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I have come to the conclusion that in-between being a kid, a wife, a mom, single or married. Working for myself as an artist or a store owner or  working for someone else,  the one thing that I have always been is a writer. It is what defines me. I have filled books with ideas and half started  stories I have written poems and lyrics for songs. I have a million, trillion words inside of me that I want to share.

book store

I have listened and asked questions. I have read a thousand books and I have come to the conclusion that everyone has a story worth telling. We all can learn lessons from each other and so I feel that… we ALL should really be writers. But I “get” that some (well probably most normal people)  don’t have the “need” to share their stories. Their words are kept neatly in their brains! Thank you very much!

shel head

But I will always write! I have to. It is what I was made to do. I know that I drive people crazy by needing to know details and asking questions. I never really understood myself, why I have such a need “to know” stuff…  but I think in the end… I will use everything, every little detail…  to write stories that I haven’t even  thought up yet!

All of  us have different talents and weaknesses, sorrows and joy. We all beat to a different drum and so not everyone feels the same passion in their soul for the same thing another may. Which is a very good thing because not all teachers can design a building and not all Mechanics can assist in open heart surgery. But if that ‘thing’ that I call “magic” wasn’t squelched by life, most of us do have passion for something we want to be when we grow up, no matter how old we are.  I truly feel sorry for the kid who doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up.  I actually, believe that writers are born to be writers…  and they know it. AND some even get to get paid for doing it .

Passion is important.   It makes you get up in the middle of the night to write what is in your head or else you feel as if you will burst kind of passion.

typewriter glowing

Sometimes it does kind of get in the way of life, when I have to get up early for a job and I have been writing all night, those ideas don’t always happen at the most convenient of times…. But no matter how inconvenient…  I am glad I have it. When I was little, I’d escape my world of pain, by just opening a book. Each page I turned, had me slipping into a world far away from my own problems. Long ago, I knew that I wanted to do that for others.  Writing is a gift that can make the whole world go away or bring it straight to our front door through the archives of our memories.

door little girl peeking out black and white

A singer has to sing. An actress has to act, an artist has to create, a dancer has to dance and a doctor has to heal. A carpenter has to build, a comedian has to cause laughter, a swimmer has to swim and a writer has to write! Like a florist in her garden who takes time to smell the flowers, a writer’s words have their own sweet aroma that only her soul can smell.


37 thoughts on “My Story…. From my Archives

  1. I can’t say that I love to write in fact it’s difficult for me. I write to try and capture experiences I’ve had and what’s frustrating is the continual rewrite mode and then overthinking the text to make the experience as meaningful to someone who reads the thing as it was to me. I need to start drinking better liquor I guess.

  2. I think everyone should write, too! (How can they not NEED to?) Happy to meet another gal who shamelessly shares. This is the good stuff… xoxo

    1. LOL! I LOVE IT! I do shamelessly share huh? 😉
      I think that is why I love your style. It is just plainly the truth all pieced together so artfully!
      Have a great weekedend! (love when I can say that! Even though I work Saturdays… I know I am almost there too!)

  3. really? “…a writer’s words have an aroma only her soul can smell…”?
    That’s AMAZING!! Well said! And I agree, there are things inside that *must* come out…and thank you WordPress, for what a perfect platform for such endeavors you have created!

    1. Thanks for reading! I love the way you write! I have a feeling that as soon as people start finding your blog… you will be shocked at how fast it will grow. You are one of wordpress’s best kept secrets! Your writing style has people hanging in there to the very end!
      Everyone reading this should go check it out.

  4. Hello Diane! I completely agree with you. I too believe that writers are born to be writers, and like you it is something I have to do. Your words always inspires and excite me. Thank you for that. xx

  5. It is so true about wanting to write and having notes and stories and parts of stories written and kept for years… many of mine that ended up in the first few blogs that I did and thereafter as well…. Diane

    1. Yep! This actually was something that I wrote a few years ago that I tweeked cuz I have run out of time.
      I have to tell you that writing project that I took on was a little overwhelming and took up a lot of my time just researching… with no clear talk ever about compensation etc… So I finally just told him that if he wanted to give me one story at a time… and I was actually working $ 😉 for him… then I’d be interested… but anyway… that all threw me off course… but I’m back! I work tonight (which is rare… I’m doing a favor for a sweet lil girl I love) and driving to LA on a buying trip on Monday… so maybe Saturday I will actually honker down and write for me again! Thanks for nudging though… I need it!
      xoxo 😉

      1. I’m glad you’re writing your story again. Your story needs to be told. I can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve read and testimonies from young women and men who have suffered unspeakable abuse, including young women who have been sold for sex by their parents, and men and women who were raped and abused as children and adults. I believe your testimony, although partially fiction, will help lots of young women and men as well heal and regain their self-respect. I’ll wait to hear from you. I’m glad you’re writing again.

