At the risk of tooting my own horn. And the need for a good affirmation every once in a while. I just had to share this idea that Leah had! For us all to go and thank our commentors! They are the ones that keep us going. I totally am blown away by this recognition! But I thought it was such a stellar idea. As one of her followers said… they’d trade one great comment for 100 LIKEs. It really does make a difference. You never know. At the risk of breaking the 500 word rule which I probably do everytime 😉 Here is my sweet friend’s wonderful blog of the day! Oh yeah did I mention it was about me? ;D


Red Circle Days

Dear Diane,

I imagine it was just a regular day for you as you held your coffee mug and surfed the internet for a quick morning read. Maybe you were running late and after reading some of the blogs you normally follow, you had a few minutes to spare before you absolutely had to be on your way. It is possible you saw my Gravatar on one of those blogs and something compelled you to click on it or maybe you just happened to search through the WordPress Topics regarding 9/11 that day when my newly birthed blog lit up your screen.

Truth be told, my blog didn’t consist of much that would light up a screen back then. I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I had no idea about the rules of blogging. I didn’t even include an image in the post. I gave no thought…

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8 thoughts on “A Letter To The First Commenter On My Blog

  1. I had to smile when I read about ‘first commenter’… Something happened that I either wasn’t sure of how to reply or something because I realized much later that somehow I never did and so went to her site and told her… we had a good chuckle… It was weeks before I got a first comment….. but thrilled. My posts were much too long when I started but then it was only me reading them…ha!… Diane

    1. When I received this wonderful honor and letter from little Miss Wordy… it was like i received a very special gift! (Unexpected makes it even more special.) It made me go back to try to figure out who my first commentor was! Cuzzz after a year of comments I has a reader go back to the very beginning of my blog, before anyone had even been interested in me and read each one and commented periodically. So it was difficult to know who was my first. But I can say that I have my favorite commentors… my encouragers, my inspiration and friends! (Like you!) Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. Comments from our wordpress friends are very precious… it confirms our own wonder about ourself and our writing… and yes… how lovely to go back and say thank you to someone for them making you smile… Barbara

  3. I equate the first comment to the foundation of any blog, it is that first comment, reblog etc that just keeps us on the road… I have already lauded the praises on my first comment and reblog.. A Turkish Woman that has kept me going for 498 posts now… and she has commented on every single post…

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