The other day, my good friend Sandy,  a great writer herself,  sent me a  quote on how writing is courageous and how we put our flesh and blood down on paper and what a powerful thing we do, allowing someone in our mind of tangled and beautiful thoughts, in a way saying “here, untangle me.” And it inspired me to write this…

 writing a blog

I invite you inside  of me,

past the paper and the words,

past the adjectives and nouns,

between the errors and  adverbs…

writing poetry

 to see the rawest part of

the pain that  I feel

the fantasies I write about

 that I wish could be real.

reading more

The joy in the

very depth of my soul,

the triumphs and failures

that lead to my goals

words of dreams

you have followed me on every journey

and walked on every path.

You’ve been there through my tears

and  know what makes me laugh.

peaceful forest

Each word has been a trail,

weaved throughout my written life.

I give you each a part of me

in every word I write.

writing just hand view

Diane Reed


25 thoughts on “In Every Word I Write

      1. I was reading this post again and remembered something when I saw these words: “here, untangle me.”. I remembered a post that I wrote back in 2010 called “Tangled Chains”. If you ever have some free time I would love for you to read it.

  1. Absolutely brilliant piece of work here. Also, I totally agree with the premise of the poem as well. I chose to be “vulnerable” myself to bring those inside of my thoughts to share the deep love that I found.
    Great Post!!
    God Bless.

  2. Excellent. Poignant. Honest. Revealing. Pulling back the shades of your soul for us to see. Just like well written words. Congratulations.

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