I have had it all wrong. All of these years, I have laid back upon my past resting comfortably on it’s memories.  Whether it is  longing for it, or blaming it. I have bought into the theory that you can’t help what haunts you. And yet, you “can” choose to embrace TODAY. I have learned that… Tomorrow is the chain reaction to how we each live our todays. When you finally GET that your life will change from the inside out.

door little girl peeking out black and white

Yesterday I chose to embrace NOW. I enjoyed and appreciated who life put in front of me that second. And you know what? I wasn’t miracuously filled with so called joy, but I was less annoyed and simply happy.   I realize that I have been stuck in a pretty sad place. People actually noticed that I was different and it made me sit up and take notice…. That people actually noticed that I was different, made me realize how they might have been seeing me before.  It is not easy for me to admit that I need to work on places that are so simple and that I have been so stuck, but it is exciting to realize that I have the power to choose how I want to live my life each day.

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Over the years, I have accumulated layers of sadness that I can’t deny. My heart has been broken a few times, I have been disappointed and dishonored. But those who dishonored me have done nothing more than i have done to myself by denying my own passion. If you’ve only known me for a while, you probably know I am a writer. Each day, I feel that I am getting closer to connecting with the right people and just perhaps, walking the right paths where opportunities will rise up to greet me.

All I know, is that…

You can  blame, or embrace the challenges you face

You can stay in your pain, staying  stuck in “that” place

sad girl brunette

getting lost in  the layers you’ve known through the years

as you collect and are the keeper of all of your tears…

crying girl

Or you can choose to believe that today is God’s gift

and be part of the lesson teaching others how to live


You can rise above all the pain you’ve experienced in your life

as your message sings a song that reaches new heights!

Diane Reed


27 thoughts on “TODAY

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when we gain wisdom with age and surrendering our lives to Him to loves us unconditionally. It is a challenge and exciting to do the work of transforming our lives…walking a new path to His best for us.

  2. WOW! Talk about transformation. That change in you, observed so obviously by others helps validate the change in you. It’s a remarkable thing when we come to the point in our lives when we live in today. That’s the only place God is — today. That’s why they call Him the great I Am. I really enjoyed reading your account of your intention (that’s from your heart) to live in the here and now and relegate the past to itself. Congratulations and I wish you many more todays. It’s a great place to be. God bless you, Diane.

    1. Thanks Steve,
      I think that as I write my book… I have been stuck in the past. I just posted another poem and though it’s not what is going on with me now… I still have so much pain inside from it all that I can write as if it just happened. I suddenly have realized that until I can finish it… and move on… I keep re-living it daily. But knowing that it’s happening… I can give it to The Lord and get a grip on it! 😉 Thanks for your prayers! I feel them!

      1. Oh thanks Di, thanks for helping to keep me motivated, It’s so nice when people recognize our accomplishments, I seem to get more encouragement from my place and people here than in my real life, thank you 🙂

  3. Diane, I’m glad you stopped standing in that line of pain and are choosing to stand in the now. On May 21 I wrote a post entitled “That Line”. Reading your personal discovery made me think of the reason I wrote that post, because I too needed to get out of it a few years back…and I did… An so are you. Happy for you my friend. Big Hug. Sheri (remember to BE the light you ALREADY are.)

    1. Sheri,
      I guess the biggest thing I learned was that people noticed I was different. That scared me… I don’t mean that I walk around under a dark cloud all day, everyday… but people actually said…”You’re in a good or silly mood today” My choice to be different was noticed. I mean this was at work… and it can get busy and intense at times… so I may get a little uptight at times but I guess what I want… is I don’t want it to be so noticable! LOL… I just want to be expected to be happy or in a good mood without it being a big deal. It is hard to explain it. I wish I could take a spiritual valium daily… or…. maybe… vitamin would be a better word for it… lol! I will go and look up your post from May right now! Thanks for always reading my ramblings!

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