grape young girl picking

Today was an amazing day. I got to hang out with great friends in their vineyard and be part of their harvest! They invited us to help pick their grapes and it was an awesome experience.

larry baldwin1

The group of people that gathered this morning happily worked like a fine oiled machine. We each got a bucket to fill, a glove and pruning shears. And though I missed church (which I have been doing a lot lately, another blog for another time…. ) I kind of had my own service all within my own few rows of grapes.

grapes bucket

I am kind of competitive, even with myself. So I had fun seeing how fast I could fill a bucket and how many I could fill. The only thing was that the fuller the bucket got, the further down the row I got and the place to dump the grapes was all the way back up the row.


So after a few dumps, I jokingly made a comment that we needed a bucket dumper who went around and took our filled buckets in exchange for an empty one. Low and behold someone took on that task.

larry baldwin

Of course “me” the lover of a good metaphor is not going to let this one pass. So, I started relating the bucket dumper to what God does for us… He provides us with a bountiful harvest and takes the fruits of our labors and lessens our load with His grace. The job of the bucket dumper is not a glorified one.

 grapes bucket being emptied

I’ve always loved it when I get to  cook a great meal and someone will come in behind me as I go and wash the dishes.

They are the ones without the glory and yet most appreciated by not only the chef and the winemaker but everyone not having to do that job..

So… whether it is a  meal or a bottle of wine, it is not in just the end result but all that goes on behind the scenes. It’s all about the entire process and sometimes, it’s not just about how many buckets that “I” fill but it is more about being grateful for  the dish washers and the bucket dumpers that help create the magic!

wine bottle

Sometime it’s not about how full the bucket is, but what’s in the heart of the one who fills it.

                                                                         Diane Reed ’13

36 thoughts on “The Bucket Dumper

  1. Ohh mom, you looked happy and having fun, clip, clip, snip, snip! What a face lift on the Lord’s vineyard ! Thank you for taking me with you 🙂 I love you and your blog! How’s your sweet daughter dear? Thinking & praying for you everyday ~XO Debbie ~ God keep you.

    1. Debbie,
      You are so sweet! It was fun!
      She is great thanks for asking! She just sent me a photo of herself with Brooke Shields… the one I actually named her after! She is working with her! So fun!

    1. Kerri,
      I was excited when I was invited! Got a case of wine out of it that we tried to refuse… and never expected. Just the experience was obviously enough for me! But you nailed it! I felt like a kid again out there! I could move down a row and be completely alone or stay around everyone and be a part of the converastion! It was hard work but reeeeally fun! 😉

  2. I’ve been thinking about blog posts and pictures. It would be nice if when a picture is clicked a larger picture would appear instead of the same smaller version that appears in the post. I’m going to blog about doing such and also some other formatting issues, exploring making my own posts better in the process.

    I am supposed to receive a new computer delivered to my front door tomorrow (October 9) and then I’ll have a mess on my hands getting things organized on it and getting three monitors to cooperate together the way I want. I’ve been gathering and sorting grapes in preparation but it is still going to be a mess until I can stomp on all those grapes and start producing wine.

    But a short series of practical and useful tips on the mechanics of making our blogs would be useful to me and perhaps others it what I’m after in the short term.

    Go to church!

  3. Yum, poor me some wine! I need a drink. Di, I’m trying to close off my site and wp has locked me out of the controls. My web guy is working on this but please remember, I won’t see comments on wp anymore, I have signed in here with my new site, xo

  4. I love your last line:
    “Sometime it’s not about how full the bucket is, but what’s in the heart of the one who fills it.”
    I think picking grapes might be a heady, aromatic experience. 😉

  5. Love this. Journeying through our lives we learn so much of what God has already told us, like a light switch being switched on..”oh I get it”. 🙂

    As for church…(and I don’t yet know the reasons you do not attend), we are to be church, whether it is a building or otherwise. It is so important to fellowship as church, the trouble with being selective about who our church becomes by not going to a place called church we are not tested, not stretched by mixing with those we perhaps prefer not to be with, we listen to the same old same but more importantly we don’t get to give Grace…or receive it! You have wonderful gems in your writings, such a shame not share them with a church?

    I attended a church that did not feel right for four years, I felt I was in a desert, I was hurt by that church, the lack of fellowship, the oen track on preaching and so on. I said to my husband, in some ways it might have been better not to have attended at all rather than to have gone where I went whilst attending the wrong place. On reflection, I do think it made me grow in a different way, it certainly tested me and I certainly lost Grace a number of times….

    Sorry to have gone off track and hope you don’t mind me encouraging you re church? Bless you, Amanda

    1. Amanda,
      You pricked my heart today! I needed to hear that! I always seem to eventually find myself in the places where I used to judge. I needed to hear (or in this case see) your message today! I agree with you!! I’ve always been so upset with the people who cause a church to split over something so stupid as worship… They even have a song about it now… “It’s not about me Lord”! Which by the way, right now, is not my issue. Worship is great… it is just a bunch of other little things that have got me building walls again! But you nailed it when you talked about a desert! And again when you talked about that time in your life, helping you grow!!!! Wham… you were NOT of topic at all! You were being used by God! Thank you!

  6. See Diane, who needs church when these experiences make you see God for yourself? There comes a time when sermons don’t do it anymore and life experience takes over. True connection comes with direct experience. This is a lovely post.

    1. Yaz!
      Yep. I am going through a weird time right now. Though there have been times in my life where I’ve really needed the fellowship… sometimes I get lost in more what people think rather than what God wants from me. I can’t just go to church because my husband wants me to… whether his reasons are because what people might think if I’m not there or he really feels I need to be there for me… it has to be because I want to be there for God! I’m sure I will get back to that place… but for now… I think I am going to continue this with a poem from what I learned from my little sermon to myself and the things I learned about grapes yesterday!
      Thanks for reading! Your comments always are appreciated cuz they add so much!

