Even though you are here…

I am alone

I run through my heart

And no one’s home

open window blowing curtains

Even though you are talking

I can’t hear


It’s like I’m driving away

Forgetting to steer

no traffic

Everything is spinning

I want to feel it

ballerina spinning

Everyone is so in love

Just want to feel it

jumping in his arms

It takes everything in me

To not feel it.

girl jumping off cliff with umbrella

Diane Reed


24 thoughts on “Wanting…. To Feel It

    1. Thank you! I love hearing that! I have so many posts here and I am in a place now… where I feel I need to work on my book… I have been so caught up in life… I think you have inspired me to go back in my archives where no one has been and pull something out to just keep connected! Your time here is appreciated! Thank you! Love your writing!

  1. Every time I visit this blog, a part of me wants to read every possible things here but then my work break all the bones of my wishes. And then I just roll through what is latest. I go down and down and a little more down…and ohhhhhh I am at the first post. Your writings are always so connected, in a flow. One post tries to out-stand the other but ends up reflecting each other better.

    You are more amazing writer than all the beautiful synonyms I am supposed to use here. It’s difficult for me to comment on every post but, Yes, I read them all. Loved this one too.

    1. Well then I guess we are both on the same page because I am blown away by your writing as well! But WOW what a compliment! Thank you for your kind words! I am not sure that anyone but another writer would understand just what a gift it is to find comments such as “this one” waiting for me… No one could ever give me a gift that has such value on it! Thank you.
      YOU made my day!!!!

    1. Debby,
      Are you talking about me not responding on these comments? Too werid. I did this one this morning. I will have to wander back and see if I missed any on my recent posts! Sorry! 😉

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