I don’t often post a series except of course in posting my chapters 1-9 from my unpublished book’s rough draft…  So this is unusual for me to do a two parter but I just was so inspired by the message I received yesterday while picking grapes at our friend’s vineyard, that I had to just add this today….

In the course of yesterday while I was picking grapes at my friend’s Harvest Day Vineyard Grape Picking Party… I was told to avoid the clusters where there were over 50% “raisins” (shriveled grapes).

grapes raisins

However, later as we were chatting over wine and good food, I learned different lessons of the art of winemaking and one of them was that the stressed grapes make the better wine. (Not to be confused with the raisins!)

It’s in the fruit that is the most distressed,

the one that ‘s weathered and withstood the test.

it’s the fruit that’s clung onto the vine

that someday makes the better wine.


Oh Lord, I’ve finally begun to see

the message today, you had for me.

I may not always understand the pain

but growth is found beneath the rain.

grapes distressed

inside the storm as we hang on..

It’s in those times that have made us strong.

For those who’ve held on longest to the vine…

They are God’s reserve…

HIS finest wine!

wine glass

Diane Reed


24 thoughts on “The Most Distressed

  1. inspiring post… obviously the whole experience has been a type of lesson for you, that you have shared so well with us… marvelous… and I do love the way you’ve done it…

  2. Ok, you old “bucket dumper”! This was a really nice bit of writing, with a little dose of inspiration attached to it. Very, very nice, Di.
    Noelle’s aunt’s vinyard and catering service is in Morgan Hill, CA. Is that anywhere close to you?

    1. Oh my gosh! The one I was at yesterday was in Templeton and I am in Paso. My mom and step dad lived in Morgan Hill for a while! It is less than 3 hours North of us!
      By the way… I was just the bucket filler… the bucket dumpers were doing the most work!! Believe me after me having to empty mine only about 5 times, when they started emptying everyones, they were my heroes! 😉

  3. What a wonderful lesson to learn from picking grapes. Have you read my post called Grape Expectations? I think you might like that in view of your wonderful day yesterday. Let me know and I’ll send you the link.

    1. No! I haven’t. I will have to go look it up. Can you tell I am procrastinating going to my book again? I remember how it flowed as I was writing it and now I feel so overwhelmed… but I promise I won’t let all your time go to waste! I may have to drive my husband to some appointments today if his vertigo is not improved! I haven’t talked to him yet. It is a matter of getting to write all day or not that will allow me to go back and work on it… and I promise that I will…rather than writing about everything else! 😉

      1. Family comes first. Always. Do what you have to do. I’ll be here. I’m eager to hear what you think about my comments as well. But, don’t worry about rushing back to me. Make sure you take care of your family. God bless and I’ll look forward to hearing from you when you can. I know about overwhelmed. Believe me. I have a story about that I can share at some point. Have a blessed day.

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