyone who has ever tried to look for a link via someone’s Gravatar and in turn, that person has  not bothered to put their blog’s address where everyone sees their face! The only way I know how to get to someone’s blog is to click on their name. If there is no link to their blog on that page…. I am not sure how they think people are finding them. If someone goes to the trouble of writing a blog… you’d think they’d want other people to find it and read it… right?

This is also for everyone who ever wondered why they don’t have as much traffic on their blog as someone else has on theirs. ! Click on yourself and see if your address or blog’s page comes up. If it doesn’t… you need to know this very important thing…


 Not everybody will take the time to cut and paste your name to search for you!
Pleeease… if you feel that this is worthy of a reblog and you want to spread the news so that people start posting their blog page on their gravatar Reblog this one too!

No Stolen Cat Pictures

[Special note: the title of this article should be spelled “Gravatar Links” with no “i” in the first word. I would correct this but then people who have already linked to it would end up with dead links. I choose fame over correctness!]

I promised someone that I would show her how to add a link to her blog on her Gravatar page so that anywhere her Gravatar is people can easily go to her blog. I thought it best to make a little video showing exactly how to do this so there is no doubt how to go about it. Click in if you would like to watch.

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19 thoughts on “Gravitar Links

    1. Pat,
      Thanks for sharing it! Funny how so many people don’t know about it! It is kind of like asking for a price. If it is there and you want it… you buy it… but if the price is not visible… how many times have you not taken the time to look for it? I don’t know how many times I have put something back, that I might have bought if the price had been right and I really wanted it.
      Our blogs are like that. If it is accessible and easy to get to then we all generate more traffic.
      I am not really about how MANY people read my blog. I am more about who I connect with and if I my words can make a difference. Or at the least help someone not feel alone.
      But on the same token… I have been known to make the effort and cut and paste to track down an address and follow a blog… but more than not… I have been known to also pass on over one if the address is not handy. Ya know? LOL…Now you didn’t ask for that long winded reply did ya? 😉

      1. (hahaha) I’m lovin’ it, Diane. But, you’re right. We see these little pictures next to comments all the time but very rarely check them out. I have on more than one occasion and it’s a handy tool to locate someone.

        I agree with being more about content and making lasting friendships on the internet rather than traffic #’s. I think our connection is like that, my friend.

  1. Thank you for being the one to get Mr. Gramze to give a tutorial! He teaches more than piano and gets us all to our ‘keyboards’ in gratefulness! And, he’s excused for wanting to spell gravatar with some gravity!

    1. mlhe!
      LOL. He is excused but if I did it… he’d be all over me like flies on honey!!!! 😉
      Though he actually posted this without lil ole me prompting it. Though I have complained about this very thing in one of my archives on blogging. I am so glad he has finally done this. I hope it goes viral. I would love if wordpress. would put this on the page when everyone registers before they even sign up! Make it a prerequisite for signing up!
      I used to wonder why people didn’t post their address on their gravatars. Especially if they were writing and expecting people to read their blog. Now I realize that a lot of people had no idea that their address was even missing.
      I am sure this will need to be a repost but I do wish that wordpress could start to offer something as clear as this was to all newbies!
      Thanks for reposting!

    1. Debby…
      I know… My blog is my biggest distraction and yet I can’t seem to stop writing here! I love my followers and their feedback! So glad you got things figured out. I read what Jim said about everything and that makes sense. At least you figured it out before you had a million followers which is just around the bend when your book is published! 😉

    1. I am so glad! All of those who read this and are my friends already… will KNOW that I thought that there was something special enough for me to go and cut and paste your link so that I could find you! But if we can all try to get this out there… it would make finding people so much easier. I really wish that wordpress would explain it better when people are signing up how important it is to include their links on their gravatar pages.
      Thanks for reading! Please….Keep passing on the info!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I’m going to add a link or two to my gravitar, now that I know how. This is cool.

    1. Steven… for those who I follow who didn’t have a link… Ya know I thought you were great enough to track your link down anyway. But I’d really like to get this out in viral fashion cuzzz it is so frustrating… to see a great comment… click on the Gravatar of that person. Only to have no where to go. I’ve wanted to dedicate a post just on this subject! But it would have only been a complaint. Jim has actually offered a tutorial to fix the issue! I had to reblog it and hope everyone who reads this… will re-blog it as well!

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