I follow a blog by a fellow blogger and follower of my blog named Dyan, that challenges us to find  things to be grateful for in life. She is faithful in her commitment to write a daily word of encouragement and it has become an easy read. Today’s seemed to trigger a memory for me. It made me STOP and really see what I have been doing for over a decade… I realized that I am afraid to just let go and be grateful. To live in the moment to not worry about yesterday or tomorrow to just be grateful for something as simple as the ability to enjoy jam on my toast in the morning. I know it sounds funny… but some of you GET me so well…  I know you’ll understand.

Here is an excerpt from her post today:

It may be small, like the peach jam on your toast in the morning, pretty flowers that you pass on a walk – or it can be big, like a job opportunity we are presented with.  But if we are watching for things to be grateful for through our days, we will find them.  Living gratefully, purposely taking time to be grateful every day will bring us more things to be grateful for.  That is a great reason to keep a gratitude list every day.

To read the whole thing… here it is:


Well over ten years ago, I remember picking up an article in the waiting room of a medical office where I had my yearly exam. It was an excerpt from the book…”Don’t sweat the small stuff… And it’s all small stuff” We’ve all heard about it since. But it was new to me then. As a child, I always worried. I have since realized I’d become a co-dependent at an early age and always seemed to be waiting for something bad to happen.

I remember really reading every word and deciding that I was going to stop and smell the flowers just as I was called in for my turn… I remember light heartedly changing into the paper gown and waiting for the doctor. We made the usual small talk and then the expression on his face changed. It got more serious. He’d found a lump in my throat. It was strange… I never felt it……….  I think at that moment the whole thing about not sweating the small stuff was extracted from my memory.

For the next few weeks, appointments for surgeons and ultra sounds all filled the parts of my brain that was going to not sweat anything. I’ve always tried to protect my kids from my problems but somehow my daughter found out and demanded to know what was going on and then promptly prayed for me. It was a sweet simple prayer but ever since she was little, when she prayed she believed that God really heard her and kind of just expected Him to take care of everything. (If only we all could have that childlike faith!) After an ultra sound and a surgeon not finding anything at his exam it all seemed to have been a mistake or had it? Perhaps there had been something there and God heard the prayers of a child…my sweet daughter.
I just know that as I read Dyan’s blog today… it triggered a memory. I think at that moment in the Doctor’s office… I’d decided to truly not sweat the small stuff and then in the next moment… I’d been hit by a Mack Truck… not small stuff by any sense of the imagination. I am not sure what happened… maybe it was a mistake… maybe even the devil… but I think I was afraid to not sweat the small stuff ever again…. I think that I have been sweating it ever since… trying to be grateful… but always with one eye cocked over my shoulder… All I know is that this little reminder pricked a memory about never trusting anyone or anything with the free abandonment of thinking it is all small stuff because it can change at any moment. I guess that since then… I’ve always waited for the other shoe to fall. Nor have I ever completely relaxed since.

I know that life isn’t necessarily without catastrophe. Since that day… I’ve experienced illness of loved ones, earthquakes, and even death. But I have also experienced answered  prayer, good health and the miracle of birth.  I know it’s not all small stuff. But this little daily reminder, this once a day dose of being grateful really made me take a look at where I stopped appreciating the moment and began trying to deny it’s existence. I’ve been seriously robbed by the joy of relaxing in my gratitude. Like a thief in the night it was snatched from me. Today is a new day and I am just grateful to be sitting here knowing it. And I am grateful for all of God’s Vessels who come into my life with messages as way of their blogs. Perhaps this one might remind you to not sweat the small stuff and though it might not all be small stuff… to recognize when it is and to trust God with the rest! Have a grateful day!

Sophia's smile

A baby smiles and I see a glimpse of heaven.

A flower grows from a crack in the cement.

daisey through cement

A stranger holds the door open…

holding door

Are these messages possibly Heaven sent?

A garden’s fragrance, a butterflies wings

little girl in the garden

A sunrise inside the warmth of dawn

sunrise golden clouds

A child’s laughter, a friend’s simple note


when you thought you couldn’t go on…

A slice of toast with some special jam

toast and jam

warm socks on a cold morning

warm socks by tea

Ahhh such is the joy in feeling grateful

that appears in my heart without warning.

girl running

Diane Reed


21 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… and is it really all small stuff?

  1. Diane, this a timely message for me. As I prepare for the arrival of my third baby, you can imagine how much I am sweating the small stuff. Thanks for reminding to be still and live in the moment.

    Also, I do believe God heard your daughter’s prayer. He probably bottled up all her prayers in a jar.

    1. Your comments always give me such a peace. Truly, I’ve noticed that about you. My prayers for you are for a wonderful and non eventful delivery that gives you guys a healthy baby and mama! When is your due date? I can imagine that this might be a time when you are sweating the small stuff but God has HIS hand all over your sweet family! Relax and enjoy this time… It goes by so fast. I miss that connection of having my babies inside of me!!!! Of course now it would be totally ridiculous since they are both taller than me! LOL 😀

    1. You and I are a lot alike! I love that line… JUST BREATHE!
      Gravatar? Oookaaay… I know you are referring to Jim’s post… and I know when you explain what you meant… I will say…ooooooOOOOH!! But what did you mean? lol.

      1. Lol, Di you always make me smile. And oh yes, we think a lot alike. Now, listen carefully…………Yes, Jim’s post. You had said that you were glad he posted because you didn’t know how to make a gravatar. When I went to click on your post, your ‘about’ page came up with your gravatar and then I clicked on your blog from there. Great pic of you, always smiling. So when I saw that page come up I chuckled to myself and thought, she finally figured it out. Check yourself out! 🙂

        1. Debby,
          Funny… I thought I replied here… now I don’t know where I replied! lol. Noooo, I think you may be confused. I have always had a link on my gravatar and I have always had a gravatar… first it was an old black and white portfolio pic of me from a blast from the past and then I posted this one a while ago. But I had my gravatar and a link on my blog from the very beginnng… Long before I met Jim G. Though I appreciate him!
          He’d already posted that one about Gravatars that “someone else” asked him to post… it wasn’t me who originally asked him to make that tutorial… I just jumped on the wagon thanking him for making it because it really is annoying to click on someone’s gravatar and want to check out their blog and then have to cut and paste their name and sometimes that doesn’t work… so when I happened upon Jim G’s tutorial I threw a party! 😉

  2. Hi Diane, What a beautiful post! Such an honor to be included in it and so humbled that you have been inspired by my posts. You always warm my heart. Thank you so very much! Dyan

  3. That was beautiful. Glad things turned out okay with your health! There is always SOMETHING to be grateful for… And expressing gratitude daily is very healing. I used to keep a gratitude journal and write 10 “gratefuls” a day- slacked off over time. Now I try to tell God at least ten things I’m grateful for in nightly prayer and when I feel it throughout the day. I especially, while sometimes difficult, list things I’m grateful for when life gets crazy rough. This was a good reminder to focus on the positives! Thank you.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing! I love your journal idea of 10 things to be grateful for! I used to have a prayer tin that I was pretty faithful in filling… found it a few years later and it is amazing how prayers are answered that we don’t stop to truly be grateful for! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Small makes big. One starling with a thousand friends amaze us as the black cloud swoops and swirls against the backdrop of the red sunset. Atoms collide to take out Hiroshima. A boy’s ball in a neighbour’s garden escalates into WW3 between neighbours….. and so on. 😀 xox

  5. Love this…. I call those little moments a “God Wink”… From one fellow “worrier” to another… when you find out how to stop, please just let me know! 😀

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