Brenden and Chad Muslemen

It’s not about muscles that make people think we’re strong,

it’s not about the faults of other’s that makes you the one not wrong,

it’s not about the things we do so that others see them too,

It’s more in our transparency that gives us each  a better view.

 boy looking out window

It’s when I’ve seen the strongest man bend down upon his knees

to wipe the tears from a child’s eyes as he listens to his pleas,

it’s when he stops to hold a stranger’s door even when he’s in a hurry

or calls his wife each time he’s late, knowing that she might be worried.


It’s when he brings her flowers home for really no reason at all,


it’s when he’s kneeling in prayer that makes him seem so tall.

kneeling man at sunset

All these things show more strength than any winner of a fight,

for strength is in the example of always trying to do what’s right.

Someday we’ll all look back and see things from a different point of view

we’ll see the things we did and the things we wished we didn’t do,

little crying boy

we’ll wonder why we were stubborn and just couldn’t let things go,

we’ll each learn different things about ourselves we wish that we had known.

Jesus looking back

We all will someday end up at the same place of awakening

where we each  meet our Maker, at a time when our heart is breaking,

where we fall upon our knees, realizing where we did it wrong,

and in that moment of weakness it is then we’ll be most strong.


Diane Reed

 September 2013

mans praying hands

42 thoughts on “Being Strong

    1. Patricia,
      Thank you so much! I am blown away by everyone’s reaction to this poem. It’s a message that I wanted to say for a long time and it just came out. I know that it is not me but more and more… a God thing when HE gives me ones that He puts on my heart.. Of course there are still the ones from my own flesh too when I am not always in the right place… I know that one of the first posts of yours that I came across back when I first met you… inspired a poem and I KNOW that YOU were defintely a GOD thing!!!
      Thanks for rebloging! It is an honor especially to be reblogged on your wonderful blog! THAT by the way everyone should go visit if they haven’t!
      Love ya buddy!

      1. Hearing that anything I’ve done has been an inspiration to you is truly humbling. I am blown away by your talent and it’s a beautiful thing when you’re using the gifts God gives you, and creating such marvelous masterpieces!!! God blessed me with you, and I was excited to share this with any and everyone! It went on Facebook, my twitter, pinterest, the works! Love you friend and thank you for blessing us with your incredible words!!!

    1. Vashti!
      Goose bumps are good! I’ll take them as a sweet compliment! Goose bumps, tears and re-blogging are all right up there with gifts you could never buy me! I’d take them over a present wrapped with a bow any old day! 😉
      Love it! Thank you!

  1. Tender and sweet, Diane. I especially liked these words:

    “…it’s not about the things we do so that others see them too,
    It’s more in our transparency that gives us each a better view.”

    So true and beautiful written. You have a gift in poetry.

  2. When I first saw the title for this in my e-mail I thought maybe you had celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day too much and ran out of “R”s.

    It does take a lot of strength to do the right thing sometimes.

    1. Ahhhh Jim…
      We are always there for each other to point out the obvious. LOL. I knew YOU’d notice if you read this one. Too funny.
      I fat fingered the Title before I proofed and edited & pushed SEND too fast! But as you pointed it out in another post… I think one that I may have corrected you on… haha…
      I am stuck with STONG instead of STRONG now unless I wanted to cut and paste a totally new one and create a new post and lose all my comments. Arghhh! What to do? Chance that no one but Jim G. will notice! LOL!
      You are right… It does take strength! I agree! Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. This is perfect, and so true! Now, if we can just get more of them to believe it! It’s sad really that they just don’t all get it. As always, your pictures are perfect reflections of your thoughts/words. 😀

    1. Keli… so nice to see you back a little more! Thank you for taking the time to read! Yes it is sad… It’s all about the life we live not about what we say about it! 😉
      So glad to see you!!!

    1. Thank you! Good to see you! I’ve missed you! You are another one that I need to figure out why I am not getting notified. I need to go over to yours and Paul’s blog right now!

    1. Thank you… I thought that I fell short of photos for this one … the muscle one, actually is of my son and grandson… I was looking for the right pictures, searching the title muscles and thought ” hey wait a minute… I’ve got the “perfect one” in my own backyard” and pulled it up! lol. Thanks for always being such a faithful reader!

    1. Hi Paul!
      For some reason I feel that I have missed you! I need to go wander around your pages and see if I missed anything I’m still not automatically getting notified! If you have posted anything since I’ve been there that is.

      Thanks for the comments and reading this. Yep it is sad… I don’t get caught up in needing to be strong but I show my transparency in other ways and you are right it really doesn’t take a lot of effort!

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