Do you ever wake up and just have to write? I have found that in the morning especially, writing is like oxygen to me. Perhaps it is because sleeping and dreaming and writing all have some magical connection that is a bit like a fleeting vapor. The memory of a dream or the perfect words you wanted to remember all seem to slip through our fingers upon awakening.  Sometimes remembering what I have dreamt of is such a hazy memory, I wish that I could  capture it in a bottle so that I could have it to refer to later and yet later never comes. And as the day goes by, I often forget what it was that made me feel so intense and usually feel the disappointment of forgetting the whole thing.

This morning I woke up and realized that I get up early for that very reason. To capture the words that dance inside of my head just begging to get out before I forget. So with no interruptions I try to duplicate the messages from my dreams. I have painted a picture or baked a new recipe in much the same way, In the hopes that in sharing my creation, someone else will as I often say…. just “GET IT” and connect with me in a way that is hard to explain. Understanding is such an intimate thing we all share in different ways. A reader’s response to our writing is perhaps much in the same way a chef might feel as he watches and waits for the reaction upon our faces when we taste the first bite of something wonderful that  he just created and in turn,  that small response makes it all worth his efforts.

snow cone cat

(Sorrrrry, I just had to use this picture to make you guys smile!)

I can’t afford to go to a writer’s seminar right now but I know that whenever I find another writer in my own walk of life… someone who is also writing (or has written) a book or blogs…. it is like magic. Our souls just connect and we are bonded. I remember in seventh grade I met another writer who wrote because she just wanted to, no assignments made her write. like me she wrote because she had to. We became friends. We read each each other’s stuff. I am not sure why we didn’t keep in touch. Funny, I haven’t thought of her for a long time. At the risk of sounding redundant, meeting other writers is magical.  It doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I mean if I were a quilter, I could join a quilting club or if I sewed, I could probably run into others who shared my interest at a fabric counter. But writers aren’t as obvious. There is no AA group at the local church for writers. And so I am grateful that I have found you guys and can at least, rub elbows with you cyberly!

Have a great Sunday!

In my love for a wonderful metaphor I dish this one up for all writers and ask you all….

: “Just exactly why do you write?” Use a metaphor to answer if you like!

quote about writing typewriter

The words come like oxygen as she breathes to take them in,

They happen with no warning  for when they’ll begin or end.

She just has to go with it, as they dance upon her screen…

A recipe of words she writes not knowing what they’ll mean.

imagesCAWZP51C rolling pin

So she serves them with the hope that somewhere else on this earth

someone will read what she writes and they’ll somehow see their worth,

like a chef putting the final touches, garnishing his plate,

a writer posts their words and then silently has to wait.

As readers taste her efforts,  taking the time to read,

she prays that somewhere in her words, they’ll find what they might need,

pricking the heart of someone who needs the words she just wrote

as they in turn leave her their own words in a grateful note.

Diane Reed


quote about writing virgina wolfe

32 thoughts on “Like Oxygen

  1. My muse used to be times throughout the day while doing little chores. There has been some disruption in recent months, but I long for the day when everything will settle down enough to let me return to those things that prompt me to write.

    I loved the way you explained what writing means to you, and the poem was great!

    1. I loved this>>>>>>I long for the day when everything will settle down enough to let me return to those things that prompt me to write.<<<<<

      I agree!!!!
      Life is all about those little prompts! Being a writer is needing to write them down when we receive them! Unfortunately life may happen in-between those prompts so we sometimes lose them!
      Thanks for reaaally reading! I love it when I know someone took the time to GET what I was trying to say! 😉

  2. Hi Diane! I find that my muse likes to keep me up at night! I do however jump out of bed sometimes to write down fleeting memories of a dream i just had. Ha,ha! I love this line: I wish that I could capture it in a bottle so that I could have it to refer to later and yet later never comes. I’d love to capture my dream in a bottle too! 😉 Great piece. 😀

    1. Vashti,
      Thanks for your comment! I too sometimes stay up late to write. I guess it is just best when there are no distractions! Thanks for always commenting and reading! You are the BEST!