  6. I absolutely love your last line; “Like a florist in her garden…..” You expressed our passion perfectly.

    1. Thank you! You know… I love a good metaphor! 😉
      But it is kind of like smelling flowers when we reread what we wrote… 🙂
      And you guys are my flowers!

  7. You have a wonderful passion and attitude, Diane. You’ve said it like it is.
    I too have boxes of scribbles I can’t read because they were scratched out in such haste. Still I can’t let them go. 😀

    1. Ooooh that is like a button box of treasures! Another idea for a poem! Or at least a metaphor!
      😉 I totally get the scratches though… and oh no way… don’t throw them away!

      1. Never. I take them out once in a while to try to decipher. Have gagged a few times and once in a blue moon have found something astonishing. I date everything and that makes things interesting to read too.

        Write that new poem. 😉

  8. It’s good to hear that someone else dredges up and dusts off some antiques to share with those who may have not have seen them before. Nice post, Di. Hugs

    1. Yep Paul,
      Not everyone is such a long time trusty old PapaBear like you and knows about all that is in my dusty archives… I was wondering if some of my old friends would recognize this one… It is so funny… I tried to go back and figure out when people started reading my stuff… It took a pretty long time! I could probably still find a few that no one at all ever read and dust them off and pass them off with a few teakings!
      But I gotta say it is nice to know that someone actually GETS my secrets!
      Either I am not getting notified or you haven’t posted in a while… everything okay?

  9. Well there you have said it out loud my friend, “You are a writer”, no doubt about it. You are a natural and have written so many beautiful things, here alone, I’m still urging you to collaborate it all into a beautiful book! I know I keep nagging you, but one day you will thank me! :)xo

    1. What you call “nagging” I call…. friendship nudges! Friends want the best for each other and encourage and inspire. I know that if we were in each other’s daily lives,. location-wise… we would be proud of each other’s accomplishments… and probably create a local writer’s group and when we hadn’t seen each other in a while… just be able to start right back off where we left off with no guilt trips etc…
      Don’t ever worry about nagging! In my heart… I see you as one of my great encouragers!

      1. Ok, you touched me girlfriend! Yes, It seems I live in my own writer’s world at this end of country. No doubt I would love to hook up with other writers and form a group. I have been looking for that where I live and unfortunately anything I found is downtownToronto which is more than an hour away from me :(. I’m glad you don’t think it’s nagging, it’s just that you are such a beautiful writer and it needs to be shared with the world because I like you, like to see other’s accomplishments. That’s the beauty of writing, everyone is different and has their own way to express and their own stories, nobody has to be envious of anyone else, one of the pleasures of being a writer! 🙂 I told you a long time ago, friends don’t always have to talk or see one another, friends just pick up where they left off! xo

        1. Deb,
          WHAT is it with us! I was trying to reply… I think it may be cuz I just downloaded a newer version of AOL but I tried to reply somewhere to you and it said this address can’t be found… so not sure if it was “user error” or what but I lost it all!
          Just got back from LA. Went on an LA shopping trip. Just woke up! Zonked out in the middle of the day! THAT was weird! Oh yea… today is my day off… lol. I wasn’t at work and all of a sudden took a nap… haha.

          1. Good for you!, We all need a break, in fact I am on one now for a few days but checking in here. Seems you and I have had our wires crossed so many times, yet we always manage to find one another 🙂

  10. Great post. We are, therefore, we do. You are so right. I haven’t been involved in counseling since my retirement. However, when the need is there, I advice. This will remain with me as long as I live. I’m a singer, therefore I sing, A musician, therefore I play. I write, therefore, you get the message.The aforementioned are outlets, that allow me to express myself. Good read.

    1. Thank you! I cheated… I wrote this a few years ago but I have been so busy… I thought I’d brush something off from my archives and change it a bit so i am sharing one that I know not many have seen… before I had a thousand followers! I am so blessed now. I wrote this one when I had no followers and wanted to see what others might think of it. I changed it up but it is the same idea. I am honored that you read my ramblings! Thank you!

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