  7. I wish we could talk about it more. More like editor to writer. We could go over some things and if you want I can possibly throw in an opinion now and again. I’m writing the rest of the story in my head. It’s a great romance. You are unimaginably happy.

    1. I would like that! I am going to rewrite Chapter nine… remove all the “hads” Though I think that because I pointed them out.. you noticed them more… but yikes they are saturated throughout. Keep in mind that Paul pointed that out in Chapter Two when he edited that chapter…. but I’d already written twenty + chapters with my bad habits all stuffed throughout each one! I think that two things have held me from finishing… one… there is a lot of work ahead in the edit…deciding what to keep and what to change… and of course coming to terms with “my” story and how it ends. I’ll have to find my ephiphany for you when I was mowing the lawn! I am going to wake up early and work on all your great comments when I am fresh. This has been a long day… But promise tomorrow I will roll up my sleeves and begin again!
      Sweet dreams!

      1. Good nite. It’s 11 here and I still have to call my uncle in Tucson. Talk to you soon. Good night and God bless.

  8. Nice story, Di. Sort of reminds me of parts of the movie “A Walk in the Clouds”. Noelle’s aunt has a vinyard in CA , north of LA, way out in the country. Beautiful place. Never been there for a harvest. They also make wines (for her catering business). She’s as old as dirt, but still runs the business with an iron fist (in a velvet glove) !!! Take care.

    1. Loved that movie! It was a very educating experience today. Learned what to pick and what to leave and how they actually start making the wine. So many aspects to it all. It is amazing that wine doesn’t cost more! It makes you appreciate a good bottle more after you have had a hand in understanding all that is involved!

  9. Diane, this was a grape post. I thought it was just vine. And it sounds like you had a vat of fun doing it.

    1. LOL Steven…
      Everyone started reading before I fixed the last sentence that made totally no sense at all! Didn’t you wonder what the heck my point was? 🙂 Too funny!
      I still have to go back and reply to all your great reviews!

      1. I am finding the editor self coming out as I read. I don’t want the editor persona to mess up the reader persona. I’m still enjoying the story a lot.

        1. LOL. I am not sure why I do it… but I click PUBLISH long before I am through with tweaking every post that I ever publish on my blog. Kind of like saying “Soup’s on…” as I keep tasting and adding more seasoning before it hits the table… and yet everyone gathers as soon as I call them to the table. I need to learn to slow down and get it right… because my most faithful readers are the first to come by to taste my posts… and I want them especially to get to see it at it’s best… but I am too quick in saying “Oookaaay come and get it!” LOL.

          1. I always hit Save Draft. I usually have at least t or 6 drafts before I publish anything. I guess it’s the editor in me. I’m my worst proof reader and a horrible critic of my own stuff. I don’t want any mistakes in what I post. I’m a perfectionist that way I guess. One of my character defects.

            1. Well with me, I am just impatient and if you ever read one of my posts as soon as I post it. Nine times out of ten, you can come back an hour later and it will be 30% changed! 😉

              1. I hate to publish things and find mistakes too. I once made a subject-verb agreement error in an ad I wrote that was published in a huge metropolitan newspaper. I was devastated, because I couldn’t do anything to change it then.

                1. Sometimes I’d like to click “edit” backspace, and delete or insert something else…when my MOUTH is involved!
                  Too bad we can’t always do that!
                  NOW they make everything so easy for us. Remember when you wanted a copy it meant how many pieces of carbon copy you had? NOW we don’t even need corrector ribbon. We are spoiled! But we still need to edit. I was reading a book today published by a big publisher and caught a mistake! So it still happens! Only Jesus is mistake-less!

                  1. I’ve found grammar errors in best selling books, so yeah, it happens. Have you ever found a mistake, even a grammar error or spelling error in the Bible, any edition? I have not. And yes, Jesus is the only one who never made a mistake.

          2. I didn’t notice anything wrong with your post, but this comment made me smile. l do that with every post I write. I will click on “publish” and then have to edit it later on, because my subjects and verbs will be disagreeing, or I will have forgot a comma…it drives me crazy. Then I will wish that some of my readers didn’t get my post in an email.

            I liked your analogy and identified with the comment about church attendance. I don’t attend regularly during this chapter in my life either. Who knows maybe in a week or so I’ll turn over a whole new leaf, but in the meantime I still love to acknowledge the Lord and learn about Him in all of those moments as He taps me on the shoulder and says “Look at that. Did you notice how…”…and I’m glad He does that with you, too. 🙂

            1. You probably came on after I’d corrected more of my mistakes. There were a lot! I wonder… if the emails aren’t corrected by the time your readers read… if it is later when they finally read…after you corrected them? Anywaay, Yeah… funny how when I was younger… I imagined being married to someone who wanted to go to church with me… now it seems as if our roles are reversed. I remember my mom taking us alone and seeing all the couples. Now we are both married to church going men…funny how things work. Maybe someday I will regret not feeling connected. I’ve been in church lady mode in the past, washing dishes behind the scenes… having the gift of serving… and I liked being a part of the planning… I’ve worked with the kids in different aspects… even committed to an entire year last year of being a Team Leader.
              Now, I feel a little selfish but I am really trying to truly connect with God and for this time in my life, church just frustrates me. I GET that church does not guarantee perfection… sometimes, it even brings out the worst in people… the judgers… but there I go again… judging the judgers! In the end… my goal is trying to figure out where God wants me. Yesterday I felt pretty confident that I was where I was supposed to be. Problem is the harvest doesn’t happen every Sunday…
              Or does it? 😉

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