  3. Quote: Do you ever wake up and just have to write? I have found that in the morning especially, writing is like oxygen to me.

    I’ve said a similar thing myself and it IS like oxygen. I can’t get through a day without writing.

    A friend told me once that your a writer when you wake up in the morning and want to write. Your a singer when you wake up in the morning and just want to sing.

    How true it is.

    1. Chrissy,
      Thank you for sharing! And reading!
      That is a perfect metaphor! I wish I could sing. I know I’d wake up and want to use my voice as soon as I woke up! I think I’d be so astonished at really being able to sing (one of my wishes that I can do well in heaven is sing!) But for now I think people will appreciate the silence of my pen! LOL.

  4. Hi Diane, every time I get this question I say the same thing; I write because its the only time I REALLY tell the truth to myself. Its like a message to myself from above. Sometimes I just don’t know what’s coming. This is a lovely post.

    1. Yaz!~ YES!!!! That is it!!!! Me too! I also don’t know what is coming until it is on the tip of my metaphorical pen! I love this comment! It is the only time we are really honest with ourselves! I mean, Teachers use journals as assignments, and Therapists ask their patients to sometimes keep a journal… even young girls do it without anyone asking them in way of a diary (or maybe now days a blog!) 😉

  5. My muse doesn’t wake up til after 10pm, Di, and it abhors the bright sun and the work-a-day world. I’m best when most others have already gone to sleep. Words and feelings become more real then.

    1. Paul,
      I get that too! Sometimes at the end of the day when the world is tucked away…
      is the best time for me too. Or… sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just have to write!
      Okaaay, I really wasn’t trying to write a poem… lol.

  6. Before work, except on the weekend, is definitely best. Plus my day just feels happier knowing I have expressed myself and created something. I no longer check my stats or stalk my email for likes, but if I get a great comment I am ashamed to say I am over the moon, so others’ opinions clearly still matter to me. I loved this post. We are all joined and as you say, writers are hidden, especially as few can claim it as their job. My one writer friend and I have started writing limericks to each other, in a ‘your turn next’ way. He is so so funny and brilliant, but the only writing he is doing at the moment. I am just learning about overcoming resistance so I can get started on a book too. You are going really well. Still can’t wait.

    1. Emma,
      I feel we have lost touch a bit. But I love the kind of friendships where there are no guilt trips and where ever we are, at whatever moment… the friendships I cherish are the ones where I can start right where I left off and not miss a beat! I feel you are one of those rare few! Thanks for your over the moon comment! 😉
      I admit that is the perfect description! But like you, I don’t care as much about stats and LIKES but a great comment sends me right on over that moon with ya! 😉

      1. I agree we have but it’s my fault for being caught in a fog. I seem to be emerging now though my blogging energy has gone into learning piano and getting ready for my trip to Europe to meet Barbara Sher. I leave on 12th October. I can’t wait!!!

  7. When I began blogging I’d hoped to find a community of like-minded writers and readers. I have lucked out. Nothing has been more satisfying than sharing processes, which I thought surely no-one else experienced but me.

    Yes, not every day or week, but I have had that urgent need to get to my keyboard first thing in the morning. Makes me crazy when the operating system seems to take so long to start up. 😀

    Wonderful post, as always.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am glad our paths have crossed! Actually when I started my blog… it was to store my things and share it with people I knew. I never even understood how people all over the world might read our words! It was such a “high” to hear from people in Austrailia and India and realize that we all are exactly the same with a few little differences mostly in the way of miles! But love is universal and so are our words!

    1. I love that we are all writing all over the world at the same time but perhaps on different time zones! Our hearts are connected regardless of our distances! Thank you for reading! Happy writing!

