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When I was a little girl, I would escape into my books. The stories would take me far away from my bedroom or under the tree where I sat, and snap me to another place and time.  I learned what authors I loved and would anxiously wait for their next book. I remember being just as mesmorized by the fact that somebody created the world I was reading about, almost as much as the story it’s self.

lonely girl in window seat

I knew that was what I wanted to do at an early age. And so I began to write, not because I was told to, but because I had stories inside of me. And as I wrote,  something happened to me. My teachers noticed that though I sucked at most every other subject, I did okay at writing. In fact, I was encouraged and put into special classes to motivate me. Where some kids want to be a ballerina or a fireman I  always knew that  I wanted to be a writer and never have ever changed my mind.

writer's block

Sometimes now,  I like to escape as I write my stories. Fiction is like magic for me. You can make each character a certain gender,  as you name them,  decide what age they will be, what personality they have, their color hair , where they live, and what jobs they have. You can have them married, break them up bring tragedy their way and then save them. As the author, you basically create their world.


I Am The Master Of Their Story

I am the master of their story,

I can break their hearts with my pen.

breaking up

Or… I can backspace and delete

and make them fall in love again!

hugging in the rain

I can carry them to different lands

and make them travel over seas.


So why then can’t I rewrite

the fate that falls on me?

Diane Reed

2013 ©

41 thoughts on “Back Spacing!

  1. As always, you’ve left me so inspired! It’s so wonderful when God-given talent and passion align. You and your words are evidence of such wonderful gifts! Write, write, write their stories!

    1. Barb!!!!
      Life has been crazy for me. I have missed you! I need to get back to blogging! But 20 people here for Thanksgiving and working the day before and the day after makes me have to say see you later alligator! LOL.
      I am thankful for YOU! If I don’t sneak back to tell ya before!

  2. didn’t choose writing, writing chose me. I don’t use it as an escape but to capture. My words I express are used to encourage others to be expressive. I am a motivator of peace because I strongly believe I deserve it!!!! Continue to write….

  3. You can’t backspace, but you can write in a fork in the road ahead and you can climb a new hill for a different perspective on what has gone before. That little ending verse reads very nicely.

    Interesting concept, playing God as we make our little creations. In a certain way that perspective is very empowering.

  4. I wish there was such a thing as a back space and, sometimes, I could really use a delete button. As a child i wanted to be a ballerina – and i was for a time – i wanted to tell stories with my dancing – some ballets are priceless stories. xx

    1. Vhasti!
      That was so weird. I was catching up on comments and read yours on Moving Day from October 27th and was thanking you for always reading and saw your LIKE and comment pop up here! ♡

  5. This is amazing! I have always loved reading but I never knew how much I loved writing until I started doing it. I don’t write for others because my imagination fails me. I write about the things I want to forget but I also write about the things I hope I never do. And if my mind ever goes first, hopefully the things I’ve written will serve to remind me of who I used to be.

    Love your writing, Diane!

    1. Mari!
      I think that as you continue to write about your life and read more… you will see how glorius your imagination actually is and surprise yourself! You have talent that you don’t see! But that’s okay for now. Someday when you need to see it, all of a sudden you will start writing with a new energy and even you will see your talent! All I can say is keep writing!

  6. Yes you are the beautiful master of your poetic words. As Glenda the good witch told Dorothy, “You have always had the power”. You do, you are so ahead of yourself in your busy creations, you only need apply yourself to the one task of rewriting and you have the rest of your life to continue on with your other beautiful stories 🙂 xo

    1. Debbie,
      You are so right! I have been embracing that message about having the power lately! I need to quit wandering around looking for the magic! The OZ in my life is not some little man behind a curtain! It is me getting focused! 🙂

        1. I think my problem is that I have no idea how to do it. You did inspire me to ask my photographer nephew to take a look and see what I’d have to do in way of photos because I know once I am making money off of a book I need my own photos and half the fun for me is combining my words with the photos and I feel that my words alone would be naked.. As for my “book” the one in my head… Pieces of the Circle… well that one doesn’t need pictures… I guess I could use one in front of each chapter but with a book of my poems at least… I feel that my words are painted by the photos and I am not sure how gather them all up without the photos. But if you have any ideas how to pay for them… I’d be interested when I am at that place.

          1. Hey Di, I would be glad to offer any help in which I have learned along this journey. Let me start by saying, my best advice through reading many inspiring books on writing is, write what you know, create an outline, just write and write and don’t look back, don’t stop to edit and correct, let your mind keep going with the pen (or keys) try and get in 500 to 2000 words a session, gauge yourself. When you’re done you collaborate your writing and then start your revisions, over and over and when you feel you’ve done your best then send to an editor, I’m here for your gf! As for pictures, there are many sites like Istock, shutterstock, dreamstock, you can go through literally hundreds of pictures and you download and purchase them, voila!

            1. Debbie,
              I have a feeling that you are my blessing and that our meeting was NO accident. I think I’ve said that before or at least thought it! 😉
              But I would like to say I’d be thrilled to take your offer when I am ready. Once again, today was another day of not focusing!!! I was going to surprise you and at least gather all my poems in one place.
              So do you have to pay for those pictures? Can you actually use them commercially? I am excited to hear more!

              1. We are all put on one another’s paths for reasons my friend! 🙂 Yes, you can download from various sites, some I have mentioned just now on your post. Go there and have a look around, click on something you like, you can buy packages, of ‘x’ amount of downloads as well, check it out! Then you are safe and legal, this is where many of us get our pictures for book covers and then they are altered by designer to our specifications. Also, you should check out you go there, download your own picture and turn add stuff, text, colours, whatever and create new photos, you will have fun there because you work so much with pictures!

                1. That information is sooo great! Thank you! I will go check it out. You would be proud of me… in honor of your nudging… I have gathered about 30 poems so far in one file… so who knows… maybe that poetry book will come first.
                  Love ya my friend!

  7. “So why then can’t I rewrite the fate that falls on me?”
    Because, Di, someone else is writing your story, and that author doesn’t do re-writes ! Hugs. ~Paul

    1. I know Paul smile. He is my Master writer too! That was my point… “I” have NO control 🙂 But maybe it is not clear that I know that…. 😉
      Thank you ♡

  8. I loved your first paragraph. I am the sole caretaker of my 90 year old father. He is somewhat independent but don’t leave him alone for more than just a few hours so lead a fairly secluded life. My few friends laugh at me but they have no idea the delightful world I inhabit on the blog and in books. I am very content.

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