The Joy of The Lord

The mystery of our souls and the way that they are formed

makes me wander back to a place, long before I was born

healing waters

I imagine heaven and God preparing me for earth

big bubble

and how I must have played up there long before my birth

bubbly pic

It’s makes me kind of sad that we forget it all so fast

the memory of how we started and why it couldn’t last

closed curtains little girl

It must be in the lessons and the things we’ve yet to know

the ones that we hang on to and the ones that we let go

floor crying girl

My soul has always been there, though sometimes I feel it more


through the darkest times and the times it’s been restored

water raining in a stream

Carrying me through trials and when  I felt most alone

Jesus answers prayer

floating upon the memory of the promise to return home.

praising Jesus in the clouds

Diane Reed


20 thoughts on “Oh My Soul

  1. WOW, Diane, this s excellent. I’m sorry we left there to come down here. I guess that was a part of God’s plan for us. But the good thing, for me is knowing that even though we left home. It won’t be long before we get to go back. Great words of truth today, Diane.

    1. I am reading this great book right now called: Waking Up In Heaven
      that inspired this one!
      Thanks Steven! I can’t wait! Wanna get it right here first… or at least “GET” a sliver of what God sent me here to “GET” 😉

      1. That book sounds fascinating. I’m going to check that out. Thanks for the comment. I think you’ll get more than a sliver. In fact, I’m sure of it. :0)

  2. Mom, you’re right… we didn’t just arrive here without trailing clouds of glory as Wadsworth wrote and the Apostle Paul taught; we lived with heavenly Parents that loved & nurtured & prepared us for this journey ~ The Holy Spirit has confirmed this many times to your spirit ! BEAUTIFUL writing & post! Faithfully Debbie

  3. Beautiful as always Di, it can be taken many ways also. Some don’t always care for their memories of ‘how it started’ and are glad they didn’t last, so your post is optimistic 🙂

  4. Moving words. U know I was thinking today about something similar. God restoring His children back to the His image or likeness, the way He originally purposed and created us to be. A perfect reflection of His image. Col 3:10

  5. This is so profoundly beautiful! I don’t know if you did it consciously, but you wove both the 23rd and the 139th Psalm throughout this entire poem. I couldn’t read it just once. There is an anointing in the words that draws the reader back to them.


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