  8. I am writing for me, from my heart and from my dreams. What I do not understand I approach with words and hope understanding creeps from my fingertips.

    1. I understand your words! Glad I get to read them! I think that when I want someone to understand I also use the written word when my voice fails me… Writing them down… allows me to backspacew and delete… sometimes once the words are out of my mouth..it’s too late! 😉

  9. “a writer posts their words and then silently has to wait.
    As readers tastes her efforts, taking the time to read,”

    I’m sorry but I can’t help this:

    A reader tastes
    Readers taste

    Regardless in the context it is a wonderfully put.

    It is very important so far as productivity and quality is concerned to do what is most important to you first. Some will have to stumble around until the fog clears (me) and get coffee first. As the day wears on so do you and your abilities. Put first in your day what is most important even if you have to get up early to focus on it before work.

    I remember really being under the gun to prepare and perform in public some music that was too difficult to learn in 30 days. Six months would have been comfortable. The way I was able to do it was to sleep twice each day and get two completely fresh starts each day. It was hell and my hands were so sore that I could hardly pick up a glass of water. Was the prolonged roaring standing ovation from my peers worth it? No, not at all. I don’t do music for a pat on the back or social approval, I generally do it because I can’t help myself — I both like doing it and I need to do it or I don’t feel complete.

    In watching singing competition shows I have noticed one very important thing which I should write a blog about. The contestants that come out all confident and charismatic talking about how they are going to win and will love basking in all the glory and paparazzi and money, they always suck and tend to be angry when turned away. Their focus is on the prize, not the activity of doing and learning.

    Then comes the shy nerdy one who is not even sure they want to be there but their friend made them come. They start out unsure and then they get lost in the music and end up shocking and amazing the judges and audience with a stunning performance, and they are amazed that they were accepted at all. The personality is not the factor but the focus is. And so is talent, but let’s not get into that.

    The eye on the prize distracts from the activity at hand. The activity at hand cannot help but blot out the anticipation of end result as one is joyfully immersed. Naturally there are shades of grey.

    How’s the book coming? Last I heard you were stuck in a way that I very much understood.

    1. Jim,
      Fixed it! Thanks! I kept going over that sentence thinking something was wrong and so goes to prove why editors are still a valuable commodity in the writing world!
      I totally loved your comment. I agree about the competition shows!!! There is nothing more heart warming to see Simon’s unexpecting scowel turn into a very pleasantly surprised smile. Even better if they are so unexpected to especially him. I agree, YOU should write a post on your blog about this!
      AS for the book… I have gained richness in waiting. I have gone over and over it and realized that there was a lot of unecesarry details packed in it. I need to find a way to weed out the unimportant things without damaging the integrity of the message that I want to convey…for instance… what I truly want to convey is my story of how abuse happens so subtley that in the innocence of inexperience, young girls find themselves over their heads experiencing things that they will carry with them the rest of their lives. Losing their “power” at such a young age is a wound that is hard to heal. The rest….the letting it happen again by the same person… is a twist that I want to also carry a lesson… rather than villianizing or victimizing anyone, I want to share the backstory of how they gained closure through forgiveness but also how she regained her power. The end is my most important part of all of my work. I have written a hundred endings… but I guess I need to have that Simon smile inside my soul before I KNOW that I KNOW that I’ve got it! Ya know? lol.

      1. I feel I have lost some of that passion you have for writing, but still continue, and like you, do it mostly first thing in the morning before the day gets away from me. When it is still quiet , so I can listen to Him and think! haha!
        I read your comment about what your book is about . ..and boy, it really spoke to me. Praying that you keep working and that God brings you the right ending, smiling over you all the while.

  10. Good morning, Diane! Yes, getting up way before the day is “supposed” to start is because the story/words have to flow onto the page. Finding that flow can sometimes be tough — so much to get down! — but when it does, it’s like magic. 🙂 Happy writing, dear friend